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What Should We Do?

This past week I have been wrestling. Wrestling with my Christian response to everything that is happening right now in our government, in our country, in our province. God, when do I stand, when do I wait? The biggest thing I am personally feeling (and I do believe we all have to go to God for that answer for our own families) is that there are some battles that matter and some that are merely distractions.

I get this picture of positioning and preparation. Suit up, pray up, get in the Word… be full of peace and ready for battle. Prepare, active waiting, watching, and listening for that moment when God calls me to the frontlines.

There is such a variety of responses right now: fear, anger, anxiety, hatred. I may not know what response everyone is called to, but I do know that the Bible is very clear that we are not to be full of hatred nor full of fear. Neither of those are godly fruit in our lives. So instead, I encourage you to not let yourself get stirred up by anyone and instead get stirred up by God.

Let’s just talk about it . . .


  1. Yes!! This is EXACTLY what I’m feeling!! Thank you for putting it into words 💖 I’m struggling with God’s command to be prepared and use wisdom and discernment, vs. the fight or flight mode and the “flee from the cities! Don’t even go back for a jacket!” verse 🤦‍♀️ Such a tearing in too many directions 😬 (Manitoba, for reference….)

  2. THANK YOU! Your words resonated with me so much. As a Canadian living in the US, I have been met with hostility when I gently discuss some of the ideas you presented. One close friend outright said that I “drank the American koolaid”. (?!?!?!) Maybe it is too threatening to have the dissonance to realise “yeah this ISN’T right… but what can I do about it?” It saddens me that in this age, everyone seems to know what’s best for each other, and that the information received through media outlets (that make money off of clicks) is more valuable than the lived experience and observations of trusted friends. Your words gave me hope that I am NOT alone with these feelings, and that the focus should be to pull closer to God and trust in him. Thank you, Rebecca.

  3. Thank you for this post!!
    We live in Alberta and things just changed here as well.
    Our family agrees. But my inlaws not so much they are very fearful and it is very disheartening. I agree we need to get into the Word and be ready because A Battle is coming.

  4. Just want to say thank you! I have been going through just a bad season and unable to pray or read the word and just mad at God for tribulations and I feel inspired with your message!

  5. I want to send you a message of encouragement. I listened to your “What Should We Do” podcast and it was phenomenal. The truth of your commentary was refreshing.

    You covered the reality of our lives and decisions. We serve God and that gives us the power to endure. When a secular world wants us to be silenced or to obey their orders we must remember… We are not subject to man. We serve God no matter the cost.

    Thanks for sharing your faith and for bringing honor to Jesus. We are here for you as brothers and sisters in Christ.

  6. I listened to this podcast yesterday thinking it was just released. Funny how this was made in November and yet it still seems to apply. This was very well said. I appreciate hearing your thoughts and thank you for being a lamp. Listening to this is what I needed. I do feel that tug/urgency to spend more time with the Lord and I haven’t been doing that. Thank you for being an inspiration.

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I used to review curriculum, now I create it!