• 8 Unique Daily Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

    I realized today that I have been bullet journaling for nearly a year now! Through this last year I have learned a TON about what works for me and what doesn’t. I have grown in my hand lettering skills and doodling skills. I have wandered through the land of bright colors and the simplicity of… Read more…

    8 Unique Daily Bullet Journal Layout Ideas
  • The Homeschool Style Quiz

    What is your homeschool style? Your homeschool style is how you naturally approach homeschooling. There are 6 main styles: Traditional, Classical, Charlotte Mason, Unit Studies, Unschooling, and Eclectic. I have put together a really simple true and false quiz to help you discern your homeschool style. There are 45 questions that you can either hit… Read more…

    The Homeschool Style Quiz
  • The Day I Abandoned My Workbooks… For Good

    I was going crazy! I was losing my patience on a regular basis, fighting with my kids to do their school, and feeling at a complete loss. I was homeschooled growing up! I had a passion for this… why then did I feel like I was failing? Then one day, 4 years into my homeschool… Read more…

    The Day I Abandoned My Workbooks… For Good
  • "I’m Bored": Meet the Solution with this Free Printable

    “I’m Bored”, we’ve all heard it before, I was sick of it so I stopped everything I was doing, sat down and designed THIS. My kids will never be bored again! If you have been following my blog or subscribe to my newsletter, you will have seen that we are currently trying to sell our… Read more…

    "I’m Bored": Meet the Solution with this Free Printable
  • The Learning Style Quiz

    Knowing your child’s learning style is KEY to successful homeschooling. If your child has been overwhelmed, frustrated and disconnected with homeschooling, you may be approaching it in a way they can’t relate to. A lesson can be approached in a number of different ways and your child has a unique way of learning that will… Read more…

    The Learning Style Quiz

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