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To the Christian Considering The Good and the Beautiful

The Good and the Beautiful
About a year ago I posted a video about Why we were not using The Good and the Beautiful (TGTB) and it exploded. Nearly every week, consistently and without fail, I receive at least one hate mail e-mail from someone. They are long, they are well-thought out, they are barbed with insults and condemnation. Nearly every single day I get notifications of new comments on my YouTube video about this, both good and bad, this isn’t going away.

Over the past year I have watched. I have seen this issue divide, I have heard both sides, I have seen the community and TGTB groups, I have followed the threads and gone through the comments. My reasons “why” God drew me away from this curriculum have solidified, they have better words and more logic, and I have such a clear idea of how to communicate that and why I must. I must share this article not to beat a dead horse, or to tear Jenny down, but because there is confusion.

Disclaimer: Let me be clear that this article is not written for people who are LDS, it is written to Christians who are currently using The Good and the Beautiful or considering it and trying to understand the controversy. These are obviously my opinions and convictions and experiences, I do not claim to be God or the Holy Spirit for you and you ultimately have to make your own decision in the matter. The purpose of this article is to help people who are truly seeking for an answer as to why there is so much debate about this to understand the issue more fully.

I never wanted to take on this debate. I didn’t even fully understand the LDS faith myself nor what making that video would mean. But I feel strongly that I cannot stay silent on this, for the sake of even one person who may be debating this and truly in their heart wants to know what God has at least been showing me about the curriculum.

Today, I am going to break down, very clearly, my reasons. If you truly desire to know the answer, pray before you read this, ask God to speak and help you discern what He is saying. Don’t take my word for it, turn to Him.

Why I, as a Christian, do not use or recommend The Good and the Beautiful:

1. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is not Christian

They believe in a mother God
They believe all other denominations of the church have it wrong
They believe they had a premortal existence before life on earth as spirit children of God and sat on His council.
They believe we can be God
They believe that “Man was also in the beginning with God.” and can become gods
They believe God was a man just like us and is now exalted (and we can be too)
They believe God made woman in the image of his wife-partner (mother-God)
They believe in the Godhead but that they are separate beings, not three in one
They believe the Bible has errors and can be superseded by a modern-day prophet
They reject the concept of saved by grace alone

This just begins to scratch the surface on major issues that go far beyond denominational differences.

This is the #1 argument I get from the LDS community: LDS are Christians as defined by Wikipedia. Sure, according the to the world’s standards, the word “Christian” doesn’t mean much. But according to the standards of the New Testament church, the warning in Revelation that nothing was to be added or taken away, this is deception, false.

2. There is incredible deception in the LDS faith

They are changing their name:

from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to the Church of Jesus Christ. They don’t want any differentiation from their faith and Christianity. It began as the Church of Latter Day Saints.

There is deception rampant in the groups:

In any post where anyone posts any concerns about the roots of the author, hundreds of people hop on (many many of them Evangelical Christians I might add) to say there is nothing to be concerned about. Meanwhile the LDS community (which is huge in the groups) hops on and says we are all the same. It is a Christian program, as is LDS. Like pentecostal to baptist, we all have our differences and LDS is just a denomination. Take a look at a few of the comments on my video from TGTB community:

Even LDS are deceived

In some of the comments on my videos I have shared some of my findings on as part of my argument that we are not the same. I was shocked to find time and time again that professing LDS believers said “We don’t believe that!” This is a huge red flag to me and further proof that this is a faith built on deception.

The rebuttal that I hear from the Christian community is: “There is no LDS content in The Good and the Beautiful curriculum. Evangelical Christians, Catholics, etc. all came together to approve this had nothing that contradicted their faith.”

Let’s move on to the next point.

3. Spiritual influences and strongholds

Do you believe that there is a spiritual world, with spiritual forces, demons and angels, and spiritual influences and strongholds that you can’t see in the invisible realm? Do you believe the Bible is true?

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.
-Ephesians 6:12

It really comes down to whether we believe what the Bible says or not.

The enemy deals with deception, the lines become blurred, he preys on our insecurities. The draw to this curriculum is powerful, why?

• Because we feel so insecure about doing it all and doing enough and this curriculum is in-depth and all laid out, we are drawn to it because we first hear the whisper: “You are a failure, you are messing them up.” And we believe it.
• Because of the hype: everyone is using it and the power of herd mentality is real. What are we missing out on?
• Because of the spiritual influence: Jenny Phillips isn’t just a practising member of the LDS church, she is a large, influential leader in the faith. She reaches thousands of people through her music and leadership and has great authority in the LDS church and spiritual influence. Part of the draw, the pull towards this curriculum, is the fact that the enemy deals in deception and there is an actual spiritual draw to the curriculum, the enemy is using this to confuse Christians (see point 4)
• Because of our friends: homeschoolers are passionate about their curriculum and the pull to “sell” what we are using is strong. You probably heard about this program from a friend who told you it was changing their lives. Which brings me to the next point.

4. Christians are being deceived… and you and I may have a part in it

I see moms all the time who go and ask in the groups and communities: “I saw Rebecca’s video and I am now having second thoughts.” The community pounces on it, “DO IT, there’s nothing in the curriculum, it’s amazing!” etc. etc. etc. all whilst hopping on my back with rumours and false accusations of greed and their rule on my motivations to do it. I can’t really blame anyone, they don’t know me or really care and they are just doing what we homeschoolers do best, selling their success!

But that mom who is questioning, who doesn’t really know the differences, starts to think, “Oh, I didn’t know LDS was just a denomination of Christianity!” They buy it you guys, hook line and sinker. I have watched it happen over and over again in threads:

Mom considering it: “I don’t really know much about LDS”
People in the group: “We believe some different things but so do all denominations, we are Christians just like you.”
Mom considering it: “Oh” she says. “Wow, I guess I don’t really know much about the LDS beliefs”

And you or I may have had a part in that.

I left the Good and the Beautiful for my kids, for the spiritual influence, for the families who are being deceived and confused. The more I have pondered my decision, the more I realize it is so much more than what meets the eye which brings me to point number 5.

5. This is bigger than the curriculum…

I know these are strong statements, I know that this may make you angry, some of the most hateful comments I have received have been from Pentecostal, Baptist, Evangelical Christians who hate me for standing against this because they LOVE the curriculum and don’t want to be convinced otherwise. They see me as someone who is fighting against the homeschool peace and joy they have found and it makes them angry.

I was one of those people my friends. I fell deeply into this, I wanted SO BADLY to believe that there was nothing wrong with it, that I wasn’t called to that standard, that people were reading into it too much, etc. “You’re just being religious,” I thought to myself. I dismissed them, I pushed against it. And then I researched LDS, I saw the insights on Jenny’s blog, I saw the quotes and pictures were heavily influenced from LDS sources,  I understood what she believed and the worldview that went into this and I just couldn’t ignore it any longer.

It isn’t the curriculum… it is the culture. The culture of the Facebook group where everyone tells you we are all the same, there are no differences between LDS and Christians. The spiritual influence that this is bringing over our kids and homes, and the confusion and deception it is causing amongst homeschool families who aren’t grounded in their faith who are being led astray because some well-meaning Christian mom determinedly preached to them that there was “nothing in the curriculum.”

The fruit that has come since leaving The Good and the Beautiful

I knew that when I left the Good and the Beautiful there would be drama and negativity. I knew I would be bashed and misunderstood. I maybe didn’t understand the extent of the battle I was being drawn into, but I knew God was with me and so I stepped onto the field, blissfully unaware of how that one video would change my life.

But what I did not expect was the fruit in our homeschool–the blessing of stepping out into God’s calling on our lives. The Good and the Beautiful curriculum recommends 45 minutes to an hour of working in their LA course book a day, their History takes about that long as does their Science. I have five children, in my desire to “do it all” I had lost sight of my original vision and intention for homeschooling. We were spending 6-8 hours a day doing school (go watch my Day in the Life video with The Good and the Beautiful on YouTube, it’s intense!). Yes, my kids were growing quickly but was that my goal and purpose? We had no time for anything else, no time for nature studies, no time for Bible and morning basket and art and picture studies. We were a slave to curriculum that I was in love with.

Since leaving we have moved into eclectic homeschooling that is still evolving to be honest. We have a Spirit-led homeschool where no day is like the last and God is consistently drawing us into more homeschool freedom. We do bookwork just a few hours in the morning and have our afternoons to discuss, drink tea, explore the world around us, and follow our interests and passions. A deep sense of rest and peace has settled on our home, regardless of how much we get done in a day. I am free.

I still hear the lie from the enemy rise up: “You aren’t doing enough. You are messing your kids up. They are going to be behind. You need to add more.” But I know that lie too well to not recognize it for what it is. Every time it comes I speak God’s truth over my life, that He has started a good work in our lives and the lives of my children and He will be faithful to complete it (Philippians 1:6). I walk in confidence not based on the amount I do or the curriculum I do nor even the results I can see, but in what God has called me to do and following His voice day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.

My calling: rise up

Friend, I know this is hard to hear. I will never forget a message I got from someone on Instagram who had purchased The Good and the Beautiful last year based on my recommendation. A few months later I came out with the infamous video and she confessed to me that she was mad–she didn’t want to hear it, she wanted to defend what she was using because she loved it. But over the past few months God worked on her, spoke to her, and she decided to switch. She wrote to thank me for my boldness and strength to say what I said and follow God. For her, it is worth it. For you, it is worth it. For the person who is not sure, it is worth it.

To say I am strong enough to stand against all the hate, that it doesn’t hurt, is just not true. On my own you guys, I am not strong enough. But I know that God has not called me to take a stand just to abandon me. He is with me.

When I first made the full live video on Facebook (which is why on YouTube I am not looking at the camera, I was looking at my phone) I smiled quite a bit though the video. People were super offended by that, they thought I sounded flippant and cruel, like I didn’t care. But here’s the real reason I smiled, I was shocked by the sense of God’s presence. I wasn’t alone, the hate and cruelty couldn’t hurt me. I spoke and each barb that was thrown it was as if I was protected. The video ended, the weeks after were harder than I ever could have imagined. I stopped responding to comments, I stopped going on my computer and phone, I cried, I sought Him again and again, He sustained me then and He will sustain me now.

What about you?

Once again I step out because the time has come. It is my prayer that you will see my heart.

To the people who say this was greed or a decision for money (because I have received HUNDREDS of comments and emails about that and just saw it posted in a thread the other day): I was asked to write curriculum for Jenny. She was a sponsor of mine and I was paid for the promotions I did. I actually made more working for The Good and the Beautiful than other companies I have worked with. I lost money and I lost business by making that video so nothing could be further from the truth. I did not leave to write my Bible curriculum, though that was what I decided to do instead of writing for The Good and the Beautiful.

I have no hate for the LDS community, I disagree that they are Christians, but I could go and have coffee with one of them and talk about curriculum and homeschool routines easily and genuinely. Disagreement is not hatred.

I don’t judge you for your decisions: I believe God has asked me to take a stand and to be more clear but I would never judge you for your decision if you choose to continue using it. The only thing I will caution you against is recommending it so emphatically, being aware of the deception and confusion it is causing and to pray about it earnestly yourself, without an agenda.

I will leave you with some of the comments and emails and messages I have received and one final thought: I spoke in love and received hatred. The divisiveness and intense deception that I have seen since speaking out about my decision to leave has left me with a strong sense of the enemy’s hand. This is battle, between our flesh and our spirits, and one will win. May God give you wisdom as you search out His answer for your family and if you have more questions, feel free to post them below!

The proverbial can of worms: comment below

To the Christians using (or considering) the Good and the Beautiful homeschool curriculum. Come learn what the controversy is all about and what I feel God has shown me about the debate. #homeschool #homeschooling #homeschoolcurriculum

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  1. Well, just thought I’d comment that I support you and understand what you are going through. As an ex-Mormon turned Christian, I understand so very much. Would any of these Evangelicals feel comfortable using a Catholic-worldview-based curriculum with their kids? I doubt it. Why would a Mormon-worldview-based one be any different? Mormons are not Christian and their worldview is so very very different from “mainstream Christianity.” People–both Mormon and not–jsut don’t understand this and really do not understand the insidiousness of the Mormon church. Having been raised and been a faithful Mormon for over 30 years, and now being Christian, I can see both sides clearly. I’m glad you did what you knew was right even though you knew you’d be hated for it. That I very much understand as well.

    • you are bold! This was great to read and I’m proud of you for being strong and following God’s will.

    • I’m so proud of you for being bold for the will of God. My #1 reason for homeschooling is to instill Biblical truths in their hearts and point my precious babies to Jesus,! You are right, I had ALMOST fell hook line and sinker for their curriculum all because I doubted my own ability to “get it all right and not mess my kids up” (lies from the enemy). Reading your article has saved me from wasting $$$ on their curriculum. Thank you!!!!!!!

    • Stefani I am incredibly grateful for your comment here, and Rebecca I am incredibly grateful for this post and your dedication to covering this topic. After recently discovering this curriculum, I think this issue is extremely important. Christians are being deceived, and if it means anything to you, I believe the Holy Spirit gave me these exact convictions as soon as I received this curriculum- before reading your posts. Stefani, the reason your perspective is so valuable is because for someone to see how truly influenced this curriculum is by Mormon culture, one must have experience with LDS.

      The very moment this curriculum arrived in my home I identified a very strong Mormon influence. Many of my strong Christian friends suggested this curriculum to me, affirming that they didn’t find anything “Mormon” in it and even people they know in pastoral leadership “combed through it” and found nothing “concerning”. I’m a lifelong Bible student and have done in-depth studies of other faiths, including LDS. I also have a couple LDS friends who I love dearly and are some of the most wonderful, loving and kindhearted people I know. Being involved in their lives for many years and spending time in their homes has let me experience much of the Mormon culture first hand.

