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25 Things You Need to Know About Homeschooling in Canada

If you are one of my many followers in the US, you might just be plain curious how it works up here in your sister-country and I am going to reveal ALL our secrets today. If you are new to homeschooling and live in Canada, you might be wondering where to start or what you need to know. There is so much information it can be hard to sift through what is real and what you need to be aware of, so check out these 25 things you need to know!

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25 Things You Need to Know About Homeschooling: Laws and Fun Facts!

  1. There are about 60,000 Homeschoolers in Canada (as opposed to 2.5M in the US)
  2. The ratio of homeschooled to public school students is about 1 out of every 127 (1:127) vs. 1:32 in the USA.-based off of statistics canada children numbers and homeschool numbers)
  3. Every province is different in their regulations
  4. There is a large group of homeschoolers that are completely secular (non-Christian). The movement is moving rapidly from being a faith based movement to more mainstream.
  5. There is funding available in some provinces
  6. In BC, you can choose to be under a teacher and get up to $1000 funding/resources, or you can choose to homeschool completely on your own and receive up to $150. If you are under a teacher you have to submit regular reports and portfolios of example work and meet all learning outcomes met by children in public school. The amount of money receive is dependant on the school you are with.
  7. In AB, you need to be under a school board with 2 home visits. Funding may be available depending on the school board you go with. The three options are traditional (you follow your own curriculum), blended (your program follows some Alberta Ed outcomes) and aligned (your program follows all the Albera Ed outcomes). As of this fall things have changed a bit for funding traditional still gets funding (usually a little over $800), blended gets some funding and aligned no longer gets funding (the school board will provide reasources).
  8. In SK, you need to register to homeschool and submit a written educational plan. Saskatchewan does have funding but it varies by school division. It’s anywhere from $0 to $1000.
  9. in MB, you fill out a notification form and then 2 reports through the year.
  10. In ON, you submit a letter of intent if you are withdrawing your child from school, if you begin homeschooling from day 1, there is no letter required. There is no funding but also no requirements.
  11. In QC, you have to provide an education that is equivalent to what is provided in school in the eyes of a school board.  There is no funding.
  12. In NB, you need to fill in a form and send it in to your local school district office to notify them of your intentions. There is no funding.
  13. In NS, you need to fill in a registration form (you can actually do it online here) and describe your curriculum, you need to send in a report in June on your child’s progress and there is no funding available.
  14. In PEI, you just need to sign a letter of intention to homeschool, also kids are allowed to attend some classes at the public school if they want to. There is no funding.
  15. In NL, you need to complete a form (online here) and provide a basic education plan. The school board then approves and sends you a letter of approval. You do need to register with your local school but its a formality and takes about 10-minutes to drop by and do. Then over the course of the year you need to submit samples of work done. There is no funding.
  16. In YT, you need to register your children with the department of education, create an educational plan, and do testing. It is all done through Aurora Virtual School and while I don’t see funding available, it looks like resources are available and even online courses, etc.
  17. In NT, you register your children with your local school and you do receive funding, up to 25% of what the school receives for public school children.
  18. In NU, you follow the Alberta education program. You need to register with your local school, and that may look different depending on your district. There is funding available on a reimbursement plan.
  19. Many curriculums are US based and don’t meet local outcomes you might be dealing with or your families needs. Regardless of whether you need to meet learning outcomes or not, it is important that our children learn Canadian history, government, spelling (says the girl who lives in Canada but has a blog primarily in the US and writes in US spelling 😉 ), money, and measurement. Because of this, it can be a bit harder to find ones that fill that need and there are certainly less options to choose from than the States.
  20. Many curriculum companies are in the USA and you will have to consider shipping, duties, and exchange rate into the cost, making it much more costly for us.
  21. There are many support groups and online Facebook groups/co-ops that you can get involved in. Search your province online or on Facebook (or start your own!)
  22. The HSLDA (home school legal defence association) is an advocate for you here in Canada. You can become a member for a small fee and they are with you every step of the way. The money goes towards management and lawyer fees, as they will help you if you ever get into a legal battle over homeschooling your children. Once you become a member they will send you details on your province, support groups in your area, what you need to do, the whole thing! Learn more here.
  23. There are very few homeschool conventions in Canada if you are comparing them to the US. Because Canada is so big, you might have to drive 12 (or in my case 25) hours to get to your nearest one! But take a look to see if there is a convention in your area, you often get free shipping or physical product if you can make it to one.
  24. You may feel envious at times of your friends in the States who seem to have a homeschool convention on every corner, cheaper curriculum, and more support. But just because we are smaller and have a little bit more land in between each other, there are options, you just need to look a little bit harder 😉
  25. Homeschooling is just a smaller movement right now in Canada. Because it is smaller in ratio to the public school environment, it can feel overwhelming to get started and you might feel alone, that is why it is SO important to get connected with other homeschoolers in your province that can walk you through (even if that is online) and give you a sense of direction and encouragement.

