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An Amazing Charlotte Mason Science Curriculum

Living books, narration, notebooking, nature walks and exploration, discussion, reading aloud to your kids, doing their lessons along with them… these are Charlotte Mason ideals that many parents look to employ in their homeschool lessons. I have reviewed and used a lot of difference science curriculums over the past 6 years and I have never seen a program that implemented these values so seamlessly while still making it easy to use. No more searching for books that are Charlotte Mason, no more searching for classics to read to your kids, no more searching for assignments to help your children notebook and process what they are seeing and exploring and learning. No more searching for links to add to your lessons or hands-on activities you can do. I finally came across a program that does all that work for you and packages it beautifully in a complete, year-long nature study style science curriculum for Preschool all the way to grade 4 (or adapt it for your older kids). When I say this is “The Best” I am essentially saying that there is no other full-bodied Science curriculum that is so rich in content and literature that is infused with Charlotte Mason methods.

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What a typical day looks like

First and foremost, I do this curriculum with all five of my kids. It is not something I break up, but rather something we do together as a family unit (which means you could save yourself a LOT of money and time if you have more than one child). We actually incorporate the lessons into our morning basket time. I try to use our morning basket to get most of our group reading done, so I bookmark the daily readings in the literature and encyclopedias and living books and we snuggle on the couch and read together as the start to our day. After we have read together, we typically are inspired to go to the classroom to do some notebooking, head outside with our nature study packs or do some nature journaling based off something that interested us in the readings. I do zero prep for this program, it is 100% open and go. The morning of I take a peek at my weekly guide (broken up into four day weeks) and see what we have planned for the day and pull out what I want to do with the kids and bookmark our read alouds for the basket. Take a look at some of the resources and books we would use in just one day!

The Best Charlotte Mason Science Curriculum: Join us for our year-long nature study!

The Best Charlotte Mason Science Curriculum: Join us for our year-long nature study!The Best Charlotte Mason Science Curriculum: Join us for our year-long nature study!The Best Charlotte Mason Science Curriculum: Join us for our year-long nature study!The Best Charlotte Mason Science Curriculum: Join us for our year-long nature study!

What is this program?

This curriculum is called “Animals and their Worlds” and is a themed program from WinterPromise. It is Charlotte Mason inspired and available in print or print/ebook format so that you can save on shipping and use it for multiple kids. There are two guides/packages available: Habitats, Hollows and Homes for grades 1-4 students and Burrows, Beehives and Beds for preK-K. Throughout the year, students will put together their own animal notebook to write or draw an animal or creature they learned about that week. There are narration ideas, supply lists, activity planning worksheets, website and DVD suggestions, and more! It is a comprehensive program that is designed to be easy to incorporate into any family with any learning styles!

The Best Charlotte Mason Science Curriculum: Join us for our year-long nature study!

Each weekly guide sheet has TONS of ideas for activities, books to read with your kids, notebooking pages to do, additional resources, etc. You can pick and choose from the activities based on what you are interested in, what you have time for, and how much prep it involves. The activities are even broken down like that: no prep, light prep, etc so that you can easily identify what you have time (or maybe patience) for. This program is designed with the whole family in mind: bright and fun and engaging for kids, adaptable to multiple ages, and open and go for mom. Together your family will explore swamps, forests, rainforests, the African Savannah, the Arctic Tundra, a coral reef and the desert. You will learn about 7 different habitats and the many different animals and lifeforms that live there and how they are adapted to survive in their environment.

The Best Charlotte Mason Science Curriculum: Join us for our year-long nature study!

The price for the package varies depending on whether you choose ebook or print, the age range and what extras you add to your kit. I highly recommend shooting them a message or phoning the office to ask what they think will be a good fit for your family. They are an amazing team of people with awesome customer service that will help you work what will work for your budget and your family dynamics. Plus use my code HipHS at checkout!

Winter Promise Coupon Code: hipHS Click for 5% off!


A Science program you can get excited about!

