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Why I am NOT Okay with the Gender Spectrum

I have a confession to make: I am NOT okay with the gender spectrum. Before we get any further, let us examine the definition of tolerance, for the sake of the left-wing readers that may be following along.

Tolerance is the idea of putting up with or accepting someone for who they are even if you disagree with them, their choices, or their beliefs.

This post is not about homosexuality or transgender. This post is about how the gender spectrum affects me and my children and why I consider it a very compelling reason to pull my kids out of the school system and never look back! You may disagree with my position on the gender spectrum, and that’s ok, all we can do as parents is what is right for our children. But we DO have a right to our opinions, values, and beliefs… and this very right is being attacked.

Why I am NOT okay with the gender spectrum indoctrinating my children in school


What is the gender spectrum?

The gender spectrum simply put eliminates gender. There is no more boy and girl because those terms can box in transgender or gender-expansive persons. Rather children can choose any pronoun to identify themselves. They can use any bathroom they are comfortable with, they can use any change room they are comfortable with. The agenda is to remove all references to gender in schools (and beyond) with the goal of eliminating gender bullying and homophobia/transphobia (which are a real problem).

UPDATE: Some of you have commented that this is not the goal of the program, however, the recent proposed bill 28 (read a news article here or the actual bill by just searching bill 28) to remove the terms mother and father as being intolerant terms is direct proof of the agenda of these programs in our country.  There are multiple sources listed in this article and I highly recommend you click on them to make sure you are fully aware of the program.

How are the guidelines being implemented?

To fully understand the gender spectrum and how it is being implemented in Canada, see the latest guidelines released on HERE. At the bottom of the post, you’ll notice the guideline package which goes into further detail. One of my followers, Cindy, summed up the guidelines well in this comment:

The only criteria needed to use the other gender’s bathroom or change room is that the student decides they are more comfortable there, they say so, and that’s it. The schools are being told to accept their self-determination as proof enough and not to question it. It also advises school teachers not to reveal to parents if an alternate gender pronoun or name is preferred by the student. Parents are being kicked out of their children’s lives by the Alberta government and other areas across Canada. It also discourages teachers from using gender specific pronouns and titles, including “mother and father”.

What are the long-term potential conflicts and issues with the gender spectrum?

I am concerned on a variety of levels. In a very short amount of time, one University already had to shut down their gender neutral washrooms as there was a number of incidents. Read the full report HERE. Is that not some indication of the future of these guidelines in our schools?

UPDATE: Click to read 5 Times the transgender washrooms were unsafe. take a look at my top 3 concerns below.

Take a look at my top 3 concerns below.

1. ANY boy or girl can use whatever change room or washroom they want. Whether they are transgender or just choose to.

Although *most* schools are separated by at least primary and high school, there is still a large age range, especially in smaller communities. This means that an older 12-year-old boy may be changing or sharing a bathroom with my 5-year-old daughter. The reason I see this as a possible concern is that the guidelines clearly state that ANY child can choose when and where they will change or go to the bathroom. We’re not even talking transgender anymore, we’re talking ANY child who FEELS like it. Teachers and staff will have no right to question if a child wants to use the girls’ washroom or change room or vice versa. So what is stopping a 12-year-old boy or girl from choosing to go in with the opposite sex simply out of curiosity or more? Schools are already grossly understaffed, it is a constant issue! How can they possibly provide the supervision needed on a case by case basis? Already we hear stories of children molesting younger children at schools! This is sounding eerily “Lord of the Flies” all up in here!

How is this instilling confidence in our kids, or a safe place for all children? How on earth is a school supposed to manage the kids who want to go in the girls’ washroom with the girls who feel uncomfortable? (and vice versa).

2. The gender spectrum takes away a parent’s participation.

These guidelines clearly state that children will be protected from their own families. I recently heard of a mom who had homeschooled her children in Alberta. She decided to put them in for high school and found out, after they had graduated, that the entire time her child had been identifying as a different gender! The school didn’t tell her, her child was protected “from her”. In a long term situation, how does alienating the parent, not even making them aware of what is going on so they can help their child… promote a child’s confidence? One day it will come out and this parent will be blind sighted and probably react terribly because they didn’t know! They weren’t prepared. They didn’t see the signs because a school had their children all day and hid it from them. Now this child has no support going forward in their life, and the cycle get’s worse… not better.

3. The gender spectrum takes away part of my child’s identity.

I understand what the end goal is. I understand that bullying is a big problem. But I don’t understand how the schools cannot see that this will only create more identity confusion, more insecurity. How dare a school teach my daughter that referring to herself as a girl is bad? How dare they take away a part of her identity that she has some confidence in and tell her to question it? That it isn’t enough? That she should explore another gender as she could be wrong? How dare they tell them that “mother and father” and “girl and boy” are close minded and dying terms? How dare they teach them values and opinions to promote an agenda? Because that is really the heart of the matter!

Read the linked book list that will be implemented in the schools, books such as “Are you a Boy or a Girl?” Children will be encouraged to question their gender, to question their identity. They will be taught to question everything they know about roles. Will my child start to view being a mother who is married to a man and staying home and having babies as backward and limited?

Everything we have fought for as women: to be ENOUGH… will be called to question–will be undermined.

THIS is the crux of the gender spectrum. In an effort to destroy intolerance… they become intolerant themselves! They preach acceptance and yet anyone who dares to disagree with them or have a different opinion or even lifestyle is intolerant. Homophobic. Transphobic. Haters. They are taking our children and without our choice or say in the matter, indoctrinating them with their ideas, values, and views. This is the opposite of tolerance, openness, and acceptance.

