I used to review curriculum, now I create it

Chore Charts and Schedules: a behind the scenes look at our day

This weekend was busy, but good. We’ve been battling some sort of stomach bug all week and now and I finally succumbed, on Valentines Day. Sigh. It’s always disappointing when you have plans for a special day and you can’t do anything at all. I managed to get out of bed long enough to make a cake for the kiddos, but bowling was a no go (luckily we hadn’t told the kids about that one). Regardless, after some after church napping… I feel ready to tackle yet another crazy homeschool week. My school room is cleaned, my Mother Goose Time is all prepped, the lessons are planned, and a new schedule has been designed.

Our Homeschooling Daily Schedule (Attempt #2)

I put the attempt in brackets, simply because I can promise you this is a work in progress. It is constantly shifting through different ages and stages of life. I have it as an open document on my desktop to which I can tweak and make changes as needed. I will be printing it off each week so that I can make any necessary changes but also have room for my meal plans on the side. I also will be putting Jonathan’s shifts on the daily section so that I can plan my days accordingly.
Take a look at what I have so far!
homeschool daily schedule example

I have space for snacks because I am wanting to start making more of our own snacks (ie. homemade trail mix and no bake energy bites, etc.). This will help me in planning our grocery list each week as well. I am also hoping to do a special crock pot meal weekly plan. So stay tuned for some great meal planning ideas/resources/recipes.

Chore Chart Printable

I spent some time designing my first printable! A chore chart! We are going to be getting the kids to check off their chores for the week and possibly let them get an extra sticker for each chore done well all week long. You are welcome to use this chart yourself, just use the download link here.
free chore chart printable
Overall, we are looking forward to getting back to our bookwork (well, I am at least 😉 and getting into routine.

But alas, tomorrow comes bright and early so I am signing out for now! Don’t forget to enter the preschool link up below!

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!