Do you love to plan? Do you love to write and doodle and create? Do you need a system that is functional and fast? Maybe you're looking for a system that lets you be creative and express yourself. Whatever you are looking for, this challenge is for you! I am going to teach you about my planning method, how it works, what it looks like. There will be giveaways, videos, lessons, doodling tips, hand lettering practise and more! This is going to be FUN! It doesn't matter if you already have a planning system that you love, you can still join the challenge, share your pics, enter the giveaway and explore new layout ideas during the next 31 days! I'm so excited to have you! All the posts will be added to this page so bookmark this page so you can keep checking back! Let's get planning!

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Hacking the Bullet Journal System


All About Travelers Notebook Inserts

Day 3

Free brush lettering worksheets for your bullet journal

Day 5

Hand lettering for beginners

Day 7

Business Bullet Journal Video

Day 9

The Best Bullet Journal Notebook

Day 11

5 Monthly Spread ideas for your bullet journal

Day 13

How to Make Bullet Journaling a Habit-3

Day 15

Writing with a Fountain Pen Video Review | fountain pen tutorial | best fountain pen | affordable fountain pen | fountain pen beginner | pilot fountain pen | twsbi fountain pen | how to use fountain pens | beginner fountain pens | flex fountain pens | fountain pens tips | noodlers fountain pen review | best pens for bullet journaling | best fountain pen for bullet journaling | bullet journal pens

Day 17

8 unique Bullet Journal Layout

Day 19

100+ Bullet Journal Collection Ideas

Day 21

homeschool bullet journal video

Day 23

10 Amazing Minimalistic Bullet Journal Layouts

Day 25

stationary giveaway

Day 27

How to make an art journal

Day 29

art journaling with kids

Day 31

A Video Flip Through of my Planner


Start a Bullet Journal in 3 easy steps

Day 4

Brush Lettering Video and Pen Review

Day 6

Setting up your Business Bullet Journal

Day 8

Journal Prompts for Moms

Day 10

Bullet Journal Ideas

Day 12

Plan with Me: Bullet Journal Video

Day 14

How to Make Bullet Journaling a Habit-4

Day 16

Planner Subscription Box

Day 18

Top Bullet Journal Tips I wish I would have Known When I Started

Day 20

Homeschool Bullet Journal

Day 22

Planning Routine

Day 24

Simple Bullet Journal Inspiration

Day 26

30 Day Doodle Challenge

Day 28

Lulu Lime Designs Giveaway

Day 30