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The Family Bike Ride will Never Be the Same!

Let’s talk about a new family bike that is a total game changer. I recently stumbled upon a kickstarter video for the Taga 2.0 bike, and it kind of blew my mind. This is a bike like no other, it kind of puts all those bike trailers to shame! No more do you constantly have to look behind you to check if your kids are okay. Now you can have your little ones right in front of you, an arm’s reach away and always in your line of sight! This is going to change the way we bike as a family, and the best part is, it is no more expensive than buying a bike and a trailer! Truly affordable for any family!

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What Makes the Taga 2.0 so Unique?

Other than the fact that it is the only bike that seats two children in front of you (with the option of another one behind)… this bike is made for function, safety, affordability, and practicality. It was designed with the typical parent in mind. Our bike trailer, being left out in the elements one too many times, is in a sad state. I can’t even tell you the number of times my older kids beg to go out for a bike ride as a family, but we can’t because my younger two can’t keep up with us. This bike means that we can pop our littlest ones right in front of us to enjoy the ride, and finally get out on the road together. This means less gas and car trips, and more family fun and exercise! Check out some of the unique features of this groundbreaking bike:

  • Tage 2.0 is always stable, because of the rigid frame and the unique 3-wheel design, you can rest assured that your kids are safe.
  • It is customizable with SO many options that make it work for any family! You can use it with 1 seat, 2 seats, a seat and an infant carrier, etc. You can even use it without seats as a cargo carrier if you wanted to head out and grab some groceries!
  • Lockable cargo box
  • Adjustable seats: The seats can both face forwards, backwards OR facing eachother (my kids would have WAY too much fun with that). They can also recline in case you have a little one that is lulled to sleep along the way and they fit children from 6 months all the way up to 8 years old!
  • Optional electric kit: you can purchase the e-bike kit at any time to upgrade your bike into an electric one. I mean, really guys, you get to have your cake and EAT it too!
  • Optional canopy: worried about sun/rain/wind? Grab the optional canopy for a sheltered ride for your little ones no matter what the weather!

These are just some of the features of this amazing bike! The Kickstarter page will walk you through a unique customization wizard that will help you figure out what features you might need in your Taga 2.0. You can also watch the full video explaining the features and seeing a finished bike in action.

What is Kickstarter? Why does it want me to pledge to the Taga 2.0?

The #1 greatest thing about this bike is that it is just being launched, this means that you get in on the ground level and save a TON of money! I don’t know if you are familiar with the way a Kickstarter campaign works, but basically it is a means of the company coming up with the money to fund a new project with legitimate sales of people who believe in their product. It is less of a pledge, and more of a vote of confidence, with a pretty awesome reward for your support. Because we are some of the forerunners for the Taga 2.0, you can get your bike and accessories at literally a fraction of the cost of what it will retail for! The bikes will be shipping in the fall. You can be confident in your pledge because unlike some of the campaigns out there… Taga is a legitimate company that has proven their quality and commitment with the hugely successful Taga Bike Stroller (learn more about the company HERE). But the Kickstarter campaign is ending in just 22 days, so if you are going ga-ga over this bike like we are… don’t wait!

Taga 2.0Get your free click on adapter!

Now for the fun part, I contacted the creators of the Taga 2.0 as soon as I saw the video and practically begged for an opportunity to share this with you guys with possibly a free incentive as part of the deal. They offered the first 10 people from my blog who pledge for the Taga 2.0 during our Kickstarter campaign a complementary Universal Click On Adapter! All you need to do to claim your reward is send them an e-mail saying you were referred by Rebecca from Hip Homeschooling and they will add it to your order for FREE. Don’t you just love them even more?

How to Get Your Taga 2.0

I think you can tell that I am over the moon about this new family bike and pretty much can’t wait to get mine at the end of the year. Lugging around my 15 passenger everywhere we go is a pain in my royal butt (royal in that I am a bit of a princess and I really REALLY hate clambering around buckling them all in their carseats). I have visions of popping my kids in the front of the bike and strolling through town like the belle of the ball. I bet my little town will be floored when they see me with all my kids out on a bike ride next spring!

All you need to do to reserve your Taga 2.0 is pledge for a certain amount in the Kickstarter campaign HERE. Before you do that though, go to the campaign and watch the video to figure out what everything is and what will work best for your family. Then use the customization wizard to find out exactly how much to pledge to get your custom Taga 2.0, and they will walk you through how to do that directly in the wizard! It really is so easy, and your bikes will be shipping in the fall, just in time for a crisp October bike ride in the crunching leaves!

Did you pledge for a Taga 2.0? I want to know about it! Comment below and tell me what you are most excited about in this bike!

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!