Where to buy Curriculum in Canada

Some curriculum companies to shop from here in Canada are:

It is important to keep in mind that many US companies will offer free shipping and many of them have sister suppliers here in Canada (ie. Math U See has a Canadian division here). A beka will ship to Canada for free, some of the curriculum is so much cheaper in the States that you can order it and even after paying shipping, it is cheaper than here (though keep in mind the current exchange rate)! Donna Ward is another supplier of Canadian based social studies, you can find her website here.

Do you homeschool in Canada? What is it like in your province?



  1. Rebecca! I wish I had known about your Canadian package sale. EXCELLENT RESOURCES at is the Canadian distributor for the Institute for Excellence in Writing. We also have produced 3 Canadian Themed Writing Lesson workbooks with video online teaching! Would you like to review one? 🙂

  2. Hi there. I homeschool my 2 children in Saskatchewan and we get funding. Depends on the school district you’re in. Just so you know.

    • Hey there. I am starting to homeschool in saskatchewan. Please inform me where to start with books and teaching materials. Do i need the teaching materials for everything or just the things i do not know also what and where do you buy curriculum books. Is the canadian curriculum accurate for the kids.

  3. So interesting to see how other provinces regulate homeschooling! I feel lucky to be in BC after reading this, and extra lucky to be a registered traditional homeschooler again! 🙂

  4. Hi Rebecca! Came across your wonderful blog on Pinterest. What a great and informative blog you have! I live in Toronto, Ontario and homeschool my 3 kiddos. I love not having to worry about being under ‘anyone’s watch’- mind you those ‘interested neighbours’ are another story….LOL .
    On another note…. I am trying to find ‘my perfect planner’ and your ideas have inspired me, so I thank you for helping me start our homeschool year off on the right steps. Have a great year and I look forward to your future posts. 🙂

    • Hey Sabrina! Glad you found me! Did you see my new custom planners? I design them for you and have literally TONS of options! You can see a ton of examples on the Facebook group. Good luck as you begin your incredible journey!

    • Hi Sabrina,
      I’m located in Toronto as well and planning to home school my son. It would be nice to get your feedback on this form of education in Ontario. Would it be possible to connect?

  5. Wow!
    I am so grateful to have found your blog!
    I am from Québec, been homeschooled and about to start homeschooling with my oldest, so exciting and yet terrifying! I love your homeschool bullet journal, It’s given me great ideas.
    Its true that being in Canada makes it harder – but try to find french curriculum or even just printables… Its all beautiful and all in english haha!
    Which brings me to my next question; do you know of any canadian curriculums that are also in french?
    Thanks 🙂

  6. Wanting to home school my 16 year old son. I live in Sarnia Ontario Canada. Need some help to get started.

  7. Hello Rebecca
    I work with Habitat for Humanity Durham, Ontario. We have a writing competition every year called the Meaning of Home and it’s sponsored by Genworth Financial. Each year children at grade 4, 5 & 6 levels are encouraged to write an essay that states what the meaning of home is to them. The winner gets lots of stuff, but the Habitat where they are located can be chosen for a larger donation to help build a home for a family in the low income range. The family does pay the mortgage back to the Habitat office, but they don’t pay interest on the mortgage and it is geared to their income.
    I would be so excited if you would be willing to submit this information out to your community? Great opportunity for Home School Children to shine!!!!
    My number at work is 905-428-7434 x 22 if you are interested in chatting further about this opportunity.

    Mary Bone, CEO Habitat for Humanity Durham.

  8. Hi there. I want to homeschool my 10 y.o. son who goes to public school in Algeria (Arabic curriculum and French language). I want to move the family to Canada next summer. The idea is to do the transition through homeschooling, plus I work abroad and we think we’d move back to Canada next summer. Are there any curricula in French? If not, where do I start for the curriculum in English? I will be in Canada in three/four weeks. I would be able to collect the material. Thank you for any help you may provide.

  9. Hi,
    I live in Mission , BC, Canada. Thank you very much for the above information. I am thinking homeschooling my two daughters grade 6 and grade 3. They were always part of the system and they go to a traditional French school. I want to try next year homeschooling them and they are excited about the idea. Can you please let me know if there is any French material that I can start with?
    Is there a french school in BC that support homeschooling and assign a teacher to follow up with us on the progress

  10. I’m so glad I found you blog! I’m looking at homeschooling my 2 boys and I live in Saskatchewan, I was having a hard time finding the right places where I could get curriculum and all the info in this list! Thank you!