Am I the only one who sees the discrepancy?

Let’s clarify something here, I do not homeschool out of fear. I homeschool for many reasons and this is but one, read more here. I am not afraid of homosexuality or transgender individuals, I could sit down and have a cup of coffee with one any day! In attempting to deal with the bullying that is happening with transgender children, the schools have adopted a blanket approach. Instead of dealing with situations on a case by case basis, they are adopting policies and guidelines that will go on to affect all children. And the pendulum swings yet again.

I won’t put my kids into these schools because I will not have my children grow up to be intolerant, close-minded and alienated from their family and support. I will not have them grow up being confused, insecure in who they are, and uncertain of such a crucial thing as their identity. I will NOT have them grow up being afraid of who they are or told that they are haters and called names for their opinions. I’ll raise my children in a place they are safe to be who they are and come up with their own opinions.

What do you think of the gender spectrum? Have schools implemented it where you live? Comment below!

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    • I am very glad that there are reasonable parents out there raising sever objections to this movement. You point out an important piece in noting the way this has blocked schools from an effective approach dealing with things case by case. I am a gay man, educator, and adoptive father I do not homeschool but have worked with a number of homeschool parents over the years and commend you and your readers for taking on that challenge. Along with the aim of leveling Gender, I think the movement is also doing harm by reinscribing Gender stereotypes and a rigidity about gender roles that can exact a brutal tole especially for kids like me who did grow up to be gay and like many gay kids had a number of noticeable gender nonconforming behaviors. Even though I was fairly self-aware and came out at to my parents and a few others at 13 long before you heard about kids doing that so early. Not only might I have been put on hormones if I was growing up today even with loving and supportive parents I would have probably wanted to go down that path. Not because I felt profoundly like a girl but because while I liked much of what girls liked I liked it in a boyish way you might say by which I just mean I didn’t feel I fit with either group. Before full on puberty, I would have still liked the idea of transitioning just to make life seem easier and to not feel alone. Now another thing I had to help was the church which gave me a deep sense of identity and other kids to connect to on different standards of behavior which helped a lot. But what I wouldn’t have known then and might not have had the foresight to appreciate is that once I went through puberty though still a person who liked things that were to be more girl interests that didn’t matter as much once kids started to gain a greater sense of their own identity. I may not have been a jock or most popular kid but I could make friends with mostly girls still but boys as well and that was an incredibly affirming thing. And that only grew over time and without lots of stress either from pressure to always conform or stress stemming from the escape door of a gender fantasy. We forget that for years Gender non conforming kids have drawn incredible meaning from those areas of tense difference from the norm. Even kids who may not have been as unconventional all kids have areas of life where they cross that social line and I find for many of us it is when we push those boundaries in some area that we gain something like a sense of self-sufficiency and determination and often return to that experience as a source to nurture and grow our empathetic skills.

  1. This post addresses some of the concerns I have as well. I feel so sorry for all the children who are being led to question themselves by adults with an agenda.

    As for fear, there are increasing numbers of families in Ontario who have pulled their children from public schools due to the newly implemented sex ed curriculum here.

    This isn’t really one of the reasons we chose to homeschool, but it sure helps me feel confident in our decision 🙂

    • I agree, my primary reasons for homeschooling are different, but when I look at our school system, when I look at this being implemented and HOW it is being implemented, I am so thankful that my children are going to be free to grow and learn without someone trying to impose their views on them. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Thanks, Rebecca… You are a very wise and brave young momma… God Bless you with His continuing wisdom and strength! And thanks to Jon too, for the daddy and husband that he is!…… God Bless you all!

  3. So well written and so unfortunate that it had to be done. Thank you for putting into elegant words how the majority feels.

  4. Very well written Rebecca. I am praying that Fathers and Mothers will rise up in Alberta and say that enough is enough. Blessings to you andJonathan and your beautiful family

  5. You are a disgusting and dangerous person. I’ll never read or follow you again. You should be ashamed of yourself. You have no idea what your viewpoints encourage. I can only hope one of you children does not happen to identify somewhere else on the spectrum. Not only this, but your post is completely unprofessional and much too angry and personal. I cannot emphasize enough how ignorant you truly ARE of the entire point of the gender spectrum. My god did you even bother to look somewhere other than your own hand picked heavily biased sources for this dribble?

    • Hi Jenna, the only sources I cited were a news article and the I went right to the source, all the facts were derived from there and these are simply my concerns moving forward. I am shocked to find parents of transgender children fail to see the danger in these new guidelines. They are leaving not only ME out of it, they are leaving YOU out of it. How can you support your child or even approach an identity crises the way you want to when the school won’t tell you about it at all. Your job is to feed your kids and get them to sleep on time, schools will take care of the rest. Everyone seems to be focusing on the washroom thing, and yet that is really a side issue and one that could be addressed logistically down the road. Thank you for proving my point about intolerance –> calling me a disgusting person are words of hatred and alienation. Not words of understanding, words of discussion, not words of even disagreement, words from an intolerant bully.

      • Well put, Rebecca! I’m in the USA and we are experiencing similar issues with public restrooms EVERYWHERE, not just in our schools, but our wise (sarcasm) president decided to mandate that all schools must follow suit by allowing any child to use the restroom of their choice. I had NO idea this was going on in Canada, and am very sad to hear it. I’ve actually been toying with the idea of moving to Canada with the way the US is headed, but guess that’s out of the question now.
        I saw no hate in your post. Just basic laying out if facts and very well-thought concerns. I, also, find irony in the intolerance that people pushing all these PC agendas seem to display. Keep up the good fight! The silent majority aren’t so silent anymore!

