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#30 How to Actually Like Homeschooling

Homeschooling can be daunting, overwhelming, challenging, and wonderful all at the same time. Sometimes we become so bogged down (especially this time of year) with curriculum that we neglect to plan out how that is going to look in practise. In today’s podcast episode, we dive into your homeschool day. I share 6 practical tips to help you let go of anxiety and expectation and actually enjoy the experience of homeschooling… for both you AND your kids!

How to actually like homeschooling show notes

If you prefer to read it rather than listen to it, I have put together some simple bullets to follow along!

1. Create the atmosphere

  • In the right atmosphere you are motivated
  • In the right atmosphere you work better… so do your kids
  • Find simple things that you like (candles, music, clean space) and it will begin to be associated with school work… cutting down on the whining!

2. Vision casting your day

  • What do you want your day to be?
  • Figure out your flow, rhythm and routine
  • Use tools such as looping and morning basket to facilitate and simplify
  • For help with this step, take the live course (registration closes August 27 so don’t miss out!) to learn how to loop, make your own morning basket, create a structure and routine, combine curriculum and create curriculum flow, and teach multiple ages and stages together PLUS get a free homeschool planner valued at $9.95 and join me at the end for a live webinar! Learn more and register HERE

3. Adjust your expectations

  • Expectations are the killer of homeschool joy
  • Start small and work your way up
  • Be realistic


  • Cut back on extra-curricular and slowly build
  • Simplify your curriculum
  • Simplify your day

5. Commitment and Attitude

  • Commit to putting it into practise
  • Sometimes viewing it as a job helps
  • Guard yourself against martyrdom
  • Wake up a bit before the kids to shift your mindset
  • Choose joy, connection and relationship over checkboxes

6. Have grace

  • Things will go wrong, sickness will come, things come up… you are NOT a failure! Try your best and then go to bed with no regrets.

How to actually like homeschooling… choose to!

It doesn’t all rest on you, you can’t change your children’s attitudes or stop that cold from coming on… the only thing you really can do is change yourself. CHOOSE to have fun, choose to be silly, choose to connect, and you will find more and more that homeschooling is less of a chore for everyone and more of a privilege. Time is short… start now!

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Homeschooling is hard, challenging, even overwhelming but it can also be fun and rewarding and something you AND your kids actually enjoy! In today's podcast episode I talk about practical tips and tools you can put into practise TODAY to start enjoying your homeschool and stop looking at it as a chore. #homeschoolmom #homeschooling


  1. Your points are so insightful! Sometimes, we have to take control of our environment and make our life what we want it to be.

    I can’t agree more with your advice to simplify.

    After realizing how much time I spend preparing food every day (family of 6), I am committed to meal prep this year. It’s going to be hard to build that habit, but I know it will help my stress levels, my days flow smoothly, my health, and my wallet.

    I would also add that in order to like homeschooling, we must be willing to take a break every now and then, especially on the bad days. No shame in throwing in the towel and admit we need some rest.

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