• The Good and the Beautiful History Review (Year 1)

    History is a subject that has a bad rep for a lot of us parents. The traditional way that history is taught in the school system *generally* makes it a collection of boring facts that we were forced to memorize so we could pass a test and promptly forget what we had learned. Now that… Read more…

    The Good and the Beautiful History Review (Year 1)
  • Why We are Using the Good and the Beautiful

    With 5 young children to homeschool, to say my time is limited would be a massive understatement. I spend most my days hopping from child to child, hoping that I am fitting everything in and barely having time to have a break to eat something or go to the bathroom. They all need me… all… Read more…

    Why We are Using the Good and the Beautiful
  • Homeschool Spelling (Sans Tears)

    Let me paint a homeschool scenario you might be familiar with: you are sitting around the table going over your spelling list with your child. You watched them make several mistakes so you are having them rewrite those words multiple times. They are overwhelmed, emotional, and crying as they scribble on their paper giving you… Read more…

    Homeschool Spelling (Sans Tears)
  • Why Teach Phonics?

    Before I began homeschooling I was blissfully unaware of how difficult it would be to teach my children to read and write. I could not have possibly grasped how hard it would be to find a program that both worked for me and my kids and built that strong foundation. I have hopped from program… Read more…

    Why Teach Phonics?
  • Why I’m Done with Spelling Lists

    For years I tried to improve my kids horrible spelling with list after list. I tried to bring in context by reading them a sentence, but it just wasn’t sticking. They didn’t remember the words, they didn’t retain the spelling, and we were back to square 1. Let me tell you, with 5 kids, I… Read more…

    Why I’m Done with Spelling Lists
  • The Problem with Using Too Much Curriculum

    My name is Rebecca and I am a bonafide curriculum junkie. My addiction is fed by the bundles and stacks of curriculum I receive from various companies throughout the years as a homeschool blogger. I can’t say no, in fact sometimes I pitch them to do reviews for nothing because the curriculum is so bright… Read more…

    The Problem with Using Too Much Curriculum

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