      • Rebecca, she totally proved your point, I agree with every aspect of this article and I am so grateful there are people, like you, who are not afraid of the baiting, bullying, and banter of intimidation factor that usually rears its head. Many, agree with you, and I am entirely confident that more people need to read this article.
        Thank you again

    • So much for tolerance, Jenna. I wish for your sake you had tempered your words with a tone that represented your disagreement levelly and with respect for diverse views. The education systems have failed you if you were not taught to disagree respectfully as early as kindergarten.

    • It is so nice to see someone with opposing views, be so respectful and tolerant.

      Name calling is definitely the way to get your point across!

  6. You are awesome for saying what needs to be said. I am not sure where you stand religiously, but I am a Christian, which actually makes it a little harder for me to say these things because people will respond immediately, “Well, you’re a Christian, so it’s easy for you to say.” Also, I am not a mom yet, but I am an aunt. It still aches me enough to have nieces and nephews growing up in this world. Your article simply proves that anyone can believe these things aside from religion. (Of course, I do not consider any of the spectrum views Christian anyway. I am saying that people who disagree with the spectrum can come from any background.) Wherever we come from, common sense stands. The science and the biological make-up stand. This is a sign that anything goes, and letting each man, woman, girl, and boy decide his/her own truths will cause eminent chaos. It is hard to fathom how this even became an issue. It seemed to have sprung from the sick and twisted popularity of feeling the need to be oppressed. So people will say anything about themselves just to show that they have problems and, as a result, leech off the freedoms that come with being constantly oppressed. Well, common sense: having problems is not a good thing. It is not a way to get a free pass. If you have a real problem, get help. If you don’t have a real problem, then move on. Simple as that. There is no need to make a weak lie about yourself just to be handed a trophy. It’s not worth it. We can change and adapt. People are powerful because they have the ability to change themselves (in all the right ways!). Besides, the joys felt from lies are temporary. Any doctor or therapist could tell you that in at least a hundred ways.
    Once again, great article. Never be afraid to speak up!

  7. I looked over the site and the recommendations for the Alberta and couldn’t find anything to support your claims. Nowhere did any party state that using the terms “girl” or “boy” is bad or wrong; and, you wrote that a university had to shut down their gender-neutral washrooms because of “several incidents” but the link you provide doesn’t is the same as the one for the Alberta guidelines.

    I would hope that we, as a culture, continue to grow and understand that we are indeed a diverse species. I recall the restrictions, both spoken and unspoken, on me as a young girl growing up in the 60s and 70s. I would have been more confident earlier in my life had the constraints of “what a boy can do/what a girl can do” weren’t so prevalent.

    Also, you are the one that seems to be on offensive-mode, almost daring someone to disagree with you and when they do, you will call them intolerant. If you are uncomfortable with our society being more inclusive, then that is your right. Just leave it at that without labeling.

    • That link problem was easily resolved for me by Googling “university shuts down gender-neutral bathrooms.” The problem reportedly occurred at U of T’s University College. Certain individuals abused the policy by making cell phone videos of female students showering.

      Their co-ed washroom policy isn’t new, as it’s a twenty-year-old part of the co-ed dorm’s facilities arrangements. The new problem is cell phone technology. The new development at U of T was a temporary increase in gender-separated washrooms in that particular dorm. The phrase “in a very short amount of time” is a misconstruction in its implication that this was a result of a new transgender policy, but the question of what problems can arise from co-ed facilities is always worth checking in on, regardless of orientation issues and policies.

      That said, it provides a valid illustration of what can and probably will repeatedly occur in our technological age as a result of co-ed facilities in schools. This is all the more concerning with the age differences and size (physical strength) differences in primary schools.

      It might be more accurate to say it this way: Non-gendered washroom policy in its current form has two negative influences: One, increasing the potential for harassment incidents in the majority population, and two, interfering with solving harassment problems due to excessive restrictions on schools’ freedom to act. Because these are majority demographic problems, the damage to the school population is quite likely to outweigh the benefit. Further, these politics can prevent schools from making the needful adjustments that U of T did, because a range of banned choices now exists that can be treated as non-compliance and can have legal ramifications for the institutions.

      But regardless of semantics, the blogger already said that in a much more readable, if more general, way. We readers can either choose to engage with the point and the responsibilities we have toward our dependants, or avoid it by sidelining ourselves to emotional trivia about discomfort, labels and our own lives. My experience as an older person (and I do agree about past stereotypes) and my comfort levels with social change are irrelevant; the benefits and risks of enforceable policy are of much wider concern.

  8. Very well written!!! Kudos to you for standing up and sharing this! This is also happening in the U.S.A.
    How can I, a God fearing, Bible believing Mom stand for this? Why is it when I say something it offends non-Christians? Yet when they say something or yet force this at us, we can’t be offended? We are called haters! No, I do not agree with homosexuality and that is my right. This goes further. To the parents who have children who are homosexual tell me this: What happens when a full grown man claims to be homosexual, goes into the bathroom with your boy who identifies as a girl and does something horrible? Yes it can happen even if your child doesn’t identify as girl and they both go into the men’s restroom. What about my daughter who identifies as a girl, comes out of the stall to see a MAN standing there???? It is not fair to her to make her scared and uncomfortable. Are you saying she should forget her fear and accept this no matter what she is feeling and thinking? This is an open invitation to pedophiles claiming to be the opposite sex just to gain access to children. This is sick and disgusting! So, quit thinking just about yourself and your child, think about everyone who will be affected. Just because others identify as the opposite sex does not mean everyone does and we should be forced to accept this!