      (Side note- since Mormons may consider reading this. My goal is to just be authentic with my Mormon friends and shower them with the love of Christ, no judgement or tearing down of them personally. I enjoy kind and loving debate when the door opens, but because of Mormon teaching against looking into “anti Mormon” literature, these discussions are pretty rare. I’m certain I know more about the horrors of the LDS church and “hidden doctrines” than many of my Mormon friends do. I also think it is tragic that reading or studying anything that argues against LDS is considered a “sin”, so if you’re Mormon it’s difficult to put your doctrine to test without jeopardizing your salvation. I am constantly challenging my own faith and the Bible because if it’s Truth, then Truth should alway prevail. In Biblical Christianity, I have always found this to be the case and we don’t need prophets or church leaders to “interpret” or explain how or why the facts don’t add up. Mormonism crumbles under the very simplest of scrutiny. Outside of the endless Biblical arguments that can be made, that Rebecca started to list above, or the horrendous history of Joseph Smith and the early church leaders, consider secular facts. For instance, absolutely no Jewish DNA heritage found anywhere near native America as well as no trace of the animals mentioned in the Book of Mormon being anywhere near South America as it is written. How exciting it is to live in 2019 when evidences of Old Testament landmarks are being discovered through archeology IN ISRAEL NOT AMERICA that confirm the Bible. I could seriously go on and on, but I beg my Mormon friends to consider that what they are being taught is SO wrong- Unfortunately it is part of the LDS culture to be completely shunned forever by your families and community if you leave the faith…how “clever” of the church to establish. I pray for your courage.)

      Okay, back to this Good and Beautiful curriculum..

      I followed the recommendation of my Christian friends to get this curriculum. I received it last week and can’t wait to send it back. CHRISTIANS: THIS IS A COVERTLY MORMON CURRICULUM.

      First, in my spirit I felt something wrong the second we started going through the three different grade level course kits I bought. I couldn’t shake this feeling and I know that one of my strongest spiritual gifts is discernment. I shouldn’t have ignored this clear impressing of the Holy Spirit, but I did for a couple days. I had just spent over $300 and the business doesn’t take back books taken out of the packaging! So, we got started on the first lessons…

      What struck me first was the artwork. Every single artwork sample I found looked like the doctrinal Mormon artwork that adorns my Mormon friends’ homes. In fact, the early LDS church commissioned people in the late 1800’s to go to France and study art so they could return to America and create artwork for the church. Every single art example I found in the 3 grade levels of course books as well as the science unit study book, handwriting books and reader books not only looked “Mormon” to me but were from this time period- late 1800’s. The artists were all strange, not-so-popular selections. All I could think was that through this curriculum we were going to be studying and growing to love only artwork that was the foundation of the LDS doctrinal art and be conditioned to want to study the LDS artwork in the future. I’d rather introduce my kids to the top 100 most famous artists of all time so we can know our way around an art museum. Not one such artist seemed to be in this curriculum.

      Next, I noticed that the first poetry selection in my daughter’s Level 3 course was all about “Our Mother” with the last line saying “But only one mother the wide world over”. Oh, and no author. How sweet…a poem about mothers. And it’s short. Guess which poem a lot of 2nd and 3rd graders will choose first? NO! This poem is either about Mother Nature or the “mother god” of the LDS church. No way, Christians! PASS!

      At this point my husband and I reviewed all the materials we received. While nothing was overtly “Mormon”, it was very clearly influenced by the Mormon culture we know. Yes, the curriculum is mostly awesome, or good and beautiful. It’s so great that it’s “all in one” and new and fun and …….. That small amount of Mormon influence was enough for us to say NO. A little leaven leavens the whole loaf, and there is definitely leaven in this program.

      My final straw was downloading one of the LDS supplements to the curriculum to see how much the program really aligned with Mormon teachings. My husband said it best: “This woman created a Mormon curriculum then removed all the “Mormon” stuff so it could be “non-denominational”, but it’s still pretty obvious if you know what you’re looking for.”

      I’m not only so disappointed that I didn’t download the free versions of this curriculum before buying it (no space on my computer- ugh!), but I’m frustrated that so many Christians are falling in love with this program believing there’s nothing Mormon in it. Per Rebecca’s point in this post, I think the spiritual influence from the person who created it is enough to be concerned. I honestly don’t believe these covert issues are enough to sway or change someone’s faith and I’m sure the curriculum is helping many families. However, the fact that this curriculum is a “controversy”, the fact that my friends all had to defend the “non denominationality” of this curriculum as they recommended it, and the fact I feel so spiritually uneasy about even having this in my home tells me that something is wrong here. Christians, be alert, sober and circumspect. Consider that through this extremely successful business, Christians are being deceived into bringing LDS teaching and spiritual influence into their homes and families. This is serious, and much bigger than just the curriculum.

      If you love this curriculum and are using it you may have a knee-jerk reaction of defending your choice and getting mad at bloggers like Rebecca or commenters like me challenging the decision to use it. The program is an investment of time, money and your homeschooling plans. I get it! I suggest you spend the next season praying about it as you use it. If what we are saying is from the Holy Spirit, then He will confirm this in your heart. Listen to Him, though! I know very well how easy it is to ignore His guidance away from what you really want the answer to be.

      Rebecca congratulations on your book deal! Don’t listen to the people tearing you down. As a blogger who *used* to write about controversial stuff, I know how emotionally exhausting and difficult it can be to receive even just a mildly cruel comment. I’m sure people will attack me in the same way if they read this. As you have experienced since “coming out” on this, the rotten fruit that people show in their vile comments usually speaks for itself. Unless someone can give me a Biblical argument- within context- to argue against my points, it’s not even worth considering. Telling me that “Christians shouldn’t hate or judge” is really a pointless thing to say, and honestly just exposes Biblical illiteracy. Since my (and your) argument is based on a Christian worldview, my points here are for the CHRISTIAN, and the only standard of discernment we can use conclusively is the Bible, not how we “feel” about something.

      Keep you eyes on the LORD and follow His lead in this. Clearly, as you have written in your post, this is bigger than the curriculum. I pray for God’s blessing on you, your family, your homeschooling, and your work!

      Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about the earth, seeking whom he may devour – 1 Peter 5:8

      • *If you read my novel above, I listed the website but it is Rebecca, feel free to edit that how you want or leave this comment. Thanks 🙂

          • Roz – Huge thanks to you, cannot agree more to all you’ve said. The draw to this curriculum is powerful for Christians, as Rebecca explained so well above. I’m going to throw a bold and wild idea out there – Could Rebecca and Roz collaborate to write an integrated literature/Bible/history curriculum like this for Christian homeschoolers? There is such a need, as this exploding company is indicating. I’d definitely be interested in buying! Recently talked to a Christian co-op friend who switched to TGATB for her 2 sweet girls, who said exactly that “there’s nothing LDS about the curriculum” when I voiced my concern. We need something like TGATB for Christians!

      • THANK YOU for posting this! I have been one of those saying I use and love it (I don’t love the LA though, just use math, typing, creative writing, and the history) and have seen no mormon quotes or teaching at all. I have defended my choices and yet, I do not consider LDS christian at all. I know they are not. I literally have said the words, “I love the good, beautiful, moral, and wholesome quotes!” The more I’ve seen and the claims that it’s full of mormon influence struck me odd bc not one person could give specifics. I couldn’t see anything wrong at all. It started tugging at me though so I went searching and came across Homeschool On and her other videos, this post, and now your comment too. I am so thankful for your post! Thank you for being specific! This helped and now I know that we need to move away from TGTB and am confident with that choice. History going as of today just 14 lessons in. I ‘m going to be praying about typing, math, and creative writing as those don’t actually have opportunity to work in much, if any, teaching beyond the actual subject matter. Again, thank you!

      • Nice work. This is exactly what I was talking about in my comment below–the need to be “on edge” around LDS stuff and the constant lying about being Christian. Thanks!

      • Thank you so much for your comment! Rebeccas post had me pretty convinced and now I absolutely know I won’t be purchasing it. And I was hours away from doing so. Thank you.

      • Rebecca Spooner is definitely not what I would consider a Christian. Her attitude towards anyone of different beliefs is repulsive and has turned a lot of potential customers away! Keep talking Rebecca!

        • I don’t see anyone being bashed or mistreated here. She is simply pointing out that a popular curriculum is not created by a Christian, and many believe it is. Why is it wrong to not ascribe to beliefs that aren’t your own, or to point out the differences in faiths? This quote: “Rebecca Spooner is definitely not what I would consider a Christian.” Thankfully, the definition isn’t yours to create, it belongs to God. It is SO important to be discerning and to personally KNOW what the Bible says. When we don’t, we being to make up our own individualized version of Christianity, and then determine who is a Christian based on the list we’ve made. All things need to be laid next to Scripture and compared, rather than using our own measurements. If you do an honest assessment of Mormonism next to the
          Bible, you’ll understand.

    • Thank you so much for this. I had just heard of this curriculum and hadn’t really even looked into it yet but a friend had mentioned the controversy to me. I then started researching and found this article. I really appreciate your desire to share the truth and make sure others know. This reminds me of how important it is to find out who is making a resource not just if the content is understandable or “Christian” based.

  2. Thank you for being bold and sharing your views on the curriculum. I too had concerns when I saw the author/founder was Morman, as I have a friend who was Morman and is now a Christian. She explained a lot of the inter-workings of Mormonism, and it is not what people think. Thank you for listening to the pull on your heart. I appreciate your willingness to share your thoughts, even though it goes against what is popular. Don’t let the negativity get to you. Wishing you all the best!

  3. I originally composed a long comment but it all comes down to this: Thank you, thank you, thank you for standing firm and for boldly speaking the truth in love.

  4. I am so Sorry that you have had so much hate for standing up for your convictions. Thank you for being bold. I actually really love using TGTB LA but I do take to heart your words and am continuing to pray about what curriculum to use next year with my 5 young kids. You are 100% right, Mormonism is NOT Christianity and it is scary how they are so confused! I refuse to be pulled into the thought that they are the same as a born again Christian, and I do not want my kids to have any confusion over that. I love your blogs and channels. You are such an encouragement to me as I am a young mom of 5 kids- 7, 5, 4, 3, and a baby. I can see through watching you that I will survive this stage and that I can homeschool them lol I have so much respect for you- thank you for speaking out for Jesus. You will be blessed <3

      • Yes, we truly are. And we have not changed our name. That is a misconception. We have always been the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. There was a group of people who left the church and changed their name many years ago.
        What is wrong with believing that there is a mother? If we are all children of a loving father in heaven then why is it so hard to believe that there is also a mother?
        Please, find a believing member and see what we truly believe.

          • Eve and Mary, just to name a few biblical mothers. And LDS aren’t the only Christians to revere a holy mother figure. Try the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox churches, and the Roman Catholic church. Oh wait – are they not real Christians also because they esteem the Theotokos? The smugness of protestants who are so sure that their 500 year old faith supersedes much older branches of Christianity!

            This article has the temerity to claim that followers of a church that does not adhere to her narrow and limited view of Christianity are not Christian. Saying she doesn’t mean to offend but then saying what any person of faith would find horribly offensive (that that person’s faith is a lie) is so entitled and divisive, and who gave her the authority to decide who is Christian?! By all means don’t use the curriculum. But this bigoted post is just that.

            Christianity is a rich and varied tapestry. It is capacious enough for different paths to the same end. To assert otherwise attempts to fit Christianity into a box, to limit it. This approach may make you feel superior and pleased with yourself, but Christianity is much bigger than any of us, and is certainly more generous than you are.

  5. I had the same convictions you did with TGTB and I also switched to Masterbooks. My kids love it, I love it, and I am so at peace with it. I often have those “am I doing enough?” thoughts that creep in, but I know the Lord lead us to this decision. The theology is so sound in MB curriculum. I know we made the right choice.

  6. Thank you for your honesty and boldness! Everything we do as moms, teachers, wives etc should be held up to the mirror of the Bible. If it doesn’t line up with that Truth then we need to reevaluate at all costs!

  7. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for stepping out and sharing. I have been on the fence about this curriculum for a while now, feeling it was a perfect choice for my children but never having a peace about it I’m my heart. God bless you and your family ?

  8. Thank you for being bold Rebecca! Honestly, I was always Leary about TGTB when it came out before I saw your video, I wondered why it was so popular and why I could not see a line or difference between Christians and Mormons in the homeschool world! I was really proud of you last year for that video and taking a stand and talked to my friends to be cautious if getting their curriculum. However, since last year, I myself have been drawn to it and have tried snipits of it for my kids and have enjoyed it and not seen anything on it against anything I believe, but I was still confused. Confused when I know how different they are but why they hide it or claim to be no different. I, as a strong Jesus follower was being a bit deceived and getting confused. I even did what you said the other day to a fried who is considering TGTB language arts for her kids next year and said it really has nothing in it to be concerned about. I was saying from the experience of the ones I had used (science). I commend you for being bold and sharing this as it is true, their main beliefs are very different and why they claim to be the same is deceiving. I am going to go back to my friend and caution her to pray more about her decision to do TGTB for next year. Thank so much, I am so glad to see you standing strongly and boldly in your own beliefs. It is rare these days and very admirable.

  9. Thank you for trusting in Him through all of this. I have followed you for many years. I was someone who purchased TGTB because you recommended it. I felt an uneasiness the whole time I was using it. (I only used it a for 2 months) I wouldn’t tell anyone else that I was using it because I really wasn’t sure if it was right to use it or not. Then your video came out. I was shocked. I was mostly shocked at myself because I knew something didn’t feel right about it but I didn’t do the research to find out why. I am grateful that your video helped me to see that there was a reason I had an uneasy feeling. I remember at the time seeing comments like “She didn’t have to make that video, she could have just walked away and said nothing.” Well I for one am grateful that you did made that video. It helped me research and see that – that curriculum is not something I will ever use for my children. I have been encouraging others to research for themselves to see the truth about whether Christians should use that curriculum or not. I will definitely point people to this post because I think you have a lot of helpful information here. Thank you again for trusting Him and speaking up.

