• Black and White

    (cheaper to print)

  • Read aloud planner

  • Unit Study Planner

  • Project Planner

  • My top curriculum picks

  • Weekly inspirational quotes

  • Undated


  • Full sized 8.5x11

    (lots of room!)

  • Brave Writer Lifestyle planner

  • Meal planner!

A simple, full-sized homeschool planner for the real world! This planner has been well thought out. It includes:

    • Homeschool quotes collection
    • Password tracker
    • Cleaning routine
    • Family chores
    • Curriculum planner
    • Attendance record
    • Homeschool routine
    • Books to read

hiphomeschool planner b-w21

    • Library Book planner
    • Library resources
    • Reading log
    • Unit study planner
    • project planner
    • meal ideas

hiphomeschool planner b-w35

    • Field trip ideas
    • Special dates
    • Sickness tracker
    • Homeschool loop
    • things kids say
    • Contact information
    • Grade records
    • Monthly coloring/goal sheets
    • Monthly meal planner
    • Monthly calendar
    • Weekly planning pages

  • BONUS: Weekly meal planning to be photocopied

It is over 200 pages of REUSABLE content with space and functionality! Pretty it up with stickers or washi or leave it simple and minimalistic. However it works for you, this homeschool planner is going to make you more organized and keep everything all in one place! This will be available on Amazon as well in a printed version, but the printable version allows you more flexibility to arrange it as you want, printing off extra grade trackers if you need them or leaving out pages you might not use! Print it off double sided and use it year after year to plan your homeschool lessons, meals, and home life!