    • Angel, I am a Christian. Since you brought it up, let me ask you — do you agree with left-handedness? You see, I was born this way. When I was a toddler I picked up my crayons with my left hand. My parents tried to get me to use my right hand, as did my teachers when I entered school. No matter how hard they tried, however, I couldn’t help it. I was born left-handed.

      You may think what I wrote was a joke, but there was a time when left-handedness was thought to be “of the devil” and a sign of a sinful nature, based on Biblical interpretations. Odd to think that way now.

      So homosexuality isn’t something you “agree with.” It just IS. It’s not a behavior — anyone can indulge in any behavior they choose — but it’s part of who a person is. I take it you were born heterosexual. It’s not a behavior, is it? You didn’t choose it, did you?

      Those in the LGBTQ community didn’t choose, either. I don’t believe they are looking for your approval, but they DO ask that they are allowed to live as themselves, with the same rights as you.

      Another point — pedophiles are not homosexuals or transgender; they are pedophiles. If you fear having gender-neutral restrooms will result in a stampede of pedophiles waiting to prey on your children, I have news for you — they’ve been there, done that. Sad but true.

      Be kind.

      • If you are Christian, there is order in life, even a natural order, rare cases do happen which need to be treated with great compassion, there are no doubt evil spirits in this life , God’s ways are definitely not the world’s ways. The people who are reprobate shriek and scream at the truth as if they have been scalded. In the still of the night , listen truly to your consience. God is greater than our concsience.

      • Linda, the stated issue here is not the true issue. I don’t think any TRUE christian would do anything to hurt or denigrate true LGBT. The fact of the matter is, KNOW we have been using the restroom with LGBT for years with little to know problems. I, and anyone with their right mind, know that the LGBT are as concerned with privacy as we are. They don’t want to be treated any differently or pointed out for being different. They want to blend and be respected and treated as the sex of their choice- And I firmly believe that MY Jesus would love them just the same, even if he didn’t agree with their life choice.
        However, passing laws that allow the non-LGBT sexual deviants access to our bathrooms, allowing children OR adults to use the bathroom that THEY are more comfortable with (with no regard to the comfort of the majority of people who use the restroom that corresponds to the sex of their birth), and allowing schools to push an agenda that allows the school more say and knowledge into the children’s mental state and identity than it allows the parents is atrocious. Why should the 97.7% of us who identify with the sex of our birth have OUR CIVIL RIGHTS trampled and disregarded in order to make the .3% who are gender-disoriented more comfortable?
        Because the issue state is not the issue. This is a global agenda to destroy the family, to breakdown societal norms, and create a culture of chaos, hatred, and confusion. I fear what is coming for the future of our world and our children- and I pray that people like you realize the truth and start fighting for what is right for the future of humankind, rather than buying into the lies the establishment and the global elite are force-feeding into the mindless masses that are more concerned about a few hurt feelings than the safety of our women and children.

        • Note to self- Proofreading is a great idea when trying to make an educated point… Sorry for all the passionate typos!

  9. I feel like the author has confused the gender spectrum with her perception of society’s response to the gender spectrum. She asserts that the gender spectrum will take away her children’s identity as boys and girls, when, in fact, the concept of the gender spectrum will reinforce those identities by upholding everybody’s right to identify as the gender they are. What society’s response is doing is challenging the privilege of white, cis-gender people by lifting up people who do not fit the gender binary to a more equal footing and this can make cis-gender people feel uncomfortable and even threatened. In these times we are fortunate to be learning so much more about gender. It gives us the opportunity to help people who have been living in the margins to understand themselves in a healthy way and to help society, systems and individuals provide easy and clear cut avenues for those who are a gender minority to enter into and comfortably navigate the world they live in. This is just another way for us to improve the world for all of us no matter what our identity, as it can improve the mental, emotional and spiritual health of those living in the margins due to being a gender minority and when that happens we all benefit.

      • I also appreciate your response to this article. Her views are her views, and we are all entitled to our opinion. However, she’s very biased, and clearly trying to prove the is right, with a very holier-than-thou-art attitude. I’ve found this entire blog to be written in such a way. It is sad really, as I do enjoy reading and learning from others (even those I do not necessarily agree with), but there has to be respect. I find this blog very disrespectful, even on issues where I think she is trying to prove a valid point.

        Time to move on to a more encouraging parenting/homeschooling blog… with a kinder touch.

        • Hi Emmy, I wanted to give you a personal response seeing as you have taken the time to comment on a few of my articles.

          I have an opinion. It is biased. This is not a news article, this is a blog. It is very clear you don’t agree with my opinion, which is fine. These are concerns I have based on what is being implemented and HOW it is being implemented, they are problems I foresee based on the policies that I linked directly to. I generally do not respond to name calling and derogatory comments, though I leave them on to allow discussion and viewpoints to be expressed. I don’t find such comments worth my time, which is why you may see me not responding to some of the more negative comments. I am also a busy mom with 5 little ones I homeschool and actually hadn’t responded to any of the more recent comments strictly due to the fact that I have a lot going on.

          As your comments clearly state, my blog and opinions are too strong for you, in which case I do hope you can find someone more in line with your own opinions to follow in the future. Thanks for taking the time to comment and join in on the discussion.