  11. Hello! Thanks for this post! I currently homeschool my two boys in Michigan. My family is seriously considering moving to the lower Ontario region. Where we live right now we are very close to a high concentration of Adoptive Families (which we are) AND Homeschooling families. This is very helpful because of support groups for adoptive families and homeschooling families. Also, many adopted children have special needs and need therapy. Because we are near this high concentration, there are also a lot of therapy service possibilities near us. So, what I am wondering is if there is a similar type of area in Ontario. I would love to try to locate my family closer to other adoptive and homeschooling families. Both for support and for services. Can anyone give me insight into a certain area that may be more populated by these type of families??? I really appreciate it! Thanks so much!

  12. Discovery Toys is a provider of high quality play based learning resources. In BC (not sure about other provinces) we take homeschool Purchase orders.
    Happy to help any of your readers. Contact me at Anne (at) inspiredchild dot ca or info on my website.

  13. hi i live in Saskatchewan and want to know how to go about home schooling my grade 6 daughter and my grade 3 daughter could you give me some more information on that please

  14. Hello Rebecca, I’m Nadja from Manitoba and I want to start the new schooyear with homeschooling my three kids 10, 8 and 6. But I don’t know. What the first steps to do. Do you have any ideas?
    Thank you for your help.

  15. Hey Rebecca,

    I am looking into homeschooling my two boys, they are very young right now so I won’t be doing it for at least 2-3 years for the oldest one. I’m wanting to know how you are able to homeschool with 5 kiddos. My husband and I would like to have more children, but the thought of homeschooling more than two to some extent scares me. Is there a big difference with the amount of time spent schooling at home versus schooling in the traditional system? Also how do you keep your kids socially active, I know that has been one thing that is a concern with children that are homeschooled, is that they tend to have a lack of social maturity. At least thats my experience personally. Any information would be appreciated.


  16. Hello Rebecca,

    I see a few people have asked, but I have not seen any reply so I was wondering if you could send me the answers as well 🙂
    Are there any French curriculum resources available in Toronto, ON?

    Thank you!

  17. Hi Rebecca
    Recently I’ve came to Bc with study permit visa and I am going to start one year full time course in bcit ,for my son he is 8 years old I would like to know how I can teach him from home with your great idea.please let me know how I can do this.(I’m not PR)

  18. Hi
    Great post!! I am in Alberta, we also have to submit a program plan, and register with a board along with our 2 visits from a facilitator. I dont mind tho. I have an awesome facilitator 😉

  19. Hi Rebecca,
    I am on the Board of directors for the British Columbia Home educators association in BC. I just wanted to point out that in BC,folks who are educating their children at home through Distributed learning are not legally homeschooling.Anyone who is learning at home via *government school* ( DL/enrolled as Distributed learning students) is legally considered to be a funded government school student and has the same accountability,etc as those attending brick and mortor school. Distributed learning–while it is learning at home—is not homeschooling here in BC. To homeschool here,you must register as a homeschooler with a school of your choice,and then you are legally free to do what you like/provide your child with an education that you see fit with no government interference or oversight. Many folks mistakenly think that Distributed learning is a homeschool option,whereas it is not—it is another form of government school/learning at home via government school and having a BC certified teacher legally in charge of your education. The registered section 12/13 option is the only homeschool option in this province.BC is very different from the rest of Canada in the fact that you can homeschool here/be completely outside the system,or you can learn at home ( which is not legally homeschooling) via government Distributed learning. I hope this will clarify things for people/help aid in the confusion.

  20. I have know personally if someone living in BC who’s chosen to homeschool her boy and girl.

    Unfortunately though, she’s not actually teaching them anything, and they’ve fallen so far behind other school kids of the same age.

    Does anyone know if there’s an authority that performs regular testing of homeschooled children to ensure that they’re getting the tuition they need?

    I’m so concerned about the children as they’re simply not getting the help they need to prepare them for life.

    Any help on where to turn would be much appreciated.

    • I believe the policy said to report families that you may think need help with education and are not getting the proper education needed.

  21. My daughter is 8 years old living in Quebec, is it possible to do Homeschooling outside Canada? Like Mexico for example?

  22. Thanks for this post! I had no idea that I could order material from Canada and save so much money! (A bunch of the links don’t work but the first one is fantastic!)

  23. We’re looking at moving to YT from Texas. Homeschooling in Texas is not regulated at all Can you explain how that would change?

  24. Hello
    I would like to start home schooling my grandchildren, they get bullied at school and they get sent home. I think it’s the bullies that should be sent home. Anyway, how do I start? Where do I start? Do I go ask at our local school about the curriculum? We are situated in a remote fly-in only, community in Manitoba and it will be hard to get the books and school supplies I need to start home schooling my grandchildren. Any help, advice and suggestion are welcome.

    Thank you,

  25. Hi I’m considering moving to Newfoundland, and I would appreciate more info please I am currently in Ontario and did not have to register my children.. any help on the Newfoundland laws would be appreciated, especially if someone is doing it there , I would like to know what the process is and how hard or easy it is was to do this in the province

  26. I’m in Manitoba and would all the information I can get to homeschool my 4 children. I have no idea where to even start

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