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#71 Why I Think Our View of Education is Broken

It’s been a long time guys. I’m tired: 3 launches this month and 2 next, online conventions and the insanity of covid-19. I edit, I write, I pray, I homeschool, I don’t cook very often these days so I send Jonathan out to buy food, a lot. Then it starts all over again the next day. Nights are too short, days aren’t long enough, and on and on it goes.

I have been so painfully remiss on this whole podcasting thing but it is the number 1 request that I get so here I am. I can’t promise you when the next one will be but I can promise you that this one is special. It’s full of rambles and stories, but it is a message of hope. It is about a perspective reset button.

Listen in

Pictures as promised

This is the assessment made of me in grade 1.

The note I wrote in computer class.

This is the story I wrote when I was six, terrible printing.

My dad’s note to the school.

My note to my teacher.

A story I wrote when I was 11.

A report card.

I never fit the mold

In high school I nearly failed history and 100% it was because I didn’t study and I didn’t try… I didn’t care. It was the most boring thing I had ever been a part of. Listen, take notes, answer a test. That was it. There was nothing inspirational or fresh or real to me now about it. I couldn’t learn about what I was interested in, I couldn’t go down rabbit trails, I wasn’t in charge of my education. Someone else was dictating what I had to learn and how.

School grades and report cards don’t measure our children’s intelligence nor their potential!


  1. Excellent podcast! It was so obvious how gifted you were even as a child. Very sad, the ridiculous comments that were spoken over you. I agree that the public school’s education system is broken. Thank you for the encouragement and reminder to look for and pull out the greatness in each one of our children!

  2. You know, I totally agree with you. The education system has long required modern reform. After all, practice shows which education systems are better and why. For example, the assessment system negatively affects children. And the ability to choose disciplines from a young age allows them to better get used to and choose their own path in life.

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