  10. While there may be a point or two that I agree with, your article, for the most part, is filled with incorrect information and assumptions, while simultaneously ignoring other similar facts that are equally viable yet do nothing to support your position.
    First and foremost, I’m getting real tired of everyone voicing their opinions on this matter and NOT bringing up the number one factor in abuse: parents who don’t teach their children what appropriate behaviour is for their age, as well as what consent is, how to ask for and give it. The biggest factor to sexual abuse is raising a child who doesn’t know what is and is not okay – surprise surprise: most rapists don’t know they’ve raped someone!! Don’t tell your kids to hug grandma if they don’t want to “because she’s family” or to shake hands with your boss “out of respect”. Don’t tickle them after they’ve asked you to stop. Give them age appropriate sexual education so that their curiosity doesn’t make them abuse another child. Teach them how to stand up for someone who can’t stand up for themselves. Then it won’t matter what kind of situations arise, your child will KNOW BETTER.
    Furthermore, females also abuse others. And males also sexually abuse other males, so simply keeping the boys and girls separate does not guarantee that your child will not get sexually abused or assaulted. And denying this fact also does nothing to protect them.
    Now, to dissect your article:
    1) The Gender Spectrum does not “eliminate gender”. What it DOES do is perceives gender as having many options, BOY and GIRL completely included on either end, with many various states of androgyny in between (that was a simple google search). Using the term “spectrum” removes the idea that gender is a binary, with only male and female as options, of which no one decides what they identify as, they are simply whatever sex they are assigned at birth (since gender and sex are two different terms, this is an obvious conflict).
    B) Children cannot simply use any change room they are comfortable with. Here, a quote actually from the guidelines themselves (not someone interpreting a news story about the guidelines and then summing it up in their own way): “Requests for supports are addressed on a case-by-case basis and solutions are evidence-informed and individualized to best meet the needs of the student making the request.” Do you know what that means? That means there needs to be evidence. So a child cannot simply state “I identify as the opposite gender of my sex” and then show no other indication of this other than using the opposite rooms. That would NOT be an evidence based solution.
    3) The goal is not to REMOVE all references to gender, but to INCLUDE all forms of gender identity. THAT MEANS if your daughter identifies as A GIRL then she will be referred to AS A GIRL, along with all the pronouns she decides she wants to be referred to by. Stating that “boy” and “girl” will no longer be usable terms is an ignorant assumption that replaces one party being oppressed with another – something no one who wants the same rights as everyone else wants.
    D) How are the guidelines to be implemented? Why not read the ACTUAL document? I’ll discuss further in my following points.
    5) The ONLY reason a family is not to be informed of the child’s change in gender identity is if the child does not give permission to do so. This is because in many families, this kind of thing would not be acceptable and they might force the child to undergo “corrective therapy” (which doesn’t actually exist), expose the child to abuse from family or they may simply be kicked out of the house and forced to live on the street. Depending on your source, year and country, 20-40% of homeless youth are LGBT, compared to an average 10% of youth in the “homed” category. Of those youth who are homeless, their identity or orientation is cited as the most common reason for their homelessness.
    F) The University of Toronto hasn’t actually stated why they’re reducing the number of gender neutral bathrooms on campus (read: not eliminating them). Any other source of the motive behind their action is pure speculation, NOT fact. And speculation that this ONLY happened BECAUSE of the gender neutrality further denies the reality that someone who wants to violate another’s privacy will do so however they can. Case in point: in Richmond BC, a restaurant owner was charged last year because he installed a camera in the women’s washroom (female only!) to record them. He didn’t need to pretend to be a transgendered person to do this. He was a “respectable,” “professional” person who took advantage of a situation for his own perversion. I’m pretty sure if he was raised to respect others (women included) and not see women as objects for his gratification, he wouldn’t have felt the need to get his rocks off in this manner. *Please see my first point about raising kids who know better in order to stop “boys” from peeking at “girls”.
    7) You want to protect your 5yo from being molested by someone else’s 12yo? Like I just stated, simply being the same gender does not inherently protect your child from their attacker. Why not instead of hiding behind your insecurities, you encourage other parents to teach their kids what appropriate behavior/touching is, what consent is, and how to ask for it and give it. And don’t forget to tell them how anyone under the age of 16 doesn’t have the authority to grant anyone else permission to touch their body, no matter how much they think they approve.
    H) The guidelines only state that the child will be protected from their families if those children do not feel that their family would approve of their choice or act lovingly towards them if they knew. Please see point 5 for more clarification.
    9) No one is telling your daughter that referring to herself as a girl is bad except the media. Why not take up arms with THEM?? You know, the people responsible for telling everyone that breasts are to be put on display for the eyes of all who would look, but damn you for feeding your child with them in public!! Or the people who tell everyone in every subliminal way possible that if you’re not white, skinny and fully able-bodied that you’re somehow less of a human and not deserving of the same rights as every other human on the planet? Why not go after the ACTUAL institutions perpetuating the actual oppressions your daughter will actually face in her lifetime instead of closing your mind from fully understanding what inclusion is all about?

    J) Something tells me you have not actually fought for anything – especially “to be ENOUGH”, because if you had, you’d understand how very wrong you are in this and how you’re picking a fight in the wrong direction completely. Please see my last point for further elaboration.
    11) Your child is not going to learn to be intolerant, close minded and alienated from their family unless YOU raise them to be that way, no matter what the schools do.
    L) Teaching your children to question every aspect of their lives, including their own identity will only serve to make them more apt thinkers and leaders, more fully confident in who they are and what they believe in rather than teaching them to be bean counting consumers who follow whatever bandwagon the media is parading by them at any given moment. Please tell me how that can in any possible way be a bad thing?

      • I didn’t say the University hadn’t decided to alter their washrooms. I said speculating as to “why” they did it is just that: speculation. Thank you for posting a source that actually quotes someone from the University, as I have not seen that in any other source yet (including the one linked int he article above).

        I would like to point out that it does state that not all the bathrooms have been returned to single gender use, and that it is a temporary move until they decide on a more permanent action.

