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Top Free Resources for a Garden Unit Study and Link Up!

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Our Gardening Unit Study with Mother Goose Time

The weather is warming up, allergies are in full swing, flowers and leaves are starting to blossom and the talk is all about gardening in our house right now! How opportune then that this month’s theme with Mother Goose Time is gardening!

The kids have so many questions, to get ready for this exciting unit study, we started out by getting a huge pack of gardening gloves from Costco. The kids have been weeding out my strawberries, learning how to recognize weeds, and talking about making their own gardens. We are on the verge of a move so I didn’t think we would make one this year, but their enthusiasm is impossible to deny so I guess it will be a garden forĀ just a short while šŸ˜‰

Our very first day in our new theme was planting some grass seeds in a little dish. The kids had so much fun laying out their soil, planting their seeds, watering their little “plants”. They have been caring for them each day and writing down their observations as they go.

Garden Unit Study... Making Observations

Everything we needed (including the soil) was included in our daily bag from Mother Goose Time and I love the idea of the observation record to keep track of the results!

We also had a lot of fun making our own gardening portraits. Homeschooling with a 17 month old is very different than it was just a year ago. Instead of a baby swinging in the corner or sleeping peacefully in the carrier, she is pulling lids off the felts as fast as she can, pulling books off the shelves, and coloring on everything she can get her hands on. Trying to keep up with her is like keeping up with a tornado, add my three year old asking me questions every 2 seconds and I feel like road runner! Needless to say, a look at my chaos…

Garden Unit Study

After they drew their portraits, they were ready to make up a story about what they had drawn. They put a lot of effort into this because I told them one of their videos would be featured on my blog. Apparently blogging has made my kids into little star seekers, well, two of them at least. Their videos were too cute not to share.

Top Garden Unit Study Resources

Awesome List of Free Garden Unit Study Resources

As I started planning our Garden Unit Study I was looking for some free resources to add to our lessons and found some really great ones in my search! Check out the top 5 free Garden Unit Study resources below and make sure to pin it for later!

1. How to plan a vegetable garden for kids (best seeds to use for fast results, how to design it, etc.)

2. Time Lapse of a Pea Shoot.
This is a fantastic video that shows kids what happens when there is not enough water, how the roots form, etc. There is no sound, but we loved it!

3. Sid the Science Kid: Sids Healthy Day
While it may not be my favorite, the kids really liked this full episode on YouTube. It covers all sorts of topics from healthy eating to exercise.

4. Check out my Gardening Unit Study board on Pinterest!
This is full of printables and resources to help facilitate and expand learning.

Follow Hip Homeschooling’s board Homeschool Gardenening Unit Study on Pinterest.

5. Free Printable Garden Unit Study I found this amazing garden unit study over at In all You Do, it has over 23 pages and is amazing for getting all your subjects in for early elementary. Click to grab your free Unit Study with over 23 pages!

Favorite things Friday Link Up

Featured Post: whitepinterestThis weeks featured post is from Learning MamaĀ and includes a free letter tile match-up printable. It’s a great way to improveĀ identification of the lowercase letters. My kids have really struggled with lowercase letters in the past so if you have a preschool aged child, this is a great resource! Make sure you check it out or pin it for later!

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I used to review curriculum, now I create it!