  10. Thank you for sharing more about this. I agree with all that you said. It is absolutely hard to stand for the Truth in our culture. Thank you for doing so!

  11. Thank you for standing up for what you believe. We used a modge-podge of curriculums growing up as my mom had been a teacher previously. I clearly remember having her put the Bible on my desk, and stacking ALL of my textbooks on top saying “this is how the world views the Bible., they try to interpret the Bible through other books.” Then she took the giant stack of books off, and put the Bible on top, and said “and this is how I’m teaching you to view the world. You interpret the world through the Bible, not looking at the Bible through the world.”
    It has stuck with me, and will influence whatever I do with my children when they come.

  12. You have a prophetic voice, Rebecca, and I respect that very much. This response is articulate, gracious, but truth-telling.. LDS is not the same as Christianity, and that is the most important point. I think, ultimately, people need to listen to their consciences regarding whether they feel free to use the curriculum under their Christian liberty, while at the same time recognizing spiritual deception and strongholds are very real. Satan could easily be using this curriculum as a way to deceive others who are weak in their Christian faith.

  13. I appreciate your thoughts and that you are standing for what you believe. I have stayed away from TGTB based on your recommendation even though it is frequently recommended in homeschool groups. It always bothered me that the author never specified what denomination she was writing from. I can deal with denominational differences, but the LDS church is not just another denomination of Christianity. Thank you for taking a stand! I will be praying for you and your family.

  14. My comment may be lost in a sea of comments but I have to say, as a Christian…LDS is NOT Christian. I’ve taken secular religion classes and I’ve also taken Mormon specific classes at my church which is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention. I wholeheartedly agree with you and anyone who looks into the truth will see the glaring difference between Christianity and Mormonism.
    The sad part is many Mormons dont even know the truth of the background of their religion or why it isn’t actually Christian.
    Mormonism is a different religion. As a Baptist, it is considered a false teaching. I’m commanded by Matthew 28 to Go and Tell that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and he died for our sins. Anything else is going against God’s Holy Word.
    Thank you, Rebecca for standing up for your beliefs and for showing that even when it hurts, we should follow God’s command.

    • Um….Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints do believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He died for our Sins.

      • They do, and that is good. But please consider, and I say this with love, that the Bible warns that there will be false Christs. We are not to follow after them because they cannot save us. They cannot save us because they do not exist. For example, Jehovah’s Witnesses also believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died for our sins, yet the Christ that they believe in is Michael the Archangel, the first thing that Jehovah ever created. That is a false Christ. Jesus/Michael does not exist, and therefore he cannot save. Also, Muslims believe in Jesus. They revere Him as a prophet born of a virgin, yet they deny His deity. They believe in a Jesus who was a mere man. That is a false Christ. The Bible tells us that Jesus is the only-begotten Son of God. The Jesus of Islam is a made up idea of a person who does not exist, and therefore believing in the Jesus of Islam cannot save us.. Likewise, Mormonism teaches that Jesus is the spirit brother of Lucifer. This is not the Jesus of the Bible. It is a false Christ who cannot save, and that is why it is such a serious concern.

  15. I 100% agree with this, and I was thankful when I saw you finally speak out against it 🙂 I’m sure you will get many more hateful comments from this post, but please know there are many who support you! Keep doing what you do!

  16. Thank you Rebecca! Thank you for being bold and for speaking truth. I have never used the God and the Beautiful. I did look at it once and found out that it was Mormon and stopped looking. I didn’t think much of it but now I see it being talked about positively in many Christian homeschool groups. This is very concerning to me. Once I gentle mentioned that TGTB was LDS and I was slammed and told I had no idea was I was talking about that it was a Christian curriculum. Then somewhere else i was told that yes the author is LS but the curriculum is not. I do not know enough about the curriculum or the mormons to make the arguments that you have but I do know that LDS is not Christian. Thank you for taking a stand and for doing the research and naming truth! God Bless!

    • I’m confused what you think a Christian is, if it’s not someone who believes in Jesus Christ who lived and died for us and who saves us so that we can live again?

      • As someone who was born and raised in the Mormon Church and left the LDS church in my twenties and am now a Christian, I feel qualified to point out to Homeschool Mama that there is a difference between stating that one believes that Jesus Christ lived and died for our sins and actually putting your faith in His salvation. To merely state you believe Jesus lived and died without placing your faith in Him alone makes as much of a difference to your salvation as stating you believe George Washington lived and was the first US President. A mormon’s faith relies on both the death and resurrection PLUS works…and the works are of utmost importance in the Mormon church. Without them one cannot earn the highest level of salvation in the “celestial kingdom”, which is the part of heaven where God and Jesus dwell in Mormon theology. Mormons state they believe Jesus died to save us, all at the same time believing they must do temple work and receive their “endowments” in the temple to earn the highest level of salvation. They even do the temple work for the dead believing that when they do these works on behalf of the dead that they are doing the work required for that dead spirit to receive salvation and to be able to live with God in the “celestial kingdom”. Without the temple work being done for the dead, that dead spirit would not be able to live in the highest part of heaven with God according to Mormon theology. The Mormon church is actually working furiously to do temple work for every person that they can possibly find who has lived, or at the very least lived in the past several hundred years. This is why genealogy is so important in the Mormon Church….its to find records of dead souls who need temple work done for them. Believing all of these works must be done for one’s own self and also on behalf of the dead is most definitely NOT putting your faith and hope for salvation in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the only means to salvation. Mormons very often use the defense that they believe Jesus lived and died for us so they are Christian, but without putting their faith completely in Him and only Him for salvation they aren’t trusting in Jesus for salvation…they are trusting in themselves to earn it for themselves and even earn it for others. Big difference.

        • I would like to thank everyone on here for trying their best to be good Christians and to teach their children about Christ and the Bible. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I am very accustomed to being told by my friends of other faiths what I do and don’t believe. I would like to clear a couple of things up and I hope you see my comments in the loving way in which they are intended and not as a bitter attack. I find it strange that so many people think that we pretend to believe in Jesus Christ. Why would anyone do that? I also think it’s strange that they research my church by consulting enemies of the church or their pastors instead of people who are actual faithful members of the church. They also enjoy asking former members of my church who have become embittered in one way or another. If I have questions about your sincerely held beliefs, should I ask my bishop or someone who has left your church for mine, or would you like me to ask you, a sincere believer? I feel like the whole works/grace debate is based on misunderstanding. I absolutely believe that Jesus Christ atoned for our sins and that through his grace alone we are saved. Nobody can possibly “accumulate” enough good works to deserve salvation. We don’t deserve it, we can’t earn it—it is a gift given to us by a loving God. That being said, do most Christians really believe that you don’t have to do anything but say you accept Christ to be saved? Can you believe in Christ and then spend your life murdering and taking advantage of others? That seems the height of hypocrisy. Anyone who has truly accepted Christ as their savior and been born again through his grace and atonement will try to follow His teachings, won’t they? Are Christlike actions not works? Of course, we will fall short every day—we aren’t perfect like He is, and the most we can do is try to follow His example of love and righteousness after we accept Him as our Savior. That’s where His grace comes in. In spite of all our best efforts, we cannot save ourselves, only Christ can do that.

          • Thank you so much for your comment, Julia.

            I am deeply sadenned by all the comments stating that I am not a Christian when my whole focus each and every day and all that I try to teach my kids is to try and be like Jesus and do as He would do if He were here. Service, repentance, forgiveness, loving others, charity, being honest, etc. those are just some of the Christlike concepts I learn about and teach based on our religious beliefs. For any who would like to see how Christ is truly our focus, please explore or for information DIRECTLY from our church.

  17. Excellent article Rebecca. I saw your first video last year on dropping TGTB and agreed. I would never buy a canned curriculum anyway, so I bought a few things of theirs here and there, but never the ‘full’ curriculum. As a public representative you have to make the hard decisions, and as a Christian you are clearly ‘unequally yoked’ with an LDS company- thus absolutely making the right decision. Additionally, they claim to be a CM curriculum but their LA program is absolutely the antithesis of CM.

  18. All the hatred you have received regarding this does truly seem like a spiritual attack. Thank you for standing firm! I think everything you’ve said has come from a place of honesty and love. I hate when people take a differing opinion as hatred and then respond in hatred. It isn’t kind nor is it a Christian attitude. I have taken what you’ve said to heart as well as want to uphold God’s word. We have found Master Books to be extremely helpful. For our family, I currently can’t make the switch to MB for language arts tho. It just wouldn’t be a good fit for my son. I choose to use the free pdf program from TGTB but I don’t buy any of their other products because I don’t really want to support a company that doesn’t uphold my beliefs. In this day, when we have many choices of curriculum, I attempt to support companies that have similar beliefs as mine. In a day where “Money talks” I think we should spend our money wisely and support companies that value our same beliefs and stand for something righteous. I will continue to search for a LA curriculum that both works for my son and upholds our beliefs, but unfortunately I haven’t found one yet. Thank you for standing firm and listening to God’s voice for your family. May God bless your family and may people read your post and understand the pure intentions within it.

  19. I am one of those moms!! I first found your blog when I was looking for reviews of TGATB because I had just come home from a conference where another mom assured me that the LDS influence wasn’t a problem in the curriculum. I’m SO thankful I found you and your brave stance. And you are sooo right, the deception is real and you are fighting a spiritual battle here. Praise God He is with you and protecting you in all ways.

  20. I am one of the mom’s too that started using TGTB based on your recommendation (and others). I loved it at first. I praised it and recommended it to others. Others that I know are currently using it and love it. I watched your video saying you were no longer going to use it based on your convictions. I was thankful for that video and completely understood YOUR convictions. At that time, I didn’t share those same convictions and still planned to use it. But I also knew all along that LDS was not a denomination of Christianity. Then as I continued to plan for this year with TGTB, I felt absolutely no peace with creating a schedule. It was going to be way too much for my family. But I think that was God also speaking to me saying no…don’t continue down this path. And on top of that…I was seeing the division in groups on this subject (LDS and Christianity). I hated it. There was so much bashing. And on your pages. I quickly switched everything to Masterbooks for this year and it was just what we needed. I am thankful for your platform and for speaking out on this subject. I appreciate that you are standing firm on your convictions and not just brushing them away. I am thankful for the line that you said Disagreement is not hatred. In this day and age…that gets so confusing to many. We can disagree but get along and love each other.

  21. Thank you for standing boldly in love on truth!!
    Actually, that controversial video you’re talking about was the first I’d ever seen of yours! I am a new homeschooler and was looking for curriculum reviews and found you! I was SO THANKFUL to see what you said because I had heard quite a lot about TGATB from a few Christians. I knew nothing about it. I mentioned to my husband that the writer is LDSAnd his eyebrows went up. We wouldn’t have gotten it anyway, but I was glad to see your video!!
    It is a spiritual battle!! We need the full armor of God!!
    Thank you for standing!!

  22. I think you hit the nail on the head for why people defend their decision to use the curriculum and attack your character in the process. I kept going back and forth on their language arts. It looked amazing, and friends love it, but I’m now convinced it’s not for my family. This post makes up my mind once and for all.

  23. Thank you for writing this. I have studied LDS and I have always been against calling them Christians because of their beliefs. Thank you for stepping up and following God’s call to stand up against false teaching

    What will you be using for history now?

  24. Just an encouraging note to tell you to keep seeking the Lord in your homeschooling journey. With all the negativity I see about people’s responses to you, it really is a sport battle.

    You are 100% right that the LDS church / Mormonism is NOT a denomination of Christianity as they claim or some of them may even think. It makes total sense coming from one who recommends curriculum why you felt you should no longer use it, recommend it, or write for it. But maybe it’s fine for another family that hasn’t a voice in the homeschool community, and to them, they should be cautioned (so thank you for doing that!) in recommending it to others as they may think LDS is Christian.

  25. I’m so thankful that you listened to the Holy Spirit in His leading and guiding for your life, homeschool and for your followers. Thank you for putting Him first and for caring so much about other moms and families to do this review with honesty from what He was showing you. It takes so much courage to stand up in faith knowing you will be shamed, but especially from others claiming to know Him too, I could only imagine how difficult that has been for you at times….so THANK YOU very much for spreading truth!

  26. Thank you, for your honesty!
    Unfortunately, we seem to live in a culture where any different opinion, is seen as insult. I watched that particular video, and thought you were doing a great job of explaining your own heart and feelings on why your family was making a change.
    That was also the very first, Homeschool On, video I had ever watched. I so admired your heart for truth ( weather I agreed or not).
    It was at that moment I chose to follow your page. Thank you, for being a listener of the Holy Spirit, and brave enough to follow his leading!

  27. I am so glad to hear a clear voice of truth regarding this. The most dangerous lie is one blended deceptively with truth. Tolerance is the ruling ethic of contemporary society. I am a Christian who has studied Mormonism for years. Sadly, many who are in high leadership positions in the Mormon church do not know Mormon history, nor do they understand many of their own doctrines. Many Mormons who have left the Mormon church freely admit they just accepted what they were told, and are now amazed at their former complacency. This is absolutely a spiritual battle, and by sticking your head up out if the trench and speaking truth, you are drawing fire. Carry on anyway! Your courage will bear fruit. Too many Christians do not know God’s word, lack discernment, or have not yet chosen to honor God and His truth above all else. I stand with you.

    • What you say about the top ranking leaders in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) not knowing the history of their church is simply not true. Also many members, like myself know all about all of the history and are completely faithful to God and to His Son. Not only that to the current prophet who leads and guides the church now as Peter did in the Bible after Christ himself came back and was resurrected and put Peter in charge of His church as the prophet. I hope we can all try to understand each other and look to each other for strength and help in all ways, and to pick up the similarities as much as we can. Our families are being torn apart these days and communities.

