I used to review curriculum, now I create it

The Biggest Homeschool Challenges (and How to Overcome them)

Homeschooling is incredibly challenging. Just when you feel like you have figured something out, everything changes. The shifting sands of homeschooling can be exhausting and overwhelming but we don’t need to be a victim to our circumstances!

I asked my Facebook group what their biggest homeschool challenges were and was inundated with comments. I have put together a huge printable list of challenges along with some practical tips that you can use to help you rise above them!

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Homeschool challenges covered

1. Time management
2. Convincing my husband
3. Meal interruptions and getting back on track
4. Managing home and homeschool
5. Managing work and homeschool
6. How do I know I’m teaching enough?
7. Getting my kids to do their work independently
8. Homeschooling multiple kids
9. Homeschooling with toddler/baby
10. Comparison trap
11. Finding contentment in seasons of discontent
12. Not putting too much pressure on my kids
13. Being flexible
14. Financial burden of 1 income
15. My kids don’t listen to me
16. Having time for myself
17. Having time for my husband
18. Small space
19. Staying organized
20. Finding our rhythm
21. Socialization
22. Struggling reader
23. Struggling writer
24. Disinterested child
25. Whiny kids
26. When your kids are falling behind
27. Learning gaps
28. Only 1 child – bored
29. Impatience
30. Feeling overwhelmed
31. Extra-curricular (mom taxi)
32. Being consistent
33. Distracted kids
34. Distracted mom
35. Dealing with attitudes

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!