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The Ultimate Build Your Bundle Guide

I wanted to write a post to help explain what Build Your Bundle is, how it works this year, how you can save the most money, my favorite bundles, and a free printable to help you plan your shopping. Don’t forget that I am a contributor to the sale with my two brand new courses (Total Time Management for Kids and Start a Blog + YouTube channel for kids) which means I make a percentage of the sale if you click on my link.

The way it works this year is last click which means if you want me to get the credit, you have to click on my link last PLUS I have an exclusive giveaway for people that support me and shop my link! The DIY printers bundle is valued at over $300 with a laser printer and ink, a rolling cart, AND a binding machine and combs and covers so that you can print and assemble and store all your amazing purchases. Stay tuned for that at the bottom of the email.

Homeschooling on a budget giveaway

What is Build Your Bundle?

Build Your Bundle is a homeschool sale of epic proportions. It only comes up one time each year and it is entirely digital. All the courses and curriculum you will see are PDF or online version which means: no shipping or hidden fees! It also means that you don’t have the physical copies which is a no go for some people (but also why I put together this amazing giveaway, to help you turn your digital products into physical copies!)

What’s different from last year?

If you have shopped the sale before, there are a few key differences to point out this year, that make it (in my opinion) better than ever. In the past, products have been divided into premium products and the rest based off of retail value. You used to have to put together bundles based on the value and were limited to how many products you could add. There was also a deal if you bought 2 bundles. But this year it’s been completely restructured to just be based off of value.

SO… you can either purchase the premade bundles (no buy 2 get 1 this year, the prices are just lower and better for everyone and also less complicated to shop). Or you can build your own bundle, with any products you want, and get a percentage off based on how much you add.

In the past, you got better value from the premade bundles but this year you can just go crazy, add everything you want to your cart, and save based on how much you spend. Here’s the breakdown:

Build Your Own Bundle

Where to start?

Check out some of my top picks in my Wishlist or view the lists organized by age range below!
Build Your Bundle Top PicksPreK-Kindergarten Picks

Preschool Bundle
Kindergarten Bundle
Mystery Bundle
100 Gentle Lessons in Sights and Sounds
God’s Alphabet in Manuscript

Early Elementary Picks: 

100 Gentle Lessons in Sight and Sound
Summer Nature Study
Exploring Nature Science subscription
The Worry Letters
The Way I should Go
Family Scriptures Printable Pack
Pixel Art Alphabet
Elementary Spelling 1
US President sorting mats
State Songs
Visual Schedule Cards
Letter Tile Activities
Construction Contractions
Mystery Bundle
STEM airplane
Fables and Folk

Upper Elementary Picks: 

Total Time Makeover for Kids
Cursive Writing 101
Beethoven Who?
History: Remember the Days (audio, story-based history)
Summer Nature Study
Math Mammoth 3rd Grade
Exploring Nature Science subscription
The Worry Letters
The Way I Should Go
Family Scriptures Printable
Early Christian Art
Writing through Early Modern History
Timeline Book
Travel God’s World Geography
Pixel Art Alphabet
State Research
State Songs
Fables and Tales
Mystery Bundle
STEM Airplane
The Science of Seasons
Christmas around the world

Middle School Recommendations: 

Total Time Makeover for Kids
Start a Blog + YouTube Channel for Kids
Math in the Cards
A Child’s Geography: Explore medieval kingdoms
Timeline book of historical figures and events
Earth Science reading bundle
Early Modern History cards (I would get all of these, amazing for games, memory work, and reinforcement no matter what you use for history!)
Travel God’s World Geography
Famous Inventors Online Study
The Arrow (Brave Writer book study)
The Crossroads of Science and Faith
STEM airplane design
Take Courage (for you moms)
Mystery of History Audio
Mystery Bundle (I think about half of it will be applicable)

You can see some of my other resources in my Wishlist above as well.

To see inside some of these, join me on my Facebook page every night this week at 6pm PST/8pm CT/9pm EST to look at some and chat about the Bundle (and get my help on what to choose).

I would also recommend my brand new two courses because I can promise you they won’t be at half price again! This is HUGE! Already they were priced at half my other prices. Snag them while you can!

Total Time Makeover for Kids
Start a Blog + YouTube channel for kids

NEW! Planning Worksheet!