      • I find it interesting how many comments here have posted logical facts, proving that she is biased, and yet she is not responding. She appears to just want to spew biased views, then totally ignore any comments that challenge her opinions.

        • I agree Emmy! The author has not done her homework. Most of her claims are incorrect yet she’s not mature enough to acknowledge her errors.

      • Thank you, Robyn! You have make some excellent points that hopefully the author will be open minded enough about to understand.. i’m not holding my breath though.

    • I have to agree with you on the number one problem being lack of education and support for children, usually starting at home. I wrote a post on that as well, why I don’t force my children to hug well meaning friends and relatives if they aren’t comfortable, why I advocate for my children’s boundaries from as early as infancy when I can tell they are feeling insecure.

      This post is largely my own opinions and what I foresee as some of the damaging side effects. While I do know that the heart behind this is well meaning, and there is a need for more protection and support to be in place, I struggle with the blanket approach and think that this doesn’t really solve the problem and potentially adds a whole lot MORE to the plate that parents and teachers will now have to deal with in our kids.

      I do know schools that are removing references to mom and dad because those are gender specific, they are removing gender references, they are teaching my children to question their identity. This IS being implemented in schools around me, whether it is outlined in a document or not, it is what is happening.

      I do understand that teachers are trying to protect students whose family may not support them but a teacher is in and out of a child’s life, a family is there forever. I know of situations where families couldn’t even support their children or help them or adjust to their life decision for years and years, this isn’t right, it is taking control away from the parents, who have every right to know what their child is going through.

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment respectfully despite our differing opinions and experience with how this is being implemented in schools around us.

    • This comment is fantastic! Thank you so much for making the point about teaching consent from a young age, proper sex ed, and for targeting real sources!

    • It saddens me to hear you so negative about public schools. You come across as very intolerant and holier than thou. Shielding your children from reality is a form of abuse as you are not providing the skills necessary for your children to grow up to be accepting of others.

  11. Rebecca, I am glad someone finally had the guts to address this on a blog! Thank you. All the Jenna Weavers smelled this post a mile away it seems! haha! But that’s okay. I am sure you were expecting some readers to be offended at what you posted. That’s expected. In the bible it says in the last days people will say that what’s right is wrong and wrong is right. That is surely happening now. Keep your chin up, many of us feel the same way you do.

    • Thank you Rose! I appreciate your encouragement and support, I did expect negativity, of course, it just makes all the positive and encouraging comments stand out so much more! So thank you for taking the time to comment!

  12. Kudos, I applaud you! I live in the States (NC) and I homeschooled my kids and graduated them before all this gender mixing crap started. NC is fighting the locker/bathroom Trans issue, but in the end I think the State will lose and be forced to comply. Sad… very sad. America is not America anymore, rather it is becoming an unethical LGBTQ-merica. But, I think some of it is my own fault, because I support the LGB’s rights for marriage. However, the TQ rights seem extremely questionable to me and down right scary. They want to use the original binary gender-segregated restroom of which they identify with. I suggested a new gender classification for them and have separate facilities installed, but NOOO, they don’t want that because it would harm them mentally. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that the issue in the first place? Their psychological profile does not match the sex they were born with. I don’t know, it still looks like 2 other separate genders to me. There’s no way you can honestly compare them with a non-transgender, unless people just enjoy being dishonest with themselves. I mean, their DNA is basically the same as male or female, but their neurological wiring is NOT. Dear honest scruples would indicate it’s just flat out wrong to let them mix with whatever gender they identify with in bathrooms and locker rooms. If I still had kids in school today, then I would be pulling them out again to save them from all the madness! – I apologize for ranting, but it’s currently on mind like a volcano erupting.

    • Hi Tim! I’m a fellow North Carolinian with the same concerns as you. I found and started responding to comments on this blog post yesterday, and was blown away when I noted the date on the original post. At the risk of regurgitating comments I’ve made to others who seem to disagree with our women and children’s right to safety, I wanted to comment to you, say hello as your neighbor, and fill you in on my perspective of the issue we are facing…
      I feel the stated issue here is not the true issue. I don’t think any TRUE christian would do anything to hurt or denigrate true LGBT. The fact of the matter is, I KNOW we have been using the restroom with LGBT for years with little to know problems. I, and anyone with their right mind, know that the LGBT are as concerned with privacy as we are. They don’t want to be treated any differently or pointed out for being different. They want to blend and be respected and treated as the sex of their choice- And I firmly believe that MY Jesus would love them just the same, even if he didn’t agree with their life choice.
      However, passing laws that allow the non-LGBT sexual deviants access to our bathrooms, allowing children OR adults to use the bathroom that THEY are more comfortable with (with no regard to the comfort of the majority of people who use the restroom that corresponds to the sex of their birth), and allowing schools to push an agenda that allows the school more say and knowledge into the children’s mental state and identity than it allows the parents is atrocious.
      Why should the 97.7% of us who identify with the sex of our birth have OUR CIVIL RIGHTS trampled on and disregarded in order to make the .3% who are gender-disoriented more comfortable?
      Because the issue stated here is not the true issue. This is a global agenda to destroy the family, to breakdown societal norms, and to create a culture of chaos, hatred, and confusion. I fear what is coming for the future of our world and our children- and I pray that the sleeping masses realize the truth and start fighting for what is right for the future of humankind, rather than buying into the lies that the establishment and the global elite are force-feeding into the mindless sheep that are more concerned about a few hurt feelings than the safety of our women and children.
      I praise God that we have a Governor who is willing to take a stand and fight for our rights. I pray for him, for our state, our nation, and our world multiple times a day. God Bless us all- goodness knows we need it!

