Making money from home is seriously as easy as making the decision to get started. Whether you want to write about gardening or parenting, turn your passions and interests into your next vacation, or even dream home! Blogging takes time, but it isn't hard. ANYONE can do this and I am going to show you how. Other courses are 5 times the price of this one, and don't come with personal coaching/help! This completely new course is now 4 weeks long and will include a private FB group, daily challenges, weekly FB live to answer your questions PLUS a free blog planner. Let me help you get started the right way! This course is closed until the next round, so check back! Already have a self-hosted blog? Hop on over and check out the "Make Money Blogging" course for the next step!


    Choosing a name/niche

  • Setting up your host

  • Creating graphics

  • Finding and engaging a theme

  • Setting up Google Analytics

  • Personalized design help

  • WEEK 2: HOW TO

    How to write a blog post

  • How to use the media library

  • How to create a page

  • How to create a site map

  • All about plugins


    How to use Facebook

  • How to use Pinterest

  • How to use Instagram

  • SEO (organic marketing)

  • Newsletters


    How often to post

  • All about photos

  • Blog post layout

  • Managing your time

  • Writers Block

Rebecca Spooner from Hip HomeschoolingHi! My name is Rebecca. I am a homeschool mom of 5 young children who kind of stumbled into the blogging world totally unaware of what it could be. I first started a blog just as a private thing for my family and friends and to catalogue fun little snippets from my life. It was small and simple until one day I was contacted by a curriculum company asking if I wanted to review some of their curriculum. I wasn't even thinking about making money at that point, I was somewhat shocked that I had been contacted at all and dove in with both feet, discovering what reviewing was all about. A month or so in I started to notice badges on people's page, showing that they were sponsored by various curriculum companies. I had NO idea that this was a thing, but if it was... I wanted it! I was told by one helpful blogger that I would need a media kit, which really was the start of my journey into professional blogging. The more I learned, the more I realized I didn't know. I bought themes, and more themes, and custom themes. I switched host after host after host, my website crashing and being rebuilt time and time again. I bought courses and read tutorials, I wasted months of time, spent far more than I earned, and soaked it all up like a sponge.  I learned, through mistakes and frustration, and I doggedly set out to prove everyone wrong. "It takes 3 years to make money," they told me. I ignored them, sending out my kit day after day, blogging every single day, throwing myself into my journey. Then something amazing happened, businesses started to catch my confidence, I had been faking it so determinedly that even I started to believe that I was a bigger deal than I was. People who had been blogging longer than I had started to come to me for advice and everything changed. It was easier to pitch people because I believed in myself. I stopped focusing on numbers and started focusing on value: bringing value to my readers and offering value to my clients. I stopped spending money and started making it! I want to help you avoid all that time, all that money, all those mistakes. I want to show you the most direct path to establishing yourself as a blogger and finding your own voice. I want to keep you so excited about blogging and what this COULD mean for you that you don't even think about how much work it is or how far you have to go. You have your own unique voice, your own story to tell, and if I can do this... anyone can! I hope you'll join me in this 4 week course, the end of which will have you so well set up, people who have been doing this for years will be asking you to help them out! Are you ready? 

  • "I have wanted to start a blog for quite some time, but was having trouble figuring out where to start. Coincidently, my sister-in-law, Krista mentioned Rebecca's blog, Homeschool On. She told me about Rebecca's course on how to start a blog! It was perfect timing, we both signed up and worked through the set up with Rebecca, step by step. Rebecca made herself very available by e-mail, Skype and/or messaging. Whenever I came to a step that I was finding confusing she helped me through it. Her course made it possible for me to set up my blog! I have even managed to write a few posts and I was inspired to take a photography course. Now it is all about the fun part, writing and finding my voice and I think in the near future I will be ready to take her second course on how to monetize. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to get started and wants to get the support of someone who has already successfully gone through the process.”

Still Thinking About it?

Need to budget it? Talk to your husband about it? Think about it some more? I get that! I'll keep you updated and email you more info over the next little bit before the course closes! Don't wait too long though, registration closes February 28th!


  • What time of day will the videos be?

    The live videos will be at 9am PST/12am EST on Wednesdays each week of the course.

  • What if I can't make the live videos at all?

    If you are going to be on vacation or are unable to make any of the videos, don't worry about it! The replays will be posted and honestly, if there is anything I have learned in coaching people it is that most of you are going to have the same questions. I bet if you watch the videos your questions will be answered, you can watch them at your pace as they work for you and if you still have questions you can comment in the group and get answers that way. I will be actively responding to comments and helping in the forum setting as well.

  • What if I don't have Facebook?

    No problem! the live videos are now hosted on a new platform called Zoom. It is free to use and I will also be able to se your face. It's kind of like a Skype room where we can chat face to face, way more personal and a lot more fun! Everything else will be hosted on my course platform page so you don't need Facebook at all for the course anymore.

  • Is this course free?

    It always makes me chuckle a little bit when I get this question. I love you guys, I love helping people, but this course is literally going to be hours and hours of time each day, time taken away from my family, time taken away from my house, time taken away from my blog. Unfortunately it is not free, no... my husband wouldn't be so into that. I garner support through convincing him this will help pay for some kitchen countertops to go over the gaps ;) I know it is high value though. Do a quick search on some of the other courses out there, I know that you won't find ANYTHING with this amount of support and materials for anywhere near this price. Most courses that compete with this are more like $600. I took my lowest number and then took $50 off that to make sure that it was going to be as affordable as I could make it.

  • What other costs are there with starting a blog?

    Hosting is relatively cheap, anywhere from $3-$5 a month, you will have a one-time start up cost of your theme and possibly your framework depending on what you go with, up to about $100. And I will be recommending a lot of things that can make your life easier like scheduling tools and such however, hosting and a theme are your only other necessary costs in the beginning.

  • How much time will this course require?

    The live videos will be about 45-60 minutes once a week, which like I said are not necessary, just super helpful if you can join a few of them. Other than that, the course will take you about 10 minutes to read in the morning or evening or whenever you sit down to it, it might take you a bit more time to put into practise. My goal is 1 1/2 hours a day. 1 hour a day is probably possible, 3 hours a day would take your blog to that next level. The first week is going to be the hardest as we will be designing your theme, your blog, your look, and that is probably the most important step to blogging! The rest will be mostly training and challenges to practise your new skills.