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How to Improve Memory and Focus for the Whole Family!

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I was so excited when Forbrain – Sound For Life LTD sent me a package with their bone conduction headset to review! Today I am going to share with you how this headset has improved our memory and focus, is helping my toddler enunciate her speech (think home speech therapy without the bill!), helping my 6 year old with his frustration and easy distractibility, and helping me improve my voice! We have all been wearing this headset these past 6 weeks and are having so much fun with it, and actually seeing results! Whether you have a child with Sensory Processing Disorder or issues, ADD or ADHD, speech delays, focus issues, or maybe you want to use it to improve your singing voice (or your child’s) or even help you remember why you walked into that room for the 5th time… you’ll want to read this review!

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Using Forbrain in our Homeschool

When we first got the headset in the mail, it was painful to wait and let it charge, kind of like watching the water boil. We were beyond excited to try it out and as soon as it was ready we all took turns putting it on, laughing at what our voices sounded like, feeling the vibrations on our fingertips and just marvelling over it. The headset loops around your ears and has two pads that sit in front of your ear, resting on your bone and sending vibrations rather than air waves. The dynamic filter works to enhance particular parts of speech which increases memory, attention, and sensory processing. There are only 3 buttons, so it is really simple to use. There is an on/off button as well as a volume up and down button. The volume is set at an optimum level, however I found I needed to turn it down when I was singing.

forbrain in our homeschooling

We started off using it with my 6 1/2 year old son. This little guy is at least a year behind in school and struggles with his confidence. He is very easily distracted and has a very short attention span, which makes homeschooling exceedingly difficult. We used this with him for 15 minutes each day. Some days he put it on while he did his math, other days he wore it while he read me his story, sometimes he wore it while he was telling us something or even singing a song. Over time he grew more confident with it and loved putting it on. I also found that it immediately helped if he was using it during a school assignment as he could hear his own voice so well that he automatically started focusing. In the long term we noticed a huge improvement in both his speech and focus.

I also had fun using this headset during teaching, in fact, I may have put it on more often than the kids. But hey, I have a brain like a sieve so if anyone needs it, it’s me! I often wore the headset while I taught a group subject or read aloud to the kids. I naturally started to enunciate my own words much better, you can’t help but be more detailed when you can hear yourself so well. I also noticed that I had an easier time focusing on the lesson and the kids. Rather than thinking of twenty other things, it was as though the second I put those ear phones on, my brain locked into gear and I was able to give my full attention to my children.

forbrain headset

Using Forbrain to improve my singing

When I saw that you could use Forbrain to improve your singing I couldn’t help myself. I sing and play piano every single day of my life. It is like my respite from the world. But I have never had the opportunity to take voice lessons and I know that my voice is highly untrained. I would love to work on it but live in an area where there isn’t any access to a voice teacher. The first time I put this on to sing, I sang very quietly. My voice sounded SO different when conducted through my bones rather than heard in the air waves, I lost a bit of confidence. I wondered if this was what my voice sounded like, it seemed nasal and airy and I noticed every little instance that I went off pitch or was breathing wrong. But this hyper-sensitivity to my voice allowed me to start to work on these aspects. I started to pay more attention to my breathing, the piano couldn’t hide my voice any longer and I was forced to sing with more control and dedication. I noticed a huge improvement. I took a video of both my son counting with more info into how it works as well as me singing if you want to see how it works and some of the improvements I have found so far.

Using Forbrain for Speech Therapy

Although there are many more uses for this headset, the third use that we have been most impressed with is for speech therapy. Because Forbrain allows you to hear your voice so clearly and really focus on it, we have noticed an improvement in ALL of our enunciation and pronunciation. The most marked difference is in my toddler, Janiah. Janiah is 2 1/2 and she is the little dolly in the main photo, I’ll share it again because seriously, how cute?

Forbrain Review

how cute is she?

We would put the headset on for about 5 minutes each day and just talk to one another. When she said something that sounded really hard to understand or wasn’t pronouncing her vowels, we would say it back and forth a few times. She didn’t say it perfectly, but she improved. And what really struck me is that she improved long term. Though she still isn’t pronouncing all of her consonants and vowels, when she did start saying a word better, she would say it better a week down the road when the headset was off too. We are still working with her on this front, but the improvement I have seen so far means that I would seriously consider this if your child has speech delays.

Where to get your headset

You can grab a headset for yourself or read more about how it works on their website HERE. You can also find them on their social media below:

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