      • Hi Chrystal! Thank you for your comment! I am of the same mind as you that people are so caught up with the bathroom, which is an issue BECAUSE of the long term effects of this. Even for a parent of a transgender child, the reality is that the school is taking away THAT parent’s rights and amount of involvement. So sad.

    • I stopped reading after your comment about “gender crap”. You are exactly the reason why homophobia exists. Shane on you. The only mindless sheep are people like you, Tim, who are so fragile that you cannot accept anyone who is different than you. Fake Christian!

  13. VERY happy this exists. Chose this article specifically to analyze and prove how contradicting and wrong it is for my rhetorical analysis. Got an A+. God bless. <3

  14. Well… this is not the gender spectrum. The gender spectrum is supposed to accept ALL genders, including cisgender (people who were born as female, are comfortable being a girl.) But what you are describing is not gender spectrum, and I don’t think that schools should be encouraging children to question themselves; but they should leave the option open, you know? The school you are referring to is not representing the gender spectrum accurately because they are not allowing the children who are cisgender to be–well–cisgender. And that is NOT right. They should allow the children to explore, yes–but not by the means of telling them that they can’t be cisgender.

    The gender spectrum actually works like this:×444.jpg

    I hope this clears up the impression of the gender spectrum, because the school is definitely not presenting it correctly. If you were born a female and feel like a girl inside and out, there should be absolutely no problem with that. I don’t know how I feel about the kids being allowed to merely choose where to go to the change room and such; mostly because I’ve never felt comfortable with the idea of kids changing in front of each other. It just doesn’t seem appropriate at all.

    • I guess the concern is that other schools in Alberta and BC are adopting the same views. There is curriculum coming out and books like these are being read to kids in schools. While maybe that wasn’t the original intention, it is what seems to be happening here and I agree, it is not right. And I absolutely agree with your viewpoint! Kids shouldn’t be changing in front of one another at all! Thanks for chiming in in a way that is respectful and adds to the conversation. 🙂

  15. Thank you for your honesty in the above article. In a day when we are becoming increasingly scared to be honest about our viewpoints, there are some who still will speak out.
    I too come from a Biblical world view – I love Jesus 🙂 Yet, I have many different friends from different backgrounds, faiths and even sexual orientation. My friends (from those backgrounds) know I love Jesus and believe in His Word, and yet they (so far) appreciate me, even love me. I am open about what I believe and my viewpoints on ‘hot topics’, and yet, somehow, freedom of speech has not ruined those relationships thus far. I listen to them; they to me. Sometimes, we each get emotional/passionate about our perspectives. Sometimes we yield to another person after healthy, vigorous debate.
    When I, or my friends, are no longer interested in, or prepared to listen to one another, there is no real relationship or future for one. That may happen in some instances one day, but my friendships need to be as much based on honesty as on love/tolerance. Or, we are deceiving ourselves as to how ‘friendly’ we are.
    The Jesus I believe in hates my sin as much as the next person’s. He does hate some things, whilst loving people enough to die for them, even when He knew in advance that most of them would never acknowledge what He did or Who He is. That’s love and honesty, all wrapped up together.
    When we start attacking another person, we are no longer interested in people being honest with us; we are no longer interested in people, period. We are seeking dictatorship. Christians are by no means perfect people, they know this, or they wouldn’t be Christians! You have to know you are a hopeless sinner to understand the need for Jesus!
    Christians (real ones) need to be honest and speak up about things that offend their God, because ultimately it is not that ‘we’ are offended that matters, but that God is offended by some things. We expect to be ridiculed, hated, shouted at and called names, even killed for our faith and honest speaking on certain things. Jesus said to expect it.
    We will err and speak rashly sometimes, and should admit that when we do, we are human sinners after all, but a lot of what we say will also be an honest/true expression of our world viewpoint. We are to love the sinner (as Christ does) and hate the sin – speak out and oppose it, but we are not so deceived to think that will often be well received by those who don’t love Jesus or respect God’s Word.
    I am saddened to read so many comments above that almost sound as if they are people trolling the internet looking for viewpoints that oppose their own just to be argumentative and even borderline abusive. A Christian home school blog will be written from a Christian, Biblical world view, so if someone is offended by what they read, they might ask themselves why they are on that particular blog-site and move to another in this free world.
    Be encouraged Rebecca, and remain honest and true to Christ, continue speaking truth in love.

  16. Another great concern is every student be “given the opportunity to participate on the team that reflects their gender identity and expression”! I didn’t see you mention it. Can you imagine the implication of that? Boys joining girl sports team and dominating!! As much the culture/media like to portray otherwise, boys are stronger and faster on average than girls. I see this in itself as an attack on females— this can mean potential scholarships and opportunities lost for girls.

    Why not just address bulling? I think the people behind all this have much great agendas and they hid well behind “tolerance” and “acceptance”—

  17. Rebecca, I think you raise an interesting debate. I think you are supporting your arguments with valid information, but I can’t say I agree with you here. As an educator, I think one of the most important things that we are pushing for right now is equality. And as a public institute, I think it is even more important to make our kids feel like they are leading their own journey and making their own decisions. Whether that means exploring their sexual identity through using gender neutral bathrooms, or using gender neutral language – it’s their life.

    One point I wanted to oppose specifically is your comment on the gender spectrum, “taking away a parent’s participation”. It is up to the parent to get involved in a child’s life. As you said, your job as a parent is to make sure they are fed and get to school. That is true, but it is also your job as a parent to support them as well. If your child is not sharing that part of their life with you, then, I’m sorry, you aren’t supporting your child in the right way. Open communication with your children is key, and if your child feels open enough to share their struggles with their identity with you, then that is great. It is in no way, my job to notify you about their exploration of their sexual identity. Just as it is in no way, my responsibility to notify you if your daughter is pregnant. We teach our students at the intermediate and senior level to be their own person – that is what creates their identity as a human being.