Check out this planning worksheet to help you figure out the best deal and work out your savings on paper. Don’t forget to come back and click on one of my link before you purchase and then enter the giveaway below!

Shop now and enter the giveaway!

*NEW: Contest open to the US plus now open to Canada as well. If someone wins in Canada, they will receive a $300 Amazon gift card instead as the prizes are not possible to get here at anything near this price. <3 


  1. For some reason the “Homeschool On Favorites” link isn’t working on the BYB page. I’m going to try refreshing everything and will try again,

    • I just tried everything again but after I click your link it takes me to the “My Wishlist” page on BYB page, and then says, “There are no items in your Wishlist.” I’ll try again later today, but wanted to let you know in case it’s happening to others as well.

    • Hey guys, sorry, I was told it would work but I have tried everything and it just won’t save the cart for another IP address. I have edited the post and added direct links to all the products instead. I will be showing some of them in my Facebook live tonight! Hope to see you there!

    • It was probably my favorite course to create! I think it will be hugely valuable for the whole family! I can’t wait to set my kids up with it!

    • Sorry Rachel! Technical difficulties, I gave up 😉 Edited the post with direct links to each product I bought. Probably easier that way anyways <3 I will be going live on my FB page tonight to show inside a few of my favs and hope to see you there! Otherwise, happy shopping!

      • Thank you so much, Rebecca! I can’t wait to take a look at all of these amazing products! I hope to be able to join in on your live tonight! ?

  2. Looking forward to your Facebook lives this week to learn more about resources you recommend! Thank you!!

  3. Total Time Makeover for Kids looks amazing! It’s definitely something my daughter and I need to work on!

  4. Your course that teaches blogging interests me, though this season of my life is not going to allow me to apply it (working full time and homeschooling 2 teens, one of whom has special needs).

  5. Time Management for Kids sounds awesome! I listened to your podcast about this, and it sounds like something we’d really benefit from!

  6. All of your courses look great! I definitely need help structuring our time!
    I also would love to know more about making money blogging, but not sure if I’m ready for that yet ?

  7. I really liked the over all concept of the start a blog and YouTube channel course. I love the idea of our kids being able to express themselves as well as the learning aspect of setting up a webpage etc. my children however are no where near old enough to benefit from this course so maybe if it is still available in the years to come I will purchase.

    • Can you work at your own pace with this course or will it be strictly the 30 days? Will you have access to the videos after the 30 days?

  8. I am looking forward to, and bought, both courses. My oldest loves graphic design and is interested in coding so the blogging workshop seems perfect. And, the time management may help restore joy into our days! Thanks for sharing your gifts with us! Excited to begin these courses.

  9. My girls love YouTube and would love to learn how to start their own channel! They make pretend videos all the time lol

  10. Thank you for your suggestions and hard work. Every year, you’ve been a great help in making my BYB purchases.

  11. I really hope that you got credit! I used your link but had a LOT of technical difficulties this year. Thankfully the BYB staff are PHENOMENAL!

  12. The course that looks the most interesting to me is Structuring Your Homeschool Day. I think I’m supposed to comment with that in order to get another entry into the giveaway.

  13. I’d love to try your Structure Your Homeschool Day and Total Time Makeover courses. I can use all the time management help I can get.

  14. I’m really excited about your time management course! Thank you for sharing this wonderful list of resources! Can’t walt to order!

  15. I would be interested in almost all of your courses but the Make Money Blogging course would be interesting as it is something I have thought about trying for quite a while.

    • I also forgot to mention that “Structuring your Homeschool Day” is my favorite course! 🙂

  16. I am most interested in both your blogging courses! I’d love to blog about our homeschool, I’m just not positive I’d have the time to commit!

  17. I love your blog!!!! I Just started homeschooling my kiddos this March! I was insecure with my choice to school at home but your blog really helped me feel better about those tough days! I know it’s still early on in my homeschool adventure but I am loving it more with every passing day! I’m grateful that I came across your blog/videos! They truly spoke to me!
    Currently I am shopping the bundles and hoping my printer will have enough ink ?
    Thanks for all that you do!

  18. I love your daily live videos, as well as the worksheet you provided to help with my shopping/planning. I placed two different orders though your links. Thanks so much!

