I used to review curriculum, now I create it

Your Preschooler will Love this New, Bright Summer Printable Pack!

Summer is in full swing and yet I am sitting here and thinking about school. It doesn’t help that my preschooler asks me nearly every day to do school with her. Not to mention that we homeschool through the summer, kind of hard NOT to think about school in that case (read why here). I wanted something that was fun and bright and engaging to keep my preschooler happy without costing me anything and lo and behold, I didn’t find much! It was time to put something together and of course, I wanted to share these free summer worksheets for preschoolers with you guys too. Whether you are looking for a few worksheets to keep your little one busy, prepare them for kindergarten in the fall, or just have some fun learning together, these are a blast!

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What is included in these fun summer worksheets for preschoolers

This free printable pack is all about summer! There are 15 pages that cover shapes, colors, letter formation, and more! Take a look at all the activities included in this printable pack:

  • counting
  • circle recognition and formation
  • coloring
  • the letter H (formation, sound, and recognition)
  • number and color review
  • oval recognition and formation
  • the letter I (formation, sound, and recognition)
  • rectangle formation and recognition
  • the letter J (formation, sound and recognition)
  • square recognition and formation
  • the letter K (formation, sound and recognition)
  • triangle recognition and formation
  • number games
  • the letter L (formation, sound and recognition)
  • Create your own puzzle (cutting practise, coloring, problem solving)
  • the letter M (formation, sound and recognition)

If you prefer to start at the beginning of the alphabet, take a look at my free Spring printable pack HERE for letters A-G and more great shapes, coloring, and number activities! I will be releasing one pack each season until the winter at which point these printable worksheets will be going together with a bunch more for a preschool curriculum in the shop! So stay tuned!

Download your free worksheets for preschoolers here!

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I hope that you love it and I would LOVE to see your final pages. If you are on Instagram, tag me in your completed pages there @rebeccaspoonerpg and I’ll come over and say hi!

Do you keep the learning going even through the summer?

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!