I used to review curriculum, now I create it

#56 I Thought It Would Be Better

It’s like the unspoken thought settling uncomfortably in the back of our heads: the one we push back when our kids hate their school. It’s the elephant in the room when we feel overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated, angry, and disappointed with homeschooling. Everyone talked about it like it was so great, it looks somehow more beautiful on my Instagram feed than in real life. Maybe I’m doing it wrong but… I thought it would be better.

I Thought it would be different

When I started homeschooling I had this vision of all my kids gathered around me listening to me teach them before working happily in their little notebooks and journals. Now when I travel and speak, we laugh at my naivety in my sessions because we all know… expectations meet reality in a brutal collision.

But here’s the deal, I’m tired of settling. I’m tired of settling for the curriculum that helps me sleep at night but my kids are bored with. I’m tired of settling for something that is fun for the kids but makes me want to crawl in a hole. I think it IS possible to homeschool all my children together and I have been on a crazed journey to find the solution.

Today’s podcast episode is about my journey to finding a homeschool experience that isn’t the one-room schoolhouse of old nor the segregated way of today’s classrooms… but a family homeschool. Made to fit into life and work with everyone.

Gather ‘Round

Links mentioned in today’s episode

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Hand-drawn student planner
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  1. As a homeschooling mama who is a former public school elementary teacher, I have to disagree with you on one thing — elementary teachers often do NOT teach just one subject. They teach math, science, social studies, reading, writing, spelling, and more. To one grade level officially, but think 25 students, some of whom are on grade level, some are 1-2 years behind, some are ahead. Some are gifted, some special needs, and all with different learning styles. Homeschooling isn’t easy, but neither is teaching in a school setting!

  2. Rebecca,
    I have gained some great insight into curriculum from your reviews. I am loving masterbooks, this is our 3rd year homeschooling. Now that I see that you’re developing a curriculum I wish I wouldn’t have all mine for the coming year! I am excited about trying Language Lessons for a Living Education though. We have been using Math Lessons for a Living Education from the beginning and I love teaching it. My children like it for the most part except my oldest really struggles with her addition and subtraction. I am also a 2nd generation home schooler. My first 4 years were in a private school where we used Abeka and Bob Jones . My parents used a unit study type program for most everything except for math we used Saxon. I love the unit study approach. We would all read together then do some projects or mini books to go with what we were learning. We were older when we started so I haven’t been sure how well that curriculum would work for the age my children are. I also taught school for two years at the same school I attended as a child. I’ve been trying to decide what style of learning fits our family. I definitely lean more towards Charlotte Mason than traditional. I like having something tangible to give my children to work through but not the pressure of finishing a certain amount by the end of the year. With my personality I have been afraid that if I don’t have enough structure I won’t have what I need at the end of year to show that we really were learning. My parents were great at making learning a part of life and I feel that is why I have a love for history and science that I rarely hear from my schooled friends. I think it’s sad that studying a textbook and taking tests takes the excitement out of things that should be so exciting! I really love your artwork and the simple beauty in the pages! My Mom used to draw the neatest little pictures for us when we were younger to illustrate Bible Lessons and to keep us sitting still in church. I love that you start out with birds! My husband’s passion is birds, he has over 400 on his life list and has opened up that world to me. I might just have to pre-order for next year and will definitely pass the word along!

  3. Ha ha ha. I’m cooking while I listen to this. I love it. I truly love to hear your midnight ramblings. That has given me a lot to think about. Thank you, and good luck with your adventure.

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I used to review curriculum, now I create it!