  19. Thank you so much for all your encouragement. I am starting our 3rd year homeschooling and have been struggling with consistency and time management of our day. I love the planning stage and getting for the new things to come for next year.

  20. Super excited about the YouTube course for kids!!! Such a cool way to show kids how to utilize the internet!!

  21. This is my first Build Your Bundle! Thank you for all the helpful resources/video that may it easier to choose what products to purchase!

  22. The “Structuring Your Homeschool Day” course looks interesting. After finishing our first year of homeschooling, creating a routine is the area I see the most improvement being needed for us to have success in the upcoming year.

  23. Super interested in Time Management for kids I think my 9 year old would actually enjoy this!! He could even teach me something lol

  24. Thank you for all you’ve done to help us decide what to buy by purchasing, printing, and going live every day!

  25. I am interested in the Start a Blog & YouTube Channel for Kids. My kids already have a channel but I would like them to learn more!

  26. So excited to check out “Total Time Makeover for Kids”. 🙂 Thanks for all you did during the BYB to help us pick the best resources! <3

  27. Thanks for your instagram video showing some of the resources! That was what convinced me that these were worth purchasing! I just love your podcast, blog and YouTube channel. It can be hard to find your tribe in the homeschool world but I feel like your philosophies really resonate with me.
    As for your courses I really like the Kids Time Management One! I could use that for me as well probably ?

  28. All my needed essentials all on one post….curriculum, printer, paper, binding machine….BIG TIME SCORE!!!!
    Thank you!!!!

  29. My kids would totally choose the YouTube & Blogging for Kids and I’d like that for them and me too, along with the money making blogging. The structured homeschool and time managing is intriguing as well.

  30. I love the total time makeover. I stuggle with time management. So do my kids. It would help my whole family..

  31. Thanks for sharing these awesome deals! Some of these make me dream of writing curriculum someday!

  32. We cannot wait to check out Total Time Makeover! We purchased both courses you are offering thru this bundle and both of them look very interesting!

  33. All take all the courses lol but seriously you’re a rockstar and thank you for all you do for us Mamas!!! Xo

  34. Ok so I have browsed your courses and I would love to purchase them all but the one I found most interesting to me is: Structuring Your Homeschool Day! I am always struggling to organize and plan.

  35. Thank you again for all your hardwork. I couldn’t buy the courses this time, but maybe in the future. I really like the YouTube channel and blog for kids course. It looks really good!

  36. Do I have to choose just one?! haha I suppose I might be more excited about the Time Management course, but my kids are most excited about the Blogging & Youtube course. I bought both, so I guess it’s a win-win either way. Thank you for offering such great content at such an amazing discount!

  37. Thank you for sharing your story as it’s happening.
    I am teaching Math Lessons for a Living Education per your suggestion and it’s been a fit for my daughter!????

  38. I am most excited about your new video series on time management and the worry letters!

  39. The BYB Sale has been awesome I’m so excited for the Fables and the Mystery Bundle was perfect for us! Yay! I’m all set for next year now.

  40. The Total Time Makeover for Kids (and me!) ….but also, “Structuring Your Homeschool Day”, because I just can’t seem to get it together!
    P.S. In a panic, I bought the Mystery Bundle before time expired…..HOLY MOLY! PEOPLE!! If you haven’t bought it yet, BUY THE MYSTERY BUNDLE!!! It is TOTALLY worth the $10! And after seeing the wonderful things in the mystery bundle, I’m going back for more. I’m stuck around $600 right now, where it makes more sense for me to add $200 more to my total and pay the same price…$80! (don’t tell my hubby!)

  41. My kids think the start a blog/you tube channel is the most interesting course! Thank you for everything you do!

  42. We are doing Pre-K this year and I need ALL the advice. I think the time management course looked cool… Though we are probably too “young” for it.

  43. We will be new to homeschooling so this upcoming school year. This summer will be a test run. Lol so I definitely need all the help I can get. By the way love your YouTube videos, they’ve helped me out so much trying to navigate the whole homeschooling process.

  44. Loving what I see! Iam soo last minute and so happy that this is extended! I love the blog/ YouTube channel course!

  45. Total time makeover is the course I purchased because it is something my kids and I struggle with looking forward to using it!

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