What I love about this curriculum is that I am just as excited to open it up as the kids are. The books are chosen with care. They are ones that you can use over and over again. I have found classic literature through the adventure reading program that I probably would never have discovered on my own. For the first time all my children are riveted and asking for “just one more chapter.” We have put together our own explorer bags with field guides, nature journals, magnifying glasses, etc. and we get outside and see what we can find in our own small square that we observe. I love how it incorporates notebooking and nature journaling and is all laid out for me so that I don’t have to try to create that.

The Best Charlotte Mason Science Curriculum: Join us for our year-long nature study!

The kids notebooking

Lastly (though I could probably go on forever), I love that this program includes the whole family. I specifically choose curriculum and resources based on what I can use with all the kids, with all their different learning styles and attention spans and this is one of those programs. My 3 year old listens intently when it is story time, she loves exploring nature and looking at the pictures and feeling like she is a part of our little homeschool. Already, despite her age, I am learning about my littlest: her interests, her strengths, her learning style. I love watching her older siblings teach her and show her things they have found. This is truly a curriculum for the whole family to enjoy and I love that about it!

The Best Charlotte Mason Science Curriculum: Join us for our year-long nature study!

What is the adventure reading program and why is it separate?

The adventure reading is not something you will see as part of the package and that is done for a few different reasons. The adventure reading is available to go with the theme and is integrated into the guide as well. It is essentially a read-aloud addition that can be done alongside of the theme. It is not included in the packages for two primary reasons: 1. Because it isn’t essential and 2. Because books are pricey and the team over at WP wanted to give you the flexibility to purchase the books from them OR go grab them at your local library or find them used. You can view the adventure reader set HERE. The books that go along with this theme are:

  • Ereth’s Birthday
  • Christopher Mouse
  • Mr. Popper’s Penguins
  • One Day in the Desert
  • The Tarantula in My Purse
  • One Day in the Tropical Rainforest
  • Lost in the Woods
  • Ribsy
  • Look to the North
  • Coyote Autumn
  • Nature’s Green Umbrella

We began with Ereth’s birthday and the kids LOVE it! We read about a chapter a day together, though the kids usually press me to read more like three. The chapters are short, with pictures here and there to break it up, and really perfectly chosen for this particular age range.

The Best Charlotte Mason Science Curriculum: Join us for our year-long nature study!

How long does it take to do?

Depending on how many activities we choose to do, a day can take us anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. I say CAN because you can do it as long as you want to really. You can watch all the recommended videos or do all the recommended projects and activities, but I find that I tend to keep it a bit simpler (for my own sanity). We have so many other things we are fitting in this year so doing just 30 minutes to 1 hour is perfect for us. Because we add it in to our morning basket time, we get most of it done first thing in the morning and it eases us perfectly into a short break outside or gathered around the table before our bookwork portion of the day technically starts.

The Best Charlotte Mason Science Curriculum: Join us for our year-long nature study!

There is a lot of flexibility with how you choose to lay out the weeks and months because of the 4 day weeks. I prefer to do the reading in the morning and save the notebooking and activities for Friday when we sit down and do our bookwork. I find it keeps the other days a little lighter and also takes less time in the day to day. I also find with my kids that they love to immerse themselves in what we are doing, so if we are outside studying something they want to really dive into that, not have to go in and do a worksheet or notebooking page! We give ourselves lots of room to follow our interests and see where they lead, ask good questions, and have good discussions.


Whether you are looking for Science, LA, Socials or something else, WinterPromise has something for you! I am so excited to be able to offer you an exclusive 5% off coupon! This isn’t available anywhere else! I want to point out that I am NOT an affiliate with WinterPromise. That means that I am not trying to get you to buy in order to earn a commission. Instead, I have fallen head over heels in love with their company, their vision, and the value of their products and contacted them to see about a coupon code that I could share in my review. The first review of many by the way, as I know you are all excited to see how the program progresses and what else they have to offer..

