I used to review curriculum, now I create it

#74 The Power of Life and Death

Today’s episode is all about the tongue. In our reading through the rest of 1 Samuel this week and David’s psalms and praises, I have been so struck by the power of our words. From declaring who God is, to declaring to our soul, to speaking truth, to being for peace… it can be incredibly difficult to remember that our words are powerful and also ascertain when to use them.

During this episode I share a story of when I stood against something and why as well as why I often stay silent on other issues. This episode doesn’t have all the answers and it won’t give you a formula for when to speak because there isn’t one. But, through scripture, it is a reminder to use our words wisely and to ultimately submit our very thoughts and tongues to God’s will and use them for His glory.

Let’s talk about it!

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  1. You have been such an encouragement for me! Thank you so much for all that you do to support and encourage us as homeschool mommas!

  2. Thank you for this beautiful podcast! Sometimes, I like sitting and thinking about life, my own experience. And the best for me is to analyze my life trough the years, that is how I found essay examples on this link showing different life stories, tips for health, etc. This way help me to build my plan my close future)

  3. Hi. I loved your podcast. I do feel like you shared some misleading info about the Mormon religion. I grew up apart of that religion, but no longer am. They follow the Bible as well as the Book of Mormon and definitely worship the same Jesus. Of course I don’t agree with it all and that’s why I left. But just wanted to share those thoughts.

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I used to review curriculum, now I create it!