  28. We’ve used TGATB for history this past year and really enjoyed it. We are Mennonite and differ in philosophy from a lot of evangelical Christians (in some things) the extreme patriotism and glorification of key historical figured has been really hard to swallow. There have been a few things in the program that we’ve pointed out as wrong to our children. I have been wary but not necessarily feeling a “check” in my spirit bout it. I feel like I have to weed through anything Christian and secular because nothing really quite aligns with where we fall (well except Rod and Staff but their curriculum is a bit dry and they focus too much on traditional roles for women and men, not that that is wrong but again…).
    All in all we’ve really enjoyed the history and my kids want to do the language arts next year. I am drawn to the fact that the program supposedly builds solid writers. You’ve given me something to pray about for sure!

  29. Thank you for your honest, heartfelt truth. I am getting so frustrated when “members” of the LDS church say that things on their website are not what they really believe, and that they are Christian No… They are not the Apostle’s Creed following, bible as the inerrant word of God, Jesus died to save me, I’m washed in the blood of Jesus type of Christian. Also, one of the other comments was really poignant… I wouldn’t use a Catholic curriculum in my Christian home school. I probably wouldn’t find a specific example of something I didn’t like in it, but it feels wrong. It is not the truth that I am trying to teach my children. Especially by keeping them out of public school, I get the opportunity to train them up and pray that they continue to follow the path. But thank you for sharing, and I’m sorry for all the craziness you have to deal with. Hugs to you.

  30. I am one of those who “heard” about TGATB from others but immediately it sent off warning bells in my brain. I have always believed a crucial part of my faith is understanding other religions. Mormonism is something I knew from my own studies, was not Christian. I kept softly speaking my concerns to others but it often fell on deaf ears. I was so thankful for your video! It confirmed my own concerns with the curriculum. I have been so sad to see the ugliness that has come from this issue but it is such a sign of the times we are living in. In general the message of Christ has been twisted and molded to fit out own vision of what we deem good and satisfactory. Christians throughout America reject the gospel as spelled out in the Bible and embrace a “fresher, more modern” version. And this is the same thing we are seeing with the curriculum debate. It has also always confused me so much WHY we would want to use this sort of curriculum when there are SO MANY publishers now with Christian worldviews. We are blessed to live in an era with many options! Why would we NOT seek out something that is biblically accurate and reflects a biblical worldview? Instead Christians are using Mormon curriculum and they are offended that other Christians would point out the error in this choice?!? So I am incredibly thankful that you are willing and able to use your voice! Thank you!!

  31. I am like the other person you mentioned in this post. I used and enjoyed TGTB. I got several friends to use it as well, but I always felt the need to explain away why it was okay. I always needed to give a disclaimer about it being created by a Mormon. Something was off, and I kept telling myself it was okay anyway. Your video made me really stop and pray about it. We switched to MB, and I am thankful for how you have allowed God to use you to bring so many of us back. Definitely a John Crist moment in checking my heart! 🙂

  32. Thank you for your post, I admire your boldness, continue pushing forward, the Lord is with you.

  33. I am so thankful the Lord led you to write the truth about the curriculum. I used their LA for about six months. I have a whole set for another grade I had put away to try again, thinking it was my own opinions that led me away from it even though MY heart KNEW it was the Holy Spirit tugging mightily at me. I was letting Satan trick me into believing the soft-spoken voice of the writer of the curriculum. I know people aren’t going to like hearing that either, but I truly believe he knows who, what, and how to use the right people., and a soothing voice and beautiful words will work, won’t they?
    For me, it was when the first book list came out and was riddled with LDS books. Then she revised it, but I caught something in the 5th grade curriculum. I cannot tell you now what it was, but I knew, and it went in the trash.

    I have been proud of you standing by God on these spiritually vital matters. I have watched the hate toward you, the assumptions they have made about you, and I have admired your courage in Christ.
    God blessed you, and may he continue!

    • Hi, please tell me what you’ve pointed out as wrong. I was about to purchase that, my cart is full on the website, then I see this article. Help please.

  34. Wow. Just WOW! I am in awe of the bravery and courage that it took to stand firm in your beliefs and so eloquently convey your convictions. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! God in His infinite wisdom saw fit to bring you to this place and onto this platform to educate others and stand in TRUTH! I am so Godly proud of you and elated that I follow/support Homeschool On.

  35. Thank you for sharing what the Lord has revealed to your heart. I wanted so badly to order this curriculum but couldn’t get past a gut feeling that it wasn’t right. After praying and discussing with my husband we decided it wasn’t worth the cost savings if we were going against what the Holy Spirit was speaking to our hearts. I’m sorry you’ve been so beat up over this. Blessings to you and your ministry!

  36. Your videos praising TGTB was my first introduction to this curriculum. I read and studied and loved everything about it. I also saw your “why I stopped using…” video. I readdressed my decision and knew I would stick with TGTB. We all love it and use it wholeheartedly. It has saddened me that you have received such hate mail. This should never have been a “controversy,” but just a mother with her opinion. Unfortunately, in such a forum of yours, that was how it played out. I am sorry.
    I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and a Christian – a believer in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He loves all of us and loves our efforts to teach, love and protect our, and His, children. Let us be careful to not judge a church based on hearsay, from disgruntled former members and the like. I am Christian and with my love and guidance of the Holy Spirit, I have prayed to know if I should homeschool, who I should homeschool, what curriculum is right for our family and for continued guidance in these areas. Please don’t ask others what another religion believes, it can’t be truly understood until you ask the God for guidance, laying aside opinions and looking for His will. If it isn’t for you, great, but don’t put words in others’ mouths about what you think they should or do believe.
    I don’t lay aside my religion for homeschooling, but for this comment, let us lay religion aside and judge a curriculum by its merits – my children have loved it. I have loved it and it has been a good fit for our family. I also use Masterbooks math for one of my children as well as other books and workbooks that I like for my children. I appreciate your opinions of the curriculum. You are entitled to it and I completely respect your God given impressions to stop. But please leave it at that. No doctrine is within those pages that is anything other than Christian. Your belief about Mormons is a little off truth, but nothing we haven’t heard before.
    I enjoy your blog and posts and will continue to follow your journey. Best of luck to your lovely family and may God bless us all in our efforts.

    • Thank you for your comment. I too am LDS and I have struggled to decide what to say. Your words are exactly how I feel regarding the curriculum and Christianity conflict.

    • We must all consider that fact that the Bible warns us that there will be false Christs and false prophets and that we are not to follow after those. If someone follows a false Christ, are they truly a Christian? Please consider this. I am not saying this with malice or hate, but truly with love. The Jesus Christ of orthodox Christianity is not the same as the Jesus of Mormonism, and therein lies the concern.

  37. Thank you so much for being brave enough to take a stand on this issue. Eph 6. So true about the battle not being against flesh and blood. Put on the full armour of God sister! You’ve got the Lord on your side! I really needed to hear the bit about how you let the Lord lead your homeschool day and how you have recognized the lie about not doing enough school with your kids. I am still working on this! Thank you for sharing and being honest.

  38. Thank you for sharing and clarifying. I think you are very bold and want encourage you with scripture: Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind. For that person must not suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways. Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.
    James 1:2‭-‬8‭, ‬12 ESV and
    Now who is there to harm you if you are zealous for what is good? But even if you should suffer for righteousness’ sake, you will be blessed. Have no fear of them, nor be troubled, but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect, having a good conscience, so that, when you are slandered, those who revile your good behavior in Christ may be put to shame. For it is better to suffer for doing good, if that should be God’s will, than for doing evil.
    1 Peter 3:13‭-‬17 ESV
    It is important that we know the truth and not be deceived. Thank you for enduring this trial and May the Lord give you peace.

  39. Thanks for writing this, and for your stand for the truth. I looked into TGTB, and was really drawn to it at first. I was concerned about the LDS authors, but many people saying that the curriculum was “neutral” almost convinced me. As overwhelmed homeschool moms, I agree that sometimes we can be a little vulnerable. I asked my husband about it, and we talked through it and he helped me decide against it. We were concerned about “below the surface “ influences, and also just the inconsistency we would model before our children by teaching them about our Christian faith, and then using materials from a cult. Would that make them more open to LDS teachings as they got older since their school books were so “harmless?” I have felt peace in that decision ever since, and I was so glad we talked it through and didn’t blindly follow the crowd. Your video about switching was an encouragement to see.

  40. Rebecca,
    I am so sorry you have been under attack. As someone who has a great influence on the homeschool community, you are held to a higher standard. You do have to hold a different standard as right or wrong as that seems. It is true.
    I grew up in the LDS church and became Christian in my earlier 20’s. The thing is they do not believe the same once you start understanding the whole picture.. My family is still LDS and I love them dearly. God gave me them to me as a gift. He knows their path and my job is to just love them.
    There is an amazing book that I just read called “Amazing Grace” it’s a story and journey of an ex BYU professor and her families story of leaving the LDS church. How each one came to their own conclusion of the church by Christ leading and directing them. Each one came to know him on their own path. The book talks about the differences. There are so many layers to the LDS church and she talks about them in the back of the book and lays out side by side the differences.
    I do use a few items from TBTB, but it is supplemental. I love the art and beauty of it all. I am very eclectic. I love Classical, Charlotte Mason and Unschooling. I use things from many different companies. I like the variety and it keeps me from being bored. I do not want to spend all my time only studying from one source. There are way too many great sources for education. The one and only source that is 100% for me is that GOD is who he says he is and HE is the truth.
    With that said, I admire your convictions. As for the hate mail? God will deal with it all. You planted a seed. Do we really understand what we believe or what we stand for? Or do we just trust in what we were taught as a child or what makes us feel good as an adult and is convenient? I think each person needs to research their own path and God will be revealed. You have them wondering and wondering leads to finding answers. I pray people will search for the truth and then they have to make a choice. Searching with open eyes, minds, and hearts.
    Thank you for your energy, your realness, and honestly. May you continue to be blessed and bless others as we all navigate this homeschool journey. Thank you for being you. I am so glad I found your blog this year.

  41. I am so happy to see all the positive response to this post and I hope they begin to erase the hurt of the negative ones. Thank you for standing on your convictions and speaking boldly in a time and culture that doesn’t like that. It is an excellent post and very much needed!!

  42. I love your podcasts and IG! I am LDS and your post made me grin. I appreciate all you did to clarify the differences between us and other Christian religions. I think it’s great and mostly true. I love the idea that we have a mother in Heaven as well as a father in Heaven. I use and like Good and Beautiful but just like you I have learned to do more spirit-led work with my kids, interspersed with TGTB. Anyway, like you say it’s ok to disagree. Wish we could hang out and have coffee/hot cocoa sometime. Sending love your way.

  43. Thank you so much for your YouTube video and this post. You have done what is right and helped me, and with the Holy Spirits conviction, decided to stop using all our TGATB curriculum. We definitely don’t want to be using a curriculum that is from a cult and is heretical. I was talking with my husband about this last night and he said I should comment and encourage you. So I’m doing just that.? Keep on listening to the Holy Spirits leading and standing up for the truth!!! Thank you again. ❤️

  44. I admire you so much for making that youtube video! I read a book many years ago called Cult Watch by John Ankerberg and John Weldon. I read their study on the Mormon church. Scary stuff when people would rather believe a lie than the truth! People are so hyper sensitive nowadays. They can’t read or listen to someone who has a different opinion without going into hate mode. Sign of the times. When I first heard of the The Good and the Beautiful curriculum, I immediately went to their website to take a look. As soon as I found out who had written it I told my husband this was not a curriculum for us and stuck to one we usually do. Rebecca, keep obeying God and keep doing what you’re doing! I truly appreciate your courage and honesty!

  45. Rebecca you stay strong girl. We have studies the LDS religion for years. We know more about it than most folks who are LDS. I am so proud of you for standing up for God, Jesus and the true Christian Bible. Even if you help one person to turn away from the LDS machine and find true Christianity your struggle to do so will be worth it. There are so many wonderful and loving people caught up in that cult and false religion. We support your efforts and are praying for your continued strength.

  46. Thank you for your boldness and following God’s guidance for YOUR family. And thank you for giving me peace about what I was struggling with as well. We need more Christians that are willing to be bold in TRUTH and love.

    In other news, thank you for all the curriculum reviews, you have helped this newbie tremendously! ?

  47. I bought and used TGTB on a friend’s recommendation. I left it for many of these same reasons in January. My friend and I have been having conversations about why I left and why she’s now considering it as well. I’m so grateful you are standing your ground on this. We can disagree with LDS and still care, but we absolutely are responsible for what we bring into our homes and what we allow to influence our children…and what we recommend and endorse to others.
    I needed to see this written out so clearly today. One of my sons loved TGTB and isn’t enjoying what we switched to…I’ve debated going back for him, but agonized over whether I made the decision to leave it of my own prideful heart or a true leading of the Holy Spirit…this article, your words, have brought me back to the peace I had when I was praying and decided to leave. My son and I will find what works for him and he will thrive without the TGTB and those influences in his mind and heart. ❤️

  48. I had the unique experience of having 5 LDS classmates, as well as my church (Assembly of God) being across the road from the LDS church. I thought it was common knowledge in the Christian community that LDS is NOT the same as Christianity. A couple questions to my LDS classmates (who gave honest answers) was all it took for my 12 year old self to figure it out. Anyway, I wanted to say that I never heard of the curriculum before the video, but I knew when you said the author is Mormon it was a no go for us. One of my primary reasons for homeschooling is to have a Bible/Christian education for my kiddos. Because of this I would never consider anything that is not 100% aligned with the Bible. (And since LDS has their own bible, it does not fit this requirement. ) I am praying a hedge of protection around you and your family because the enemy is definitely mad at you for exposing the deception in Mormonism. Thank you for standing up for Truth at a time when people want truth to be relative and not absolute! #IstandbesideRebecca

  49. I completely agree with you!!! I was being pulled to try this curriculum when it came out and everyone was recommending it. I was hesitant because of the sheer amount of people recommended it though and so I waited to see if people switched or kept with it before purchasing. I’m so glad I did!! When I saw your video I was thanking God. One of the reasons we homeschool is to instill A love for God and to mute the worlds distractions and confusions for my kids while their minds are growing. Thank for your video then and thank you for this post now. I love what you are doing and I feel so encouraged by you and your family. Keep doing What you are doing. God bless!!

