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How to Help Your Children Understand and Know the Bible

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We want our children to learn important Bible stories and events, to know and memorize Bible verses and be comfortable with how the Bible works. However, we also want our children to understand what this all means for their lives, and even more importantly, to come to love not just the words but the author. This is no small thing, it means approaching Bible lessons for kids in a way that is detailed, in-depth, with lots of instruction and mentorship, discipling them and helping them decipher and decode, and yet doing all of this in a way that is fun and engaging and shows how the Bible is full of life, not just another subject! As Christian families, it is our responsibility to do this for our children, and yet it can be an overwhelming prospect. This is why we are so excited about Grapevine Studies. Grapevine Studies is a company that specializes in Bible lessons for kids. They teach children about the Bible with engaging questions, sound teaching, and drawing through the Bible. Keep reading to learn more about this amazing resource for your family, share it using the easy share buttons to the right (help me get the word out!) and pin it to your favorite Pinterest board below!

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In-depth Bible lessons for kids that anyone can do!

If you are wondering if this will work for your family, I want to take a minute to explain how it is set up and why it can work for anyone: homeschooler or non, for a co-op or Sunday School and more! There is a simple, easy-to-follow teacher’s guide that will tell you exactly what to say and draw on your whiteboard (don’t worry, it’s stick figures, anyone can do it) and student books for your children to draw alongside you. You can also get a weekly (Sunday School or once a week lessons) or daily schedule (homeschool curriculum) to set it up, and bundles that will give you an entire year of curriculum. They are available in both print and ebook format. eBook will allow you to purchase a family license and print off student books for your whole family, whereas the print format you will need to buy one per child. You will see traceable and regular versions, the traceable versions are for younger children to be able to have the figures already lightly drawn in their books that they simply have to trace over. Perfect for 3-6 year olds that might find copying your drawings off the board overwhelming!

Each week you have two lesson pages, a memory verse, and discussion questions. You would read from your teacher’s book, draw the scene on the board and your kids would copy it down. For us, we find that works best if I draw before the lesson, then read the story while they copy it. They listen far better when their hands are busy 😉 All you need for the lessons is a whiteboard, Bible, your teacher’s book, and colored dry-erase markers. Your students need colored pencils and their student books and you are ready to go! It is easy to do, there is no real prep required, and the lessons are in-depth and well-written.

Try a free lesson to see how it works!

I can sit here talking about it or you can just go try it and see how great these Bible lessons for kids are! I am excited to be able to offer you a FREE lesson to try with your kids. It comes with everything you need to see what the program looks like. CLICK HERE or on the image below to grab your freebie!

bible lessons for kids: try a free lesson!

CLICK HERE to get your free lesson!


If you are looking for an entire year of curriculum, choose one of the bundles, available here. It will last you an entire year and you can choose the option that best fits your family. For more information on these Bible lessons for kids, head on over to the website or find them on Facebook.

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I used to review curriculum, now I create it!