    I am in no way accusing you of being a horrible person, or even saying your views are flawed. I quite enjoyed this article as it did get me thinking about this topic. I think you raise some excellent opinions, but I don’t share them.

  18. Wow, I was not aware of the details of that bill. Blurring gender just messes up normal self identity development, it doesn’t bring the results they are hoping for. Agreed that the bullying should be dealt with on a case by case basis not by implementing policies that are detrimental to the majority of children who will not have gender identity issues.

  19. It’s so sad that they’re experimenting on our children and injecting so much sexualization into the innocence of childhood.

  20. I am completely appalled by this! Although I see concerns with the whole bathroom issue, do you really think you should have a say in your child’s gender? That’s completely ridiculous! Your children, although they are still children, are PEOPLE with IDENTITIES. They can make choices about why they are for themselves. What if your parents told you that you were a male, but you identified as female! Think of how horrible that would be, to be trapped inside a prison cell of a body you don’t identify with! Furthermore, the gender spectrum doesn’t eliminate gender identity, it expands upon it! Gender is a significant part of an individual, whether they are a CHILD or NOT, and it is a HUGE contributor to personal identity. It doesn’t matter if someone is genderfluid, nonbinary, Demi, etc, it just matters that they have an identity. You say transphobia is a real issue, yet this article is COMPLETELY transphobic! Us nonbinary people do NOT have an agenda to eliminate gender entirely. We have NO agenda at all! We just one somewhere safe to use the bathroom without harassment! Next time, why don’t you talk to a nonbinary individual before thinking we’re about to eliminate gender.

    • I applaud your comment! I would encourage her to talk with a nonbinary person as well and to really listen to the abuse, harassment, and shame that is sent that person’s way every day. Especially since she claims to be willing to have a coffee with a gender-fluid person…

  21. In the last days they will call evil good and good evil.

    Now I am starting to understanda little more as to why such young children are gender confused.
    Schools are putting it into their brains! I’m not saying for every child that has struggles with it….but you have to admit…schools are pushing it. It really breaks my heart how the beauty of humanity….male and female….can be looked at so wrongly. Male AND Female are a part of almost every living organism.
    I am just at a loss for words.
    I see now, how Christians really can be persecuted in the near future.

  22. It causes me great distress that this movement, which is attempting to create a safe, validating, and empowering environment for people of all genders, is misunderstood as an “agenda” to keep children from “understanding themselves” and removing parental control. Beyond that, I’m honestly speachless reading this article and scanning all of the fear-based comments from folks.

  23. I felt similarly just a few years ago. But then I did some navel gazing and come to the conclusion that ppl’s gender identity is nobody’s damn business but their own. And now I don’t feel even remotely guilty about indentifying as enby. 🙂

  24. At this time I think that parents need to focus only on their kids. It’s essential for our society. And my personal point of view, a personal point of view as a mother – you need to create the best ethical environment for your children. Especially, if he or she was a target of bullying. That’s why after reading I decided to start tracking my daughter’s messages. I don’t want to hurt her and I just want to pretend potential cases.

  25. Tbh I don’t understand the whole bathroom thing. Like y’all do realize gay and lesbian people are the same gender.. I’m not sure what the actual issue y’all have with unisex restrooms is?

  26. You expressed a very interesting opinion on the gender spectrum, it was very interesting to read. But still, most of the modern world is very far from the ideals described by you, for example, yesterday I read about homosexuality in West Slavic countries, it is very clearly visible there. If you are interested, you can read this article, in the same way, the countries that are described in the article are on the right track. But for example, in Russia, the propaganda of homosexuality (even images in the media) is punishable by criminal law.

  27. Nobody put anybody in the closet!! You were in the closet because you knew it was wrong!!! Hell isn’t full yet. But it’s getting packed soon!!

  28. When I was a toddler, I was sexually assaulted by a teenager in a bathroom. We both were born with the same genitals, and both consider ourselves women, and the bathroom was a single occupant bathroom in the home we both lived in.

    Don’t pretend that sex-segregation does anything whatsoever to protect children from assault. Sexual assaults can occur anywhere and be done by anyone. Statistically speaking, your own spouse is more likely to sexually assault your daughter than some 12 year old boy at her school.

    If you are actually concerned about preventing sexual abuse of children, don’t dither about bathrooms. Teach your children that they are the boss of their own body and have the right to refuse touch, and make sure they know they can tell you or someone else if they are touched against their will. Teach them the proper names of all of their body parts, so they have the vocabulary to actually describe what happened if someone touched them inappropriately. Teach them how child molesters manipulate children, what grooming for abuse actually looks like, so they can spot the red flags of a dangerous person. Be cautious about who you trust with your child’s care.

    And stop using the pain I went through as an excuse to hurt innocent people.

  29. I respect your opinion, you are entitled to how you feel. I respectfully disagree with your 2nd point. Just because you are your child’s parent does not mean you are entitled to know everything about them. Children arent always gonna know who they are and they are gonna want to experiment, that should not have to be explained to their parents without the child’s permission, and no school has the right to share that unless it harms someone. My non-binary identity was exposed to my mother against my permission and she judged me and told me I was doing it for attention. She questioned me and demanded answers to questions I didn’t even know the answers to myself. The point I’m trying to get across is children don’t owe their parents an explanation or knowledge of their identity.

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