  50. Thank you for your honesty and standing strong in the face of persecution. I looked at TGATB when I heard everyone was raving about it, but my spirit was unsettled. Also, I honestly didn’t see what the big fuss was about because I didn’t even like the curriculum. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you and you are not alone!

  51. I loved that everything was included in the LA and I didn’t want to give that up. We couldn’t afford to buy all those components separately for all 3 of our kids. We kept using it after your video. My husband wasn’t completely on board using TG&TB, so I was gearing up to do research for next school year. My husband read a book: Unveiling Grace by Lynn K. Wilder, he couldn’t stop talking about what he was reading. I was intrigued by everything he was telling me, so I grabbed the book to read it myself. It was so eye opening to everything that the LDS church believes. By the end of the book, I was ready to switch to something else. I didn’t want to finish out the year, so I did my research and discussed it with my husband. We decided to switch mid-year. We’re so much happier!

  52. Way to go, Rebecca for speaking the truth in love and proclaiming God’s faithfulness to this and the next generation! We stand with you in this. Thank you for being Biblically discerning as a leader and as a Christian mom and for not being ashamed of the truth of Jesus Christ (Romans 1:16). Your article was very well put and I appreciate seeing another putting God first, no matter what the hurtful results are. This is a huge encouragement to me personally, just to see another mom to rely on God’s power for writing something which can impact others on eternal matters. (I also appreciated all the supportive comments of the other moms too. It’s great to see this.) Praying for you, Rebecca!

  53. Well done!! Way to be bold and stand firm on your foundation of faith. It is wonderful to see a Mom standing up for what she believes. Thank you.

  54. I am thankful there is someone standing up and declaring that LDS are not Christians. You can say you are a Christian because you have defined the word to mean what you want it to mean. But if you read their website which I have done (like you) that is not my definition or a biblical definition of being a Christian. I have never used their curriculum but tried to.. I did the placement test for my son and because of his struggle with spelling he would have been placed in level 1 (he was in 5th grade at the time). Everything else in the level was way below his ability but because of the spelling he would have to start super low. I knew that would crush him so I bailed on the curriculum. That was also before I knew it was written by an LDS. After I learned that the curriculum lost all appeal to me. Since I have had experiences with the deception of the LDS church in my personal life. Thank you for standing strong against these spiritual attacks. I will keep you in my prayers. I haven’t often written my thoughts on any of these posts or videos because I haven’t wanted to be attacked myself. I felt convicted to support you in this. Thank you for being bold!

  55. My friend and I were recommended TGTB awhile back. We sat on her couch googling It, getting more and more excited every second. We were discussing which children would be switching and getting everything set up when one of us stumbled across the fact that while it was “non-denominational” Jenny was LDS. We were sad, but closed all the web browsers and said something to the effect of “well God settled that one”. We knew that there was no way the writer couldn’t write in her beliefs into the curriculum. I can’t even write a note a family member without having my beliefs written in.
    Then last year, I again felt the pull from so many bloggers using TGTB and I started googling again. I ran across your YouTube video and was so happy we weren’t the only one who saw big issues with it. Thank you for this post. Thank you for standing up for TRUTH.

    • “We knew that there was no way the writer couldn’t write in her beliefs into the curriculum.”

      This, 100%!!!

  56. Too long we as Christians have stood by and let our identity be explained by the world.
    Praise God !! YOU are willingly standing up for what is right and boldly proclaiming what is wrong. I thank God for you and I will pray for you.

  57. Thank you for your insight and wisdom! TGATB was something I never felt comfortable with for some of the reasons you listed above. I really appreciate your honesty. I’m so sorry you have been attacked so harshly. It breaks my heart to see people who disagree and have no respect for anyone’s feelings but their own. Thank you for speaking out even though I know it can’t be easy sometimes. Much love!

  58. Thank you for all this information. I admire you so much. As a Christian homeschool mom I pray often for direction in my teaching and I was “wowed” by TGTB but I am so glad I didn’t order it. Thank you ❤️

  59. Thank you Rebecca for being bold and taking the time to post this! I remember when I first found TG&TB; I was in love. I could not believe I had finally found the curriculum of my dreams. I ordered it and started using it. It wasn’t until I was a few month into using the curriculum I found out that the writer was mormon. It made me feel uneasy, but I truly thought I was being religious and judgmental. Now, this was a good year BEFORE you posted your video and definitely before you began using TG&TB. I dismissed those feelings and continued to use the curriculum because I loved it. Then I saw your video and I realized that I am not the only one who had a gut check. However, I still continued to use the curriculum, still thinking I was being overly religious and judgmental. Then one of my children asked me why TG&TB sugarcoats everything and said that not everyone can truly be that good and beautiful all the time can they. This led to many talks, and I finally put the curriculum away about 2 months ago and we have just done math and that is it. I needed time to truly figure out this gut check deep inside of me. I think the curriculum was trying to imply good works a little too much. I want my kids to truly understand that we are saved by grace alone and we don’t do good works to get our way into heaven. I want them to truly know Jesus and not focus on good works. The good works will come if they truly know Jesus and have a relationship with Him, and He will get all the glory. Anyway, just wanted to share my thoughts and journey. Thank you for being bold and stepping out and sharing your convictions.

  60. I am so sorry that you have had so much backlash, many people criticize and show hate towards you. I have no doubt that you were following specific instruction for your family and business. This is what you do. This is your business. I wouldn’t expect you to stick with one specific curriculum forever. Just like any other mother and homeschool mom out there you are inspired to do what is best for your family and no one can fault you for that.

    To you Rebecca and the many other people who think that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is not a Christian denomination; If Christianity is not merely believing in Jesus Christ, the son of God, as our savior and redeemer and striving to live our lives as he did then what is it? I am genuinely curious, I truly don’t understand.
    (Obviously Wikipedia’s definition of Christianity has me confused.) ?
    Best wishes.

    • Sarah, I agree….I am confused what is Christian now! ❤️ I have always defined myself as Christian and read the King James version of the Bible. I have always believed in 3 separate beings in the Godhead working as 1 (not according to the Nicene creed established by Catholicism). I also assumed we have a Heavenly Mother, but reverence her. I accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and am grateful for His atonement as I am not perfect and even if I try I can’t be. What else is there?

      • The Bible warns of false Christs and false prophets. We are not to follow either. A false Christ cannot save.

  61. Thank you so much for this post. This issue recently came up on the WTM forums ( and my blood started to boil when a concerned Christian was lambasted as being a liar, deceiver, etc. Either the LDS people don’t know what their church teaches or they are not being honest with outsiders about their beliefs. Sadly, my experience with LDS missionaries has pointed to the latter as they will not admit their beliefs to me unless I pull out a direct quote from someone within their church. I was considering writing a blog post on the forum dispute, but now I think I will just link to your post as you have already done the work and provided all the links. Thank you for standing strong and not wavering in your position.

  62. I am saddened by this post. I thought this was a community of respect because we are all doing our best to raise our children.

    Religious doctrines and beliefs always look stark and strange when presented without context and foundation. This is true of all Christian denominations, as well as the other world religions. It takes patience and humility to try and understand another human being’s beliefs without confusion, frustration, rancor, or mockery.

    I had hoped that there would be more love for the individual in this group of people trying to march to the beat of their own drum.

    It is possible to use a curriculum (as it is possible to read a book, to have a discussion, to learn from someone) without joining their church.

  63. I am so impressed in the way you have handled this issue. Their behavior is clear evidence that they do not live be yielding to the Holy Spirit. A tree planted by the living waters will produce good fruit. I am always amazed by the confusion of false doctrine and how people dont just educate themselves and test all things with scripture. I had a friend who is JW and she believes she’s a christian but cant fathom my beliefs of saved by grace which is pure Bible.
    On another note, thank you for all your encouragement. You helped me so much this year homeschooling and gave me the courage to break away from my tradition approach and aim for something more charlotte mason. Because of my switch up, I am SO excited to start the next year.
    Also, saw you speak in Atlanta and I wanted to thank you but was too chicken. *Introvert Problems*. Thanks again for all you do.

  64. “It is possible to use a curriculum (as it is possible to read a book, to have a discussion, to learn from someone) without joining their church. ”
    From the comments I’ve read, this seems to be a common thought among non-LDS Christians who choose to use the curriculum. And that’s true.
    However, even if there is no clearly defined Mormon teaching in the curriculum, what I”d like to know is:
    1. Did she fund this business herself, or did she have help? If so, who funded it?
    2. Does a portion of the profit from this curriculum go to support any church or organization aligned with the LDS faith?
    This curriculum may be a spectacular resource, but if the answer to either of those two questions is “yes”, then I’m out.
    Follow the money.

  65. I hope that you get 100 times the positive and encouraging comments in comparison to the negative and hateful comments you have received over the past year. No one can say what your motives are, only you and God know that. If we try to say what another person motives and inner thoughts are then we are actually judging that person (which is a sin). We are trying to act like God who is the only One who truly knows.
    We should all strive to have a more “Spirit-led homeschool where God is consistently drawing us.” If someone feels okay with continuing with this curriculum then do so but it doesn’t give anyone the right to say hateful things to the one who chooses not to continue with it.
    ‘Disagreement isn’t hatred.” Unfortunately, our society interchanges these two words. We have lost the skill to “agree to disagree” peacefully. I hope this changes soon.

  66. Thank you so much for your boldness is sharing this! I took a brief look at TGTB website and thought I might consider it. Then I came across your article and it completely clarified the issues for me. I will not be using it!

  67. Really excellent read. You’re tremendously brave for standing up for what you believe in the face of extraordinary opposition!! God bless xx

  68. Thank you for standing for Truth. May you be blessed and fruitful in the platform the Lord has given you.
    Matthew 10:32 “Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.

  69. We tried The Good and the Beautiful this year and after a few weeks decided we liked our old curriculum better (which was First Language Lessons). I felt like it was too “mushy”. My son is the only one doing English at the moment and most boys get bored reading about love and looking at pretty pictures everyday. We like curriculum as more matter of fact style and leave the more in depth or fun parts for science and history. I actually had no idea it was Mormon until now although I never knew much about that Faith so I doubt that would have kept me from trying it. It just wasn’t for us.

  70. The comments from those, who I assume are claiming to believe in Christ, are so sickening. Weither they agreed with you or not, that is 100% uncalled for. Even unbelieves can be more civilized than that. I am so sorry that they were so hateful, I personally LOVE that you are standing in your convictions. I do agree TGATB has a weird draw to it and it looked great, but I didn’t feel it was for us. It has brought clarity to my decision, to hear your story, So Thank You!

  71. Thank you for bravely and confidently taking this stand and sticking to it. Thank you for speaking truth in love. Thank you for being a devoted woman of God. Just, thank you.♥️

  72. I guess I think there would be fewer problems if the focus was on teaching of Christ instead of what is wrong with another person’s set of beliefs. Then people would be drawn to Him and learn the truth on their own, from the Holy Spirit. I love Him. I will follow Him. My path is guaranteed to look different than yours and even Jenny’s. And the beauty of having a relationship with Him is the peace it brings, like you mentioned. Jesus Christ loves everyone, even the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  73. I have been using the LA level 1, the main draw was that is is free! But I did pay $& for the reader pdf. But I just read a book about the FLDS church and it was very disturbing, I certainly don’t want anything like that in my home. I’m not sure of all the differences between he LDS and the FLDS, however. But I would rather not use it anymore. I looove Sonlight, its the price that gets me but it is worth it I think.

  74. Thank you so much for this! I came to TGTB by watching reviews and videos people like yourself did. I was so excited to find that curriculum. And honestly at first it was great. I think we were all excited to no longer have to deal with public school. I was excited with how in depth the curriculum went, friends were even impressed by it. The excitement slowly faded away and turned into lots of tears. The extremely long days had completely taken a toll on us. As I really started to seek God is when I started to get an uneasy feeling about it being made by a Mormon. My children were even confused. They even asked me “how is this a Christian curriculum, but it’s made by a Mormon.” God sent me to your video and it was like smack and I don’t mean from you, but from God. It finally started to make sense. What really hit me was you made a statement about how you have influence (I’m not sure the exact statement), but that completely hit me. One I’m influencing my children and two we have a huge influence in our church. To think I could be a stumbling block just hit me. I repented and stopped using TGTB right away. God brought me to Master Books. And we absolutely LOVE it! Worldview matters and it’s a Biblical Worldview I am giving my children now. Thank you for your obedience to Christ and using your platform to glorify God!!!

  75. I agree wholeheartedly that LDS are not Christian, but I’m still not quite sure what that has to do with the curriculum…I am a Christian (my husband is a minister of our non-denominational Christian Church) and I haven’t found anything wrong with the curriculum itself.

    Is the issue that you might tell someone you are using this curriculum, they look it up and find out the creator is Mormon, start to study the Mormon faith and convert? I understand why you may not want to promote it on your very public platform where you can’t clarify for each person, but I’m not quite sure why it would be so offensive for individual moms to use the curriculum.

    I haven’t used the history curriculum, so I can’t speak to any quotes or historical figures presented in there, but I have thoroughly combed through Kinder-5th Grade Language Arts and K/1 Math and have found nothing I wouldn’t otherwise teach my kids on my own.

    I would love to hear more about the reasoning behind your decision.

    • I love your perspective. I feel the same way. We are Born again Christians and my husband is a deacon at our non-denominational church. We have used levels K Primer and K, Handwriting 1, Math K and beginners books Level A and we didn’t find anything wrong with any of it. It is a great curriculum, well put together and very organized. We don’t use curriculum to teach about our faith. We use the Bible for that. The Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:21 Test all things; hold fast what is good. You can be sure that if we found anything relating to the Mormonism Faith, we wouldn’t use is. God bless!

