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Why I am NOT Okay with the Gender Spectrum

I have a confession to make: I am NOT okay with the gender spectrum. Before we get any further, let us examine the definition of tolerance, for the sake of the left-wing readers that may be following along.

Tolerance is the idea of putting up with or accepting someone for who they are even if you disagree with them, their choices, or their beliefs.

This post is not about homosexuality or transgender. This post is about how the gender spectrum affects me and my children and why I consider it a very compelling reason to pull my kids out of the school system and never look back! You may disagree with my position on the gender spectrum, and that’s ok, all we can do as parents is what is right for our children. But we DO have a right to our opinions, values, and beliefs… and this very right is being attacked.

Why I am NOT okay with the gender spectrum indoctrinating my children in school


What is the gender spectrum?

The gender spectrum simply put eliminates gender. There is no more boy and girl because those terms can box in transgender or gender-expansive persons. Rather children can choose any pronoun to identify themselves. They can use any bathroom they are comfortable with, they can use any change room they are comfortable with. The agenda is to remove all references to gender in schools (and beyond) with the goal of eliminating gender bullying and homophobia/transphobia (which are a real problem).

UPDATE: Some of you have commented that this is not the goal of the program, however, the recent proposed bill 28 (read a news article here or the actual bill by just searching bill 28) to remove the terms mother and father as being intolerant terms is direct proof of the agenda of these programs in our country.  There are multiple sources listed in this article and I highly recommend you click on them to make sure you are fully aware of the program.

How are the guidelines being implemented?

To fully understand the gender spectrum and how it is being implemented in Canada, see the latest guidelines released on HERE. At the bottom of the post, you’ll notice the guideline package which goes into further detail. One of my followers, Cindy, summed up the guidelines well in this comment:

The only criteria needed to use the other gender’s bathroom or change room is that the student decides they are more comfortable there, they say so, and that’s it. The schools are being told to accept their self-determination as proof enough and not to question it. It also advises school teachers not to reveal to parents if an alternate gender pronoun or name is preferred by the student. Parents are being kicked out of their children’s lives by the Alberta government and other areas across Canada. It also discourages teachers from using gender specific pronouns and titles, including “mother and father”.

What are the long-term potential conflicts and issues with the gender spectrum?

I am concerned on a variety of levels. In a very short amount of time, one University already had to shut down their gender neutral washrooms as there was a number of incidents. Read the full report HERE. Is that not some indication of the future of these guidelines in our schools?

UPDATE: Click to read 5 Times the transgender washrooms were unsafe. take a look at my top 3 concerns below.

Take a look at my top 3 concerns below.

1. ANY boy or girl can use whatever change room or washroom they want. Whether they are transgender or just choose to.

Although *most* schools are separated by at least primary and high school, there is still a large age range, especially in smaller communities. This means that an older 12-year-old boy may be changing or sharing a bathroom with my 5-year-old daughter. The reason I see this as a possible concern is that the guidelines clearly state that ANY child can choose when and where they will change or go to the bathroom. We’re not even talking transgender anymore, we’re talking ANY child who FEELS like it. Teachers and staff will have no right to question if a child wants to use the girls’ washroom or change room or vice versa. So what is stopping a 12-year-old boy or girl from choosing to go in with the opposite sex simply out of curiosity or more? Schools are already grossly understaffed, it is a constant issue! How can they possibly provide the supervision needed on a case by case basis? Already we hear stories of children molesting younger children at schools! This is sounding eerily “Lord of the Flies” all up in here!

How is this instilling confidence in our kids, or a safe place for all children? How on earth is a school supposed to manage the kids who want to go in the girls’ washroom with the girls who feel uncomfortable? (and vice versa).

2. The gender spectrum takes away a parent’s participation.

These guidelines clearly state that children will be protected from their own families. I recently heard of a mom who had homeschooled her children in Alberta. She decided to put them in for high school and found out, after they had graduated, that the entire time her child had been identifying as a different gender! The school didn’t tell her, her child was protected “from her”. In a long term situation, how does alienating the parent, not even making them aware of what is going on so they can help their child… promote a child’s confidence? One day it will come out and this parent will be blind sighted and probably react terribly because they didn’t know! They weren’t prepared. They didn’t see the signs because a school had their children all day and hid it from them. Now this child has no support going forward in their life, and the cycle get’s worse… not better.

3. The gender spectrum takes away part of my child’s identity.

I understand what the end goal is. I understand that bullying is a big problem. But I don’t understand how the schools cannot see that this will only create more identity confusion, more insecurity. How dare a school teach my daughter that referring to herself as a girl is bad? How dare they take away a part of her identity that she has some confidence in and tell her to question it? That it isn’t enough? That she should explore another gender as she could be wrong? How dare they tell them that “mother and father” and “girl and boy” are close minded and dying terms? How dare they teach them values and opinions to promote an agenda? Because that is really the heart of the matter!

Read the linked book list that will be implemented in the schools, books such as “Are you a Boy or a Girl?” Children will be encouraged to question their gender, to question their identity. They will be taught to question everything they know about roles. Will my child start to view being a mother who is married to a man and staying home and having babies as backward and limited?

Everything we have fought for as women: to be ENOUGH… will be called to question–will be undermined.

THIS is the crux of the gender spectrum. In an effort to destroy intolerance… they become intolerant themselves! They preach acceptance and yet anyone who dares to disagree with them or have a different opinion or even lifestyle is intolerant. Homophobic. Transphobic. Haters. They are taking our children and without our choice or say in the matter, indoctrinating them with their ideas, values, and views. This is the opposite of tolerance, openness, and acceptance.

Am I the only one who sees the discrepancy?

Let’s clarify something here, I do not homeschool out of fear. I homeschool for many reasons and this is but one, read more here. I am not afraid of homosexuality or transgender individuals, I could sit down and have a cup of coffee with one any day! In attempting to deal with the bullying that is happening with transgender children, the schools have adopted a blanket approach. Instead of dealing with situations on a case by case basis, they are adopting policies and guidelines that will go on to affect all children. And the pendulum swings yet again.

I won’t put my kids into these schools because I will not have my children grow up to be intolerant, close-minded and alienated from their family and support. I will not have them grow up being confused, insecure in who they are, and uncertain of such a crucial thing as their identity. I will NOT have them grow up being afraid of who they are or told that they are haters and called names for their opinions. I’ll raise my children in a place they are safe to be who they are and come up with their own opinions.

What do you think of the gender spectrum? Have schools implemented it where you live? Comment below!

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I used to review curriculum, now I create it!