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#57 My Story

How did a girl who got married when she was 19, had no college or university degree and greatest desire was to just be a mom and homeschool her kids get where I am today? How did I write books and start writing Bible curriculum? How did I start a blog and grow it to where it is today? And more than that… what about you who feels like God has called you to more and are just waiting for it to happen?

Today’s episode is my story. It may not be rags to riches but it’s the story of a girl who was searching for something more, something she didn’t even knew existed. It is the story of following God and His faithfulness in my life. It is the story of surrendering what I thought I wanted, finding contentment even when it wasn’t easy, and discovering who I was meant to be. Something I am still discovering every day.

My story

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1. My planning book: Journal Me Organized (you can flip through it on Amazon)
2. More Than Words Bible Curriculum (level 2 preview is coming in just a few weeks!)
3. My new curriculum line: Gather ‘Round Homeschool

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  1. Yes! Storytime. Loved it! Loved spending almost 1 whole virtual hour with you ♥️
    Thank you for your faith and energy.
    Can’t wait for the next time you talk about your story!

  2. Um…that was incredible! The way you talk about your relationship with God really resonates with me, and I loved hearing how He is leading you in this journey. I am feeling inspired to go on in my own journey ahead. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. I married young too! I was 20! I get it. Everything you said about that resonated with me. What a great podcast.

  4. You really inspire me. I got married at 19 and had two kids couldn’t have anymore. My husband is also older then me also. I moved 6 hours away from my support system before I met him and that was so hard. I finally found a new community when I started homeschooling. Most of them are much older then me but I learn so much from them. I have definitely had to turn everything over to God. Love your stories. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. This was amazing Rebecca!! You spoke to my heart💓I will be praying over your new curriculum. Thank you for stepping out in faith.

  6. Hi, Rebecca.
    Also a Rebekah here. Also was homeschooled. Also always “too young” for my life. Also got married (to a soldier) young, got pregnant within three months, and only took “that long” because he had military training right after we tied the knot. When that baby was 3 months, we got pregnant again…
    I haven’t listened to this whole episode yet, and this is awkward, but I am feeling like I might be the US/Rebekah with a -kah version of you. I have listened to a whole bunch of your other episodes, and gleaned a lot for use in our home, and hope you don’t stop podcasting any time soon!

  7. Just stumbled upon this and wow! Mind blown! I have a 6 yo, 4 yo and twin 1 yo’s and feel like some days we’re barely making it with my sanity intact and YET I feel this itch to do something soon and feel like I’m being worked on! I have always struggled with low self-confidence but you have inspired me to continue to lean in, read God’s word and listen for his call. I can be excited for what He has planned for me! Thank you for sharing.

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