  76. Thank you for sharing this! Thank you for exposing the truth that Mormons are not Christians. I have never used TGTB curriculum but I have dear friends that are Mormons and I have visited Temple Square in Salt Lake City and what you stated as their beliefs is spot on! They do not believe or accept the scriptures as we do and they hold Joseph Smith higher than Jesus Christ. It was very eye opening going out there and seeing it all firsthand at the LDS headquarters and the conversations that we’ve had in attempting to win over our Mormon friends. It’s refreshing to see someone take a stand like this. The Pharisees and Saducees hated Jesus for the stand he took but in the end they wished they had believed and trusted his teachings. Don’t be discouraged. The Lord will lift you up. May the Lord make his face shine upon you and give you peace. God Bless!

  77. Thanks for writing this! I have to say that it’s very important to know who and/or what beliefs are behind the curriculum you are using. I check About pages on sites and blogs before I look too deeply into their content. This one’s LDS background raised red flags for me. Thanks again, Rebecca for posting this article.

  78. Thank you so much for standing for truth and light. Satan is the Father of lies and deception. Society is where it is today because we as parents and as a church have allowed the lines to be blurred and allowed that deception to creep in. God will bless you for standing for truth!

  79. We found this curriculum last year and are trying it out this year. I have been impressed with the willingness of their staff to answer any and all questions, especially my hard history questions. From my brief interactions, I learned that families from all over the post-schism spectrum (which includes LDS, Roman Catholic, Baptist, Evangelical, etc) have found this curriculum to be a gift to their families. As we have only dipped our toes in thus far, I can’t comment on the entire curriculum, but I am immensely thankful for a “generically christian” curriculum which we work in and around the learning already happening in our lives and home. We are firmly planted Eastern Orthodox Christians and there is no curriculum for us (yet!) – the ones we love are staunchly Protestant doctrinally and are not appropriate for us. I am thankful for a curriculum which seems to offer, at this point, the opportunity to have to edit LESS as we go along. I was drawn to this curriculum precisely because of its generic approach, its teaching of religion within the scope of history (as opposed to teaching history through the lens of the post-schism movements), and the assumption that we as parents and homeschooling adults are laying a feast of spiritual formation before our children and not expecting a curriculum to do it for us. I understand that we are fully capable and free to vote with our homeschool dollars and support those groups we feel led to.

  80. I am not sure why people like to decide who is and isn’t Christian. I think that is between the individual and Jesus Christ. Christ loved everyone. He ministered to Romans, Samaritans, tax collectors, sinners, lepers, etc. He calls all to repent and follow him. No one can take away another person’s relationship with God. I don’t personally think it matters whether someone uses this curriculum or not. I do think it matters that we do not condemn others for their faith.

    Mark 9:38-41 “And John answered him, saying, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name, and he followeth not us: and we forbad him, because he followeth not us. But Jesus said, Forbid him not: for there is no man which shall do a miracle in my name, that can lightly speak evil of me. For he that is not against us is on our part. For whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name, because ye belong to Christ, verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward..”

    Regardless of differences in doctrine, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints love Jesus Christ and have faith in Him as their Savior and Redeemer.

    • The Bible warns against following false Christs. The Christ of orthodox Christianity is not the spirit brother of satan, as is taught in Mormonism.

  81. Thank you for standing firm even a year later. I first heard about TGTB last year, but decided against it after looking at how teacher-intensive it is. I also saw some reviews of the curriculum itself, that some of the history was sugar-coated, and a few other things that just don’t align with our worldview. I didn’t find your video until after deciding not to use it, but it confirmed my intuition that it’s not for our family. Then I had a friend bring it up to me this week and I told her my concerns, but as I was talking about it to her I felt drawn to look into it again. You’re so right about it being so attractive for a reason. It’s called “The Good and The Beautiful” and I think that’s what’s drawing people in. We strive to teach our kids Truth, Goodness, and Beauty as Christians, and the evil one likes to tell the lie that’s closest to the truth to confuse and deceive us. He loves to muddy the waters and cloud our judgment. Thank you for your efforts to bring clarity to this. After finding this blog, I’m again affirmed in my decision to stay away from this one.

    I also REALLY love your thoughts on not trying to do it all. We’re leaning more to a relaxed form of schooling this year, and it’s such a good reminder that we don’t have to stick to one curriculum or try to do it all. I’m excited to say yes to more things this year, but no to the things that don’t serve us. Thank you for sharing those words, it has brought me peace that we are already doing what is right for us, and there’s no need to add anything else right now.

  82. I am shocked and saddened by the hate mail you have received. That is so disgraceful from anyone, but especially from any Christian or homeschooler. Usually homeschoolers are a little more open minded than the hate mail type of person. I have been a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by entire life. I have never talked to a faithful Latter Day Saint that disagrees with anything that is written on the Church’s website. There are many Latter Day Saints, that are baptized but do not live our religion or attend church or participate in temple worship. I know many Christians that also don’t know what they believe, and even disagree on doctrines within the same congregation or family. Your long list of our beliefs as to why I am not a Christian are indeed part of our doctrine. The only two inaccuracies you shared in your post that you presented as fact is first, we are not changing the name. The name of our church was revealed in the Doctrine and Covenants to Joseph Smith and will always be The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We have been instructed when referring to the Church if we feel the need to shorten it we can say The Church of Jesus Christ. I am sure that you and many of your friends shorten the name of your church, but that doesn’t mean that you are changing the name of your church. The second statement of fact that you presented incorrectly is our belief about grace and Jesus saving us. We absolutely believe that Christ is the only way to be saved, the only way to eternal life, the only way to anything at all! Peter and Paul, Elijah and whoever else you love in the Bible, who are nearly perfect in my eyes, would still go to hell without Christ’s magnificent sacrifice. What we do believe is that we have to qualify for that grace through baptism and repentance. But regardless of how many good things I do in this life, when I go through those pearly gates, it will be because of Christ my Savior. It will not be because of my works. I promise you that is the Latter Day Saint doctrine. I have found however, especially in older generations, this is a hard doctrine to understand for a lot of Latter Day Saints. A fabulous speech on this subject that is on our website entitled, “His Grace Is Sufficient,” that was given at BYU explains our beliefs on grace I also have never heard an active Latter Day Saint claim that we are the “same” as all other Christian religions. I can’t think of any Christian denomination that is the “same” as a different denomination. If we were the same then we wouldn’t all have different beliefs. That is a strange idea I have never heard before. What I have heard many times, and believe myself, is that we all believe Christ is the only way. The definition of a Christian to me means if you believe Christ suffered and died for you and is our God, then you are a Christian. I am puzzled at the narrow definition of a Christian when we are being compared. I am puzzled by the point of the comparison. I believe that if a Latter Day Saint said we are the same, it was meant that we have the same mission. To convert others to Christ, to raise our children to love Him and worship Him, to feed the poor and clothe the naked, to serve all people–regardless of religion or race. Lastly, I do not know Jenny Phillips. Evidently you do. You stated that she has authority in our church. You said that her influence is tremendous and that there are deceptive things going on in the Latter Day Saint religion, implying that Jenny is somehow involved in a conspiracy to convert all homeschoolers to the devil. First of all I don’t know what in the world you are talking about. Our church is pretty transparent. I can’t think of a single thing our church does within the walls of our meeting houses, our temples or outside in the world that you would disapprove of, except a few of our doctrines. What we actually do is exactly what the Bible teaches. As far as Jenny’s authority, she doesn’t have any. I am sure she has a ward or stake calling, on a volunteer basis just like I do. I doubt she meets with the prophet or our other leaders in SLC. I do believe Jenny must have great influence over anyone she personally meets, associates with, or uses TGTB. She is amazing. I am sure you agree with that. But she definitely doesn’t have authority in the Church. That’s not the way the Church works. Can I ask you one question? Do you honestly think Jenny has ulterior motives with her curriculum, other than the education of children with a Christian worldview in easy to use books with beautiful art in it?

    • Thank you so very much for your very heartfelt and thoughtful reply, Rebecca. What you say is most certainly true that we should all be followers of Christ and be teaching our children the same. We should love all we come in contact with and see that their needs are met. The Lord himself told us to love others as we love ourselves. I feel like Rebecca and many of the commenters here just Christian bashed (maybe not meaning to – but that was the outcome) the entire Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons, LDS) which has no solid footing, just because you don’t believe in all the doctrines of someone else’s church. I don’t believe in some of the doctrines of her church and and some other churches, but I allow you all to believe what you will and love you still, and not tell you that you are not Christian. What we all have in common is that we believe in our Savior Jesus Christ and do our best to follow Him. You can leave the rest out unless you really want to do some studying and searching, but for the purpose of this TGTB, it leads directly to the Savior. I use TGTB for my Language Arts/History/Geography and love it.

      • The concern is that the Christ of orthodox Christianity is not the same as the “Christ” of Mormonism. They share the same name and are called the Son of God, but beyond that there are vast differences. The Bible warns us of false Christs. We are not to follow them because they cannot save us and are leading many into darkness. It is not “Christian bashing”. It is contending for the faith.

    • Thank you Rebecca for already typing out my comment! 🙂 I was just going to say from reading the first part of this post–the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is NOT shortening the name, just going away from the nickname “Mormon” or “LDS” as a shortcut term for the church–since both terms leave out Jesus Christ, the most important part of it. I just found out about TGATB, though obviously since I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I’m not bothered by any potential influence. 🙂

      And also, I appreciated that the links to doctrine at the beginning (at least the few I clicked) did lead to the church’s website, so I appreciate the honesty there! No better place to get answer a question about an organization (religious or otherwise) than on their own site. Thank you! 🙂

  83. I was concerned about the curriculum and went in search of reviews. So thankful God lead me here. Thank you for speaking with love and conviction.

  84. “Ye shall know them by their fruits”

    Pulled this off of the church’s website – we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins.

    I assume If any one is truly interested in learning whether members of a church or denomination are Christian, I’d suggest you take Jesus at his word, and look at their fruits. In the case of this particular faith, maybe read the Book of Mormon? It’s either exactly what they claim it to be, or a giant fraud. Not much middle ground there, right?

    But what do I know? It’s not like I do anything crazy (according to modern society), like home school my kids… ?

  85. I didn’t know it was written from a Mormon world-view, until I happened upon this article. I just bought everything from Pre-K to 2nd grade. Better research would’ve helped but I was focused on cost and effectiveness. Most other Christian world-view curricula I’ve seen are incredibly expensive. One I tried,Horizon is terribly out dated and my daughter and I hated it. But I used it anyway because I had already bought it. Thank you for your thoughtful research and prayer. I made a mistake. I do know the LDS is a cult, but again, I didn’t know this curriculum was heavily influenced by it. The Lord would have to provide for us, financially to use something else. I know I can pray and use parts that I want and not use others. Thank you again, and I ask for your prayers as I navigate this.

  86. I usually do not comment or post but feel the need to do so here. I m so glad that you have prayed and been directed what is best for your family. I feel that every parent should do that and can have the privilege of recieving and answer from God to their prayers. I pray regularly for direction on what is best for my family. That being said, it saddens me to read such negativity about a specific curriculum based on the religious affiliation of the author. I believe Jenny states her intent is to provide wholesome curriculum at reasonable prices. This she does. If families do not use her curriculum based on her religion that is their decision and should be. It seems this article is very devisive and focused on attacking The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints rather than focusing on the curriculum. If you feel the need to warn people, state that the curriculum is produced by a member of that faith and that you wanted to be sure people are aware. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may. In today’s society, with so many challenges, I would hope that we could all be more tolerant of those with differing views including religion.

  87. It is so hard to stand up for what is right!! I have gone through this with a group of friends recently. But when we stand firm God is with us! And brings us to others standing firm so we can stand together! Thank you for speaking up!

  88. Hi Rebecca, I admire your courage to stand up for what you believe and to follow God’s prompting even if it wasn’t the”popular choice”. I am currently looking at TGATB curriculum and will be praying about my decision. I wondered if you could recommend a different curriculum that you like? I too desire to follow more of the unschool “method” of teaching. Any recommendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It is my first year homeschooling (my twins are starting kindergarten) and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed! Will be following your site. Thank you!

  89. I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for your original post and information of why you left and this post as well. It (you) reached me exactly when I needed it to. I pulled my kids from Public school last April and was lost and confused debating on a curriculum. I had many people recommended this curriculum, and I looked over the website, but then ran into your video. I was very unsure of everything at that point, except that I wanted my curriculum to be Christian. I’m so glad I saw your video and I feel like God was leading me when I did. I did the research on LDS afterwards and decided that curriculum was not for us. After much prayer and research we have just received our books from Master Books and are so excited to start our first homeschool year. I pray that the hate stops for you and commend you for standing firm in your faith. God bless you xxx

  90. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints and also really dislike the Good and Beautiful. I agree that it is TOO MUCH for a family and a child, I believe that Jenny wrote a curriculum that is really “school at home,” with worksheets, memorization, quizzes, mixed in with extreme patriotism and occasional mentions of God. It has all together too much “doing” without time to think or be.
    I (obviously ?) disagree with you about whether or not LDS people are deluded about their faith and whether or not they are Christians. I believe in my Savior Jesus Christ, who died for me and washes away my sins with his blood.
    But I also know that I would be unlikely to use a different Christian curriculum, because there are major differences in our core doctrine.
    Anyway, I feel like the TG&TB is highly praised and flaunted as being phenomenal, but it is overwhelming, pandering, and narrow-minded. Sooo, I appreciated reading your opinion on it.

  91. Thank you for your review!! I was contemplating this curriculum and found your post 😉 We homeschool for spiritual reasons and therefore my radar is always on especially today with the great falling away. I wont be using this curriculum. We also use an eclectic approach and desire to be Spirit led, I hear you on the conviction we’re not doing enough, but when I really quieten down before the Lord I feel His peace that we are in His will focusing on the most important things; a relationship with Him through His Word and the character of my kids!! God bless you!

