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100+ Bullet Journal Collection Ideas

Bullet journaling (a customized form of planning where you make it what you need it to be) is only as helpful as you make it. I find that when I try to emulate other people’s planners it starts to become something that isn’t as tailored to my life. So I wanted to give you 100+ bullet journal collection ideas that will allow you to pick and choose what you need based on your unique life and family dynamics. I think I could have made this list 200+ there are literally endless options, but it should give you a head start. This is a free printable list so keep reading!

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Bullet Journal Collection Ideas

A collection is a list of notes, thoughts, a list, or even to-do list that is related to a common theme. This list is designed for collections that I have used or considered or would use in my own planner. I do not have all of these and you are going to have unique situations in your life that will make these different (ie. dental work tracker if you are getting dental work, surgery planner if you are having surgery and want to track important dates, follow ups, and instructions, maybe a school routine or study schedule if you are in school, etc.) anything you can think of can become a collection that will help you organize your thoughts and ideas in a way that is creative and unique. I hope that this list not only gives you new ideas, but opens up your mind to just how many possibilities there are and inspires you to customize some of your very own!

Homeschool Bullet Journal

Confession time… I switched over to new inserts and haven’t even switched over my homeschool bullet journal yet 😮 SO… all that to say I am going to be working my butt off to transfer over collections, create new collections, and show you how you can plan your homeschool in your bullet journal so check back tomorrow!

Did you know this is part of a 31 day series? There will be a post each day this month showcasing how I use bullet journaling, planning, hand lettering, and more! We will talk about the tools you need and I’ll review some of my pen hoard (including my brand new flex fountain pens, eeeeek!). There will be videos, pictures, hand lettering practise pages, doodle challenges, journaling prompts, some amazing giveaways, and hopefully a TON of inspiration to get you writing in your planner, whatever that may look like for you! How can you get on board?

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What collections would you add to this list?

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!