Winter Promise Coupon Code: hipHS Click for 5% off!


If you have questions or want to learn more, you can find them online by clicking on any of these links:

On their Website
Shoot them an email to find out about placement
Find them on Facebook
Find them on Twitter


  1. I get so overwhelmed by the large amount of pages and booklets. I don’t know what to do. I have a winter promise curriculum. But I don’t use it because it easy for me. so can you please out how to use this better?!!!

  2. Thank you for this review. It helped us out so much! We decided to try WP for our littles this year and the coupon was a real blessing! Thank you!

  3. I read your review and I bought the Animals and Their World’s curriculum. I was so excited to have it all mapped out and be able to do it with my 4 kids. I have been teaching it now for 3 weeks and I am really bummed in the organization of this material. There were resources that aren’t listed in the weekly guide, so I am just trying to figure out when to use them and feel like I am at a loss for when to use them. There were missing dot to dot sheets and no answer sheet for the habitat pages the kids are to finish, the “what did you learn this week” questions are numbered incorrectly to the chapter they go with. Then when one of the resources didn’t come at all and I called them they had to order me one off Amazon. The other complaint that I have is the square one books are not very colorful and the pictures are not very exciting and doesn’t keep the kids interests at all. I have been using other Usbourne resources for that part of the teaching. Their customer service has been nice, but not helpful as they can’t do much for me in regards to these issue (minus ordering me the book).

    I felt like I spent a lot of money on the curriculum and I am having to figure out a lot on my own and fill in places that I didn’t think I was going to have to do (the reason I purchased a whole all in one curriculum). I am able to manage and I will use it because I spent a lot on it, but I am really disappointed. I don’t know if the curriculum is a new and doesn’t have the kinks worked out or if they are older and forgotten. It make me wonder if this is all of their curriculums or just Animals? So bummed 🙁

    • To give credit where it is due. I literally posted this and received an email with 2 of the resources schedules that weren’t included when I purchased. This helps 🙂

    • Dear Brandi,

      I am sorry for your experience with our Animal Worlds program. It was the first program we produced over a decade ago and has been one of the favorites. it has gone through updates since then but as an entry point study for young families it has been very popular and has not caused our families any issues over the years. We have always been thankful for the response families have had to our Animals and Their World’s Program.

      In part I think you were part of a perfect storm of challenges that hit this program. First, we had a number of books get completely new updates. When new updates come there is usually a “lag” time before we even find out from the publisher. We will often learn about new editions from customers like you. This Summer there were many key books that had minor to significant changes. Any change no matter how slight is a problem. Summer is the worst time to have to re-work our guide and I am assuming, based upon your challenges, that we tried to do it too quickly in some areas.

      Someone in our office is going to get you specific information. But I thought I’d share a little more generically. It may help you to know that our programs are always scheduled. We schedule pretty much everything unless there is a specific reason and these times are very, very rare. To my knowledge the Diorama pack is the only unscheduled resource in all of our curriculum. But most likely there are one or two others. The reason the Diorama is not scheduled as it is really a crossover habitat activity for families to use at their own choosing—if they purchase it or choose to utilize it. But please be assured that we schedule everything. I believe we have already sent you the missed Bible study schedules in the Guide update.

      I know you mentioned the One Small Square Series. To be honest that set of books has been loved by most families. I do not know of any book series that digs into a habitat for children like these. But book choices are often in the eye of the beholder so to speak.

      Again, I am very sorry for your experience. I can guarantee you that you will not have this experience again with us. We do certainly want to make this right for you as best we can. We are planning to contact you and will work toward that end. I would also like to thank you as this input allows us to fix things that were not right or easily understood. And believe me—-We ARE fixing them even as I write ?


      Don Brooks

  4. Im thinking about this set for my oldest in K5 this fall… he’ll have a 3 year old bro tagging along too.
    Im wondering if this program is “worth it” for k…i dont have older kids.
    I don’t know if we’ll want to come back to this program again in the future after doing it once.

    Any insights?

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