  92. Thank you so much for listening to the Holy Spirit, your obedience and for sharing with others. I heard about this curriculum but I sensed a hesitation in my spirit. Each time I went to purchase or download the curriculum, I did not feel the peace of God. I decided to research it more and I came upon your review. This puts words to how I was feeling. I am homeschooling, in part, to help the spiritual formation of my children. Although it is a great price, this curriculum is not a good option for a follower of Jesus.

  93. May the Lord bless you and keep you and continue to make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you! God WILL work this all out for the good., because He is faithful! Thank you for being a faithful follower of Jesus and standing firm on the Word. Our battles are not against flesh and blood, this is a huge spiritual battle and I pray that you won’t grow weary in doing good! This is a much needed article and it’s obvious that the Holy Spirit spoke to you and through you.

  94. I am not LDS, but reading this and those praising your “boldness” literally turn my stomach. What a judgmental attack on another denomination. I have friends that are LDS and they are Christians. They believe in a Heavenly Father, His son Jesus Christ, and that He atoned for our sins and was resurrected. What is the definition of a Christian to you? This post, and all other posts related to this, are filled with bitterness , fear spreading, and inaccuracies. I wish you well, but am very disturbed that you get on here and act so victimized when you are persecuting good people.

    • The Bible warns us that there would be false Christs and false prophets, and that we are not to follow either of them. The Christ of orthodox Christianity and the “Christ” of Mormonism may have the same name, but they are not the same. A false Christ cannot save.

  95. This may be an old post now but thank you so much for sharing your convictions. I came to this article looking for support to my own questions about TGTB. The moment a christian friend recommended it to me and as a side mentioned it was put together by a mormon I instantly became concerned. I’ve since had several Christian homeschoolers recommend it and while I’ve gently pointed out why I personally won’t use material from an LDS author I’ve faced criticism, arguments, and the usual ‘there’s no denominational content within.’ I just don’t see why a Christian would willingly choose a curriculum that does not hold to the teachings of their faith, simply because it looks attractive, is easy, etc. I remain convicted. I will NOT be using TGTB ever.

  96. Thank you! I am just beginning to research curricula to begin homeschooling in 2020, and I heard so much about TBTG from other Christian moms and, without delving too deeply into it, it was at the top of my list, at least in part, for an eclectic style curriculum. I had know idea it was created by the LDS. I will definitely keep looking!

  97. Thank you for this review. I didn’t realize it was a mormon curriculum. I’m definitely going to stick to what we have been using which is the Ace paces.

  98. Having a mother in Heaven who loves us and wants to help us?! How cool does that sound?!?! Wow, thanks for sharing that info because now I feel like I’ve been missing out on so much love in my life by just thinking that I had a father in Heaven. Why not use a curriculum that includes divinity and ways to be more like Christ? Isn’t that what the world needs? There are lots of curriculums that do that. In my research of curriculum and discussions with many very educated friends in the past (my husband has a masters and MD so we have been surrounded by highly educated people from all walks of life), bashing anything created by someone primarily because of their religious affiliation is small-minded. On the other hand, sharing the benefits of curriculum to people of all walks of life can only be beneficial to all. The latter option would have been much better in this situation and you wouldn’t have received so much backlash.

  99. Thank you for standing firm to what was in your heart. I first heard about TGTB this year from a homeschooling friend, but had no idea what it was so wanted to look more at it. I read some reviews which were REALLY awesome, but then, out of the blue, found your video. WOw! What an eye opener. I’m so glad I saw your video and read your detailed blog to find out more about it, before I presented it to my children. You’re so right about it being so attractive for a reason. It’s called “The Good and The Beautiful” and I think that’s what’s drawing people in. We strive to teach our kids Truth, Goodness, and Beauty as Christians, and the evil one likes to tell the lie that’s closest to the truth to confuse and deceive us. He loves to muddy the waters and cloud our judgment. Thank you for your efforts to bring clarity to this. After finding this blog, I’m again affirmed in my decision to stay away from this one. What I would like to know is….my kids are now going into 6th and 7th grade. Master Books stops at a certain grade level. What would be a good Christian curriculum for my kids to use for language arts?

  100. I am LDS and I still appreciated thispost :0)
    I wanted to share a few things I thought of while reading this. First I can see why many of the people in LDS religion said we don’t believe some of the things you listed or have listed elsewhere, it comes down to 2 things; one is that not everyone (in any religion) know exactly what they believe as a whole church. I’ve talked to many other Faiths and they didn’t know what some of their leaders past and present had said and LDS is no different. The other thing is that you have worded it in a way that we do not, so at first look I to almost said we don’t believe that! But we do its just worded different by LDs faith, not that we or our leaders are trying to hide or lie about things its just a different culture.
    I also really appreciated your insights as to why you are against using TGAB (though I disagree) I finally, FINALLY, understand where you are coming from. I recently had some family leave my faith and become agnostic and atheist and it was heartbreaking! But your post helped me see it through your eyes what it feels like when people of your faith join my religion. Its a hard thing now that I can see both sides, and I really wish all of us could see eye to eye and not feel so heart broken when others find happiness and faith somewhere else.
    I did also really appreciate your comment of time and how long it took. I am using TGAB and it is taking a long time. I may stop using it I don’t know. But seeing that you too felt like it was too much helps me.
    Anyways, I just wanted to say I can see your side and I appreciate that you tried to clear it up. I may not agree about us trying to steal your faith ;0) but I do see where you are coming from and I feel good about that understanding :0)

  101. wow wow I was just praying asking God if this curriculum needs to be out my house……. I was feeling a lot of warfare when I would do the language arts with my daughter. I just did not understand but thank God for discernment and YOU.

  102. Rebecca,

    Thank you for taking such a strong stand, listening to the Holy’s Spirit’s prompting and being obedient even in the midst of negative and hurtful responses. God will honor that. You are one of my favorite homeschool blogs/vlogs to follow. I love your authenticity and honesty in your reviews. I watched the video that you are talking about and saw only someone sharing her heart about why she chose to stop using a curriculum she felt God was telling her to stop using. You keep doing what you are doing, keep being who God made you to be and keep standing strong.

  103. This statement alone should be cause for concern for Christians. This copied and pasted from the LDS website.

    Latter-day Saints do not believe scripture consists of the Holy Bible alone but have an expanded canon of scripture that includes the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price.

  104. Wow, thank you so much for laying this all out. I have heard wonderful things of TGATB and was just checking it out for my son when I came across this post. I had no idea of the LDS influence (I’m very new to homeschooling) but am well aware of their beliefs. My husband has done extensive research on their background, books of belief and apologetics and it is not of Christ. Thank you for making me aware before I began down that way.

  105. I agree with everything you said about Mormonism. A Christian friend warned me that TGTB is written by a Mormon after I already ordered it. I only got the Language Arts one, and I have to say, it works really well. My daughter picked it up so fast and after only a couple months can already read! I use a different Bible study and a different math and stuff, but I needed something easy for her and me to follow, and it works. If you’re still reading this then my question is this; if you won’t use a curriculum because of the person who wrote it, then do you watch TV knowing who acted in it or who paid for it. Most movies and TV shows are connected to Hollywood, which is very anti-Christian and anti-Bible. We are getting stricter about what we allow influence the kids and no longer allow shows about magic, because of what the Bible says about it, and we no longer do the traditional holidays, as we know where they originated. Do people who are against this curriculum (just because it is from Mormon sources) also consider these other pagan and possibly demonic influences in their daily lives? Or just this one because it is so openly Mormon, whereas Christmas (which was a pagan holiday and is the “birthday” of about a dozen “gods”) has been commandeered by Christians and we’ve been told it was Jesus’s birthday (it wasn’t). It’s just a thought I’ve been having as another mom mentioned her concerns about this curriculum. I don’t know if we will continue using it or not after we are done this workbook, but it’s something to consider and I have been keeping a close eye on every page of it since we started to make sure there’s nothing deceptive in it. Hope my thoughts were clear!

    • Actually….I can’t speak for all, but yes, I do pay attention to those things and am very particular about what influences are coming into our home. I would disagree with you as to the origins about Christian holidays, though.

  106. I appreciate the facts that you presented so that families can make a knowledgeable decision about the curriculum they use. I’ve looked at TGTB curriculum because the illustrations are so beautiful and I appreciate the fact that they have children of color in their works. As an African American family it is hard to find material featuring brown children.

    We do not use any particular curriculum at this time, but follow the Montessori method of teaching. However when it is time to chose curriculum I now how more information to make an informed choice. I was homeschooled for 8 years and I can tell you first hand that curriculum has an effect on students. I’ve found that secular curriculum has been solid because the only purpose is to teach the basics. Parents are responsible for giving and teaching their children about the Lord. Not textbooks. Once again thank you for your information, although the TGTB is, well, beautiful, it is not the curriculum of my choice because I know how damaging the Mormon faith is, despite that fact that all of the Mormons that I know are the absolutely nicest people in the world! All that glitters is not gold.

  107. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I just want you to know that I love your convictions. You clearly have thought this through. And decided to take a stand. And while we disagree on some of these beliefs, I just want you to know that I think the world needs more passionate people. I love your passion. I love your desire to do what you believe is right. I love you. I think you’re awesome. That’s all.

  108. I am new to your blog. I found it when I was researching if the Good and the Beautiful was a christian curriculum. One of my friends had it and all the stories sounded so “Christian.” Thank you for writing this blog and making the video. It can be very confusing for Christians to understand that Born again Christianity and the LDS type of christianity are complete opposites, they would have to learn about their theology and that is something that most people don’t want to take the time to do.

    I am so sorry that you have been getting hateful comments. They just don’t get it, and I believe that the Holy Spirit led you to do this so that some of us would get our eyes open to the truth of this curriculum.

    Your words about the changes that have happened in your homeschool since you let go of this curriculum I really needed to hear. I always feel like I am not doing enough or like I am failing my kids.

    I think your example of boldness to stand up for the Truth will be something that will impact your kids’ lives in amazing ways!

    One question. Are you using a curriculum to teach your kids language arts and math now? I am interested on hearing what you are doing instead.

    Thank you again. You did the right thing 🙂

  109. Thank you for your perspective. I found this article because I was looking at a handwriting and typing program to do with my kids over the summer for fun. TGTB looked great! I agree with your feelings about the LDS church, however. Ever since I became aware that some of my classmates were LDS at public school I have looked in to the faith. Believe it or not teenagers raised to know the Lord are able to examine things like this without “going astray.” (lol) I knew what I believed and wanted to know what they did for clarity. They are very nice, very good people, but they are definitely lying about themselves. A lot. The truth is that the LDS church is the fourth wing of what is now Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and the LDS Church. They have their own center of religion (Salt Lake City), their own prophets, an entire tome to add to the Bible, their own missionary division, plus all of the doctrinal issues you discuss. It is that pervasive lying that makes me constantly on edge around LDS people and their sweet, smiley personas. It would be SO refreshing if they just owned the fact that they were a new thing. The lying would be gone at least. But, no.

    We public school, so I haven’t looked into any of the other curriculum to know how it is specifically Mormon. I haven’t looked through the rest of your blog, but you are obviously a very caring and invested homeschool mom. Keep up the good work–things will be fine, and your kids will turn out great! You took a big risk sharing your thoughts, and I respect that. Big wave from my part of the Body to yours!

  110. As a homeschool mom who recently left the LDS church, I commend you for standing up and exposing these beliefs. I remained a member for 40 years because I never knew the difference. I was taught I was a Christian because I believed in Christ. I had no idea that my beliefs were not held by most Christians and that even the Jesus I believed in was not the Jesus of the Bible. I couldn’t understand why the homeschool Co-ops specifically excluded me as a Mormon- although if they had included me I might have found the true Jesus years earlier… The point is, by specifically addressing the differences in beliefs you can not only warn Christian’s so they are not deceived, but you can help Mormon’s to see why their beliefs are not compatible with Christianity.

  111. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing these truths. I was just printing out the sample pages of TGATB to see if they would work for my boys, as I am seeking out a new History curriculum, but I didn’t know this information in regard to the LDS church. I knew they weren’t Christians (Like Jehovah’s Witness), but I didn’t realize such profound doctrinal error and heresy was involved in their beliefs. I am sorry for the persecution you have faced, but then again, you can count yourself blessed for suffering for the Gospel. Please don’t stop sharing these truths and standing up for the truth. There are many of us still who don’t have itching ears and desire to hear what the Spirit is speaking to us as Homeschooling moms. Thank you again!!!

  112. As Christians we are called to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Jesus Christ. May the Lord bless you and your home for your obedience to Him.

  113. This is bang on. I’m sorry that you have been so attacked, but I appreciate that you stuck to your guns. I was confused about the difference between Mormons and Christians so my pastor lent me a book on cults. I read it and the confusion was gone. Mormonism is not Christianity. They are mutually exclusive, even if they look similar on a surface level.

  114. Thank you Rebecca! I had looked into the curriculum and felt the tug of the Holy Spirit that something was off. Looking into it only a tiny bit (it’s not hard for the Mormon influence to be shown) and I knew it wouldn’t be good for us. Your article only confirmed what the Holy Spirit was showing me:) Thanks again.

    BTW, we just did the first lesson on the birds unit today and it was awesome!

  115. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints, I would like to add a comment. Before you all start rolling your eyes, I want you to know I am not here to bash or defend. I completely understand where you are coming from and respect your convictions, your right to express them, and to live by them.

    Now, I also just want to go on record that as a member of Jenny Phillip’s faith, I can say that as I have used the curriculum in the past I have noticed an LDS-centered tilt to things, even quotes from our Apostles and other leaders. So, I get it. I really do. I look at Christian curricula, books, films, etc., with an eye towards what is and is not in line with my way of thinking and my doctrine. I generally don’t use things that preach the Trinity (because we believe in 3 separate beings, as you pointed out), or the baptism of infants, or baptism by any other means than immersion. Am I ok reading things like that? Yes! But I am an adult and feel firm in my beliefs. If you are concerned that your children will look up a person or a quote and it will lead them down the wrong road for your child, then by all means, stay away. I would do the same thing!

