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Top 10 Homeschool Science Curriculum Comparison

If you are in the market for an elementary homeschool science curriculum, this post is your one-stop shopping guide! Learn the key features of various programs, watch a short video clip where you can peek inside and see how it is laid out and whether or not it will work for your family!

If you like this style of review, you can watch the full comparison video on my YouTube channel or watch the Math comparison or LA comparison reviews to help with other subjects you may be looking for. Also, don’t miss the curriculum quiz to help you choose curriculum, with hundreds of recommendations based on your homeschool style, your child’s learning style, your budget and more!

Top Elementary Homeschool Science Curriculum Comparison Guide 2019

Berean Builders


  • Christian
  • $44
  • Living book (makes it come to life)
  • Science taught chronologically through history
  • Not common core
  • Adaptable for families
  • Hands on experiments that are easy to do
  • Textbook style, open and go


  • Christian
  • $210.88
  • Hands on
  • Literature based
  • Flexible for multiple ages/grades
  • Not common core
  • Teacher led
  • Open and go

AOP Lifepacs


  • Christian
  • $62.95
  • Not common core aligned
  • Student units that are independent
  • More traditional in approach
  • Open and go

Real Science 4 Kids

  • Not Christian (teaches what is currently accepted and encourages kids to explore different viewpoints)
  • Starts at $75
  • Hands on
  • Teacher-led
  • Can combine your kids


  • Christian, young earth
  • Starts at $27
  • Open and go
  • More traditional in approach
  • Has hands on projects and activities
  • Teacher-led
  • Adaptable to multiple ages/kids

Elemental Science

  • Non-sectarian (learn more here)
  • $30.99+
  • Notebooking focus
  • Hands on
  • Teacher-led
  • More classical in it’s approach
  • Adaptable to multiple kids
  • Sassafrass is adventure based reading
  • Experiment kits available

BJU Press Homeschool

  • Christian
  • $140+
  • More traditional textbook/quizzes/worksheets
  • Can be more independent if your child can read
  • Has experiments
  • Online version has experiment demonstrations
  • Exceeds common core standards academically but not written to align with them

Moving Beyond the Page

  • Secular
  • $312
  • Hands on
  • Literature based
  • Unit study approach
  • Teacher-led
  • Comes with everything you need
  • Open and go
  • Available as individual units
  • Common core aligned


  • Neutral and Christian options
  • $33+
  • Notebooking/research based
  • Choose based on your child’s interests
  • Dyslexie font for Dyslexia and other learning challenges
  • Adaptable

Science Shepherd

  • Christian
  • $60
  • Video based lessons
  • Independent
  • Short lessons, easy to do
  • Online or DVD options
  • Not common core

What are you using? comment below!


  1. Thank you so much for this! I will be starting tk homeschool my girls in September (ages 6 and 8) and we have our math and reading figured out, but I was overwhelmed by the science options. A peek in all of the curriculums is so helpful!

  2. Great list! For my older elementary and middle schoolers we use R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey as a family. It is secular, very hands on, and teaches advanced science concepts in a fun and easy way. We love it!

  3. We are currently using It’s basically college level biochemistry for elementary school kids. I think it’s also great for middle schoolers. It’s well explained. We love the videos and worksheets. I am a molecular biologist myself and am thrilled. My daughter is 9 and loves it!

  4. I’m really surprised that the Answers in Genesis curriculum isn’t part of the top 10. It has worked well for us, but I was interested to see how it stacked up among some of these others.

  5. Thank you so much for this Rebecca! I am so excited to start Berean Builders with my kids, it seems to be exactly what I have always wanted in a Science curriculum, and I would not have hear about it had I not watched your review – so thank you, thank you, thank you!

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I used to review curriculum, now I create it!