    On a separate note, I also noticed a few over-simplifications of my beliefs and would like to clarify, if I might? First, we don’t refer to a “mother-God.” But we do believe in a Heavenly Mother, but she is not part of the Godhead, and I think that refering to a “mother-God” in LDS doctrine is a little misleading. Also, salvation by grace alone is a core doctrine. BUT, that being said, we differentiate between Salvation and what we call Exaltation. This is something that many even within the faith don’t get, or don’t fully understand. Salvation comes through Jesus Christ alone, through his suffering and grace, and is offered to all of his children. Once you are Saved, we make covenants and perform ordinances to work toward Exaltation, or becoming like God (yes, you have this correct….though we don’t believe we become GOD as you said, just like Him, and He will always be our God and as we progress in glory, He is progressively glorified). Someone once said it better than I when they expressed that we are not trying to Earn heaven, we are trying to Learn heaven.

    I also feel it is a little simplistic to say that we teach that all other denomination have it wrong. In essence, it is technically true, but we also teach that other faiths have a lot of things RIGHT. And that God only judges people based on the light and knowledge that they have. So, if you only have a part of the truth, you will not be held accountable for not living by that truth which you do not have.

    Lastly, the original name was not The Church of the Latter-day Saints. The original name was The Church of Christ, then it changed to The Church of God, THEN to The Church of Latter-day Saints, and then, finally, to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This last change happened in 1838…but I kind of felt you left the impression that the recent re-emphasis on the full name of the church was a name change. Perhaps that was unintentional, but I though I would clarify that here. Anyway, we believe in an open cannon of scripture, and that God communicates with a prophet and that up unitl 1838, no one had bothered to ask God what His church should be called, hence the name changes.

    Back to the curriculum: can I also say that I doubt very much that Jenny Phillips was intending to deceive anyone? I think that most likely, she created the curriculum that she wanted to use in her own home first, and then tried to make it available to as many other people as she could. She has always been pretty open about her religious background, and she honestly and truly does believe she is a Christian herself (as we all do…but that is a debate best left for another forum). Has she downplayed the influence that her faith has had in this curricula? Maybe. But was that necessarily intentional? I don’t know. I think we all have our own views shaped by our core beliefs and experiences and often we are blind to our own filters we are seeing the world through.

    Anyway, I hope I don’t come across as offensive or even preachy. I just wanted to point out a few things that I felt were a little off, and also let you all know that I know where you are coming from and I get it, and I applaud your efforts to raise and teach your children the way that you feel they need to be raised.

    • Very well said. Thank you for replying so well. I was also wondering if I should say something as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint. ☺️
      Just a note. I was baffled by the name change comment as well. But then as I was working on dinner, a light bulb went off in my head. What is referenced here is not the change of the actual name of the church, but the name of the web domain The Church of Jesus Christ. It used to be LDS. org. And there was indeed a different domain previously. If you go to TheChurchofJesusChrist .org though, you will see very clearly stated at the top of the page the full name The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Hopefully that adds a little clarity to that argument. The domain name change does not actually reflect a change in the official name. And I guess since you all don’t believe that we are Christians, the domain name would seem like a lie or a trick. Just know that it isn’t intended that way. Members of my religion firmly believe they are Christians. I believe that the Bible is the word of God. I study it’s truth’s with my family. I pray each day to be guided by the Lord. May God bless you all as you strive to do the same.

  116. Thank you for standing up for truth and taking the hit. It is difficult in situations where so much vocabulary is shared, but definitions are completely different.
    Praying for you and your family.

  117. Blessings to you!
    Thank you Rebeka for your boldness and faith!
    I also was considering their curriculum but now that I have this information is won’t use it !!
    Thank you

  118. I am SO very sorry for what other members of my faith (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints) have said to attack you, no wonder you think we’re not Christian! Everyone has a right to do what they feel is best for them. I applaud you for doing what you feel is right and standing up for what you believe. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and our Savior and Redeemer. If you don’t think we are Christian, that is your opinion and no one should be attacking you for that. Please know that our church teaches us to be kind and loving to everyone….too bad that doesn’t always happen. Best wishes on your journey as a curriculum writer, may God continue to direct your path. God bless.

  119. Thank you. Their curriculum looks awesome, as does The Family School, but I was unaware of the theological basis. Thank you.

  120. Jenny is actually NOT a leader in our church at all. She teaches a small class of women every other month in her small congregation. She holds no leadership responsibility in our church at all.

  121. Matthew 7:12 Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.
    John 13:34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

  122. Matthew 25:40 Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

    I’m SO grateful I belong to a church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) that NEVER passes out anti-church literature on any other church, that NEVER has preaching against any other church, that NEVER thinks it’s OK to persecute any other church or person because they believe differently than us. If you come to any of our worship services, you will find all of our preaching, lessons and worshiping is cenetered on the Lord, Jesus Christ and His Gospel. We respect all people and their beliefs. Even one of our Articles of Faith states: “We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men this same privilege. Let them worship how, where or what they may.” We are a church that teaches Christ-like love, tolerance, and respect. My friends feel so comfortable coming to my church because they know they will not be judged. I would NEVER feel comfortable going to your church. If you truly want people to come unto Christ, wouldn’t you do it His way? By loving them and showing them acceptance? Charity never faileth. That is His way.

    I understand you have developed and published your own curriculum. That’s wonderful! What a great accomplishment for a hard working mom. I can tell you are passionate about homeschooling and want to share that with others. I think that is a blessing for your family and so many others as well. But don’t you appreciate it when someone has a problem with your curriculum (because there is no such thing as a perfect curriculum) that they personally come to you to work it out? They email or message you instead of posting all over social media why it didn’t work for their family or why they had problems with it, etc. I think you would really appreciate the former approach and not the latter. Am I right? I just think that shows love and respect and also gives the author of the curriculum the benefit of the doubt. That thy are a good person just doing their best and they need grace! I hope deep inside you truly feel that way and that posting all this anti-LDS information (much of which is simply not true) was just a moment of weakness. Let us foster love, true understanding, and tolerance. Let us invite others unto Christ through his pure love. Otherwise we will only be pushing them away. God bless you.

  123. God bless you for sharing what God had on your heart to say! I was literally clicks away from buying that curriculum until God pulled at my heart strings. Something didn’t feel right. I randomly came across this post and feel SO MUCH BETTER now. Thank you for being brave!

  124. Thank you for writing this. All I would have to do is tell my husband about this curriculum and he would tell me no. Homeschool mom’s should consult their husbands before purchasing curriculum.

  125. First, I want to say anyone who responds with hatred is not following the example of Jesus Christ. He says that hate is a tool of the devil. You are entitled to follow your own convictions and people should not attack you for that.

    I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and I wanted to clarify a few points for you and other readers.

    First of all, you say we are not Christians. I think to answer this you need to ask what a Christian is. When you get specific with different doctrines then it becomes more a question of whether someone is Evangelical, Protestant, Catholic, etc. You are absolutely right that we are fairly different from many Christians. But for me, the fundamental trait of a Christian is one who believes that Jesus Christ is God. That He is the one we worship and that He is our Savior. There is absolutely no denying that we are Christians in this sense of the word. If you want to argue that we are not Christians because we don’t believe in the Holy Trinity, then absolutely, we are not Christians. But by that standard you could argue that none of the early Christians were actually Christian because the acceptance of the Holy Trinity wasn’t decided upon until the 3rd century.

    Second, you say we are changing our name. This is completely false. We are not rebranding or renaming at all. Our name is still The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. What has been changed in recent years is trying to shed the nickname “Mormon” which comes from the Book of Mormon, and “LDS” which is an abbreviation of the full name of the church. The emphasis is on going by our actual name and not a nickname. The church has made great effort to change website names, email, and apps to reflect the fact that we follow Jesus Christ, not Mormon or anyone else.

    Third, you refer to the commandment to not add anything to the book of Revelations as being evidence that the Book of Mormon couldn’t be scripture. This article explains what our beliefs are on that subject:

    Those who say we are the same are wrong. But their intent, I think, is to say that we have a lot more in common that we have different and that rather than tear each other apart we should try to understand each other and be kind to each other.

    I appreciate that you linked to articles by the church and encourage readers to read them.

    Thank you and I wish you the best.

    • I truly appreciate the tone of your response here to Rebecca’s post. Kindness matters! That said, please hear this response in the kindness with which it is being offered.

      You stated: “the acceptance of the Holy Trinity wasn’t decided upon until the 3rd century.” This is not true. If you read the writings of the early church fathers, you will see that this is not true and that they did, in fact, believe in the Holy Trinity. When the teaching came under attack, it was finally codified and written as such so that what the church in fact taught and believed from the beginning could no longer be brought into question.

      A Christian is one who follows the Christ, the Son of the Living God. It is more than belief in Him, as scripture tells us that even the demons believe and shudder. But the Bible warns us that there will also be false Christs and false prophets, and those we are not to follow. The Christ of orthodox Christianity may be the same in name as the Christ of Mormonism, but when one compares the two, they are not the same individual. It is the same with the “Christ” of Islam, or the “Christ” of Jehovah’s Witnesses. They are both called Chrsit, and the claim is made that it is the Christ of the Bible, but when you look at what is taught about those figures, it is clear that they are false Christs put forth by these religions. and not the Christ of the Bible at all. A false Christ cannot save.

  126. Thank you for this article…however, I am absolutely heartbroken! I was so excited about this curriculum, I even got my kids excited about it. My only question is what curriculum is out there that is similar to TGTB? I was really drawn in by how it’s an all in one curriculum. What other curriculum did you all switch to or what do you think would be similar to this one? Looking into purchasing some this weekend and would really appreciate your help. Thank you!

    • I personally use and recommend My Father’s World and Masterbooks. Both have stellar God-view through EVERY area of their curriculum.

  127. Its convenient how much the false is mixed in with the true so it’s difficult to tell which is which. Don’t take her word for gospel truth– find out for yourself. Information literacy is so important. Using *primary* sources for information is simply best practice. Unfortunately we tend to believe what we agree with, truth or not. Truth is truth and doesn’t depend on whether or not it is believed by you or anyone.

  128. Thank you for posting this. I have been struggling finding a homeschool curriculum that is christian based and affordable (I also have 5 kids – 8 and under). Thank you for your honesty. Just like I am not Catholic I do not want to teach my kids a catholic curriculum. I am not LSD so I do not want to teach my kids a curriculum that was based off of that particular religion.

  129. Hi Rebecca,

    I had a look at your curriculum Rebecca. I thought it looked amazing. I was considering using it for my kids. These comments you have made have put me off. I am a Christian, I believe in Jesus Christ and I believe in living prophets. I am so grateful to have the Gospel in my life. I am so disappointed to read this article. Contention is never a good thing. I would like to invite you to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover and pray to know if it is true. I think that is the best way to understand these things. Go to the source. The same as if you wished to help someone learn more about God and what you believe, I am guessing you would probably invite them to read the Bible to know for themselves, instead of relying on second-hand information and opinions. Another good option is to read “Saints” to find out more about the history of the Church of Jesus Christ and what the early saints went through to help establish the church and spread the gospel, as well as founding great american cities, and contributing to the expansion of the West.

    Despite my disappointment in your comments and feelings of negativity towards the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I still wish you all the best for continuing to create ,more unit studies. I think your program can help a lot of people, and it has definitely helped me to get some good ideas of how to home-school my kids and what kind of curriculum I am looking for.

    All the best.

  130. You just confirmed my decision to purchase The Good and the Beautiful curriculum. Thank you for that. I’ve been drawn to it. After reading your post, now more than ever.

    I don’t believe it’s Christian to tear others or other religions down. Nor homeschool curriculums. That isn’t what the Bible teaches. And that isn’t what I want to teach my children.

    • Rebecca is not tearing down another religion, she is pointing out the facts and is bringing to light obvious deception and the differences between the two beliefs. I thought her words were straightforward and not unkind.
      She even said that disagreement is not hate.
      As believers we have been encouraged to “test the spirits”.”

  131. The internal struggle you wrote about was exactly what I just went through. We are homeschooling for the first time next year, so I have been on the overwhelming search for the right curriculum. I was almost about to order from the Good and the Beautiful, when I saw the video on their webpage about how the curriculum is nondenominational. I wanted to love the curriculum because it was beautiful and seemed to have everything my kids needed. I thought if it is nondenominational, I can still add in what I want my kids to learn from the Bible. But I also felt conflicted that I shouldn’t have to convince myself that this was truly good. We wanted to homeschool to give our kids a solid foundation in God’s Word, so why was I drawn to something that I would have to add that foundation to? It is eerily similar to the account of what was going through Eve’s mind in Genesis 3 “ So when the woman saw that the tree was GOOD for food, and that it was a DELIGHT TO THE EYES, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate, and she also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate.” (Emphasis mine) I am thankful for the Holy Spirit’s confrontation as I was considering the Good and the Beautiful. Thank you for following His leading as well!

  132. Oh, man, Thank you, Rebecca, for your refreshing honesty. I saw your announcement for not using TGTB any more a while ago, but never came across this post here. I saw the same things you did, but felt like I could use it at home and just not talk about it to anyone else. I have done extensive study of Mormonism, I had many friends in high school that were LDS, I even went to a few classes and meetings because I wanted to know how to relate to them and bring them to Jesus.
    Anyway, you have brought conviction to me and now I need to go search my own heart and see how the Lord will lead me in this next. I SEE how there is deception and it’s blurring the line that is so dangerous. I personally just skipped anything in the curriculum that wasn’t clear, and I have chosen not to use the History.
    So, thank you.

  133. I saw your original video when it posted, have similar convictions and am careful not to recommend it. Thank you for such a well thought out post and standing firm. Prayers for you and your family! Our Lord is bigger than this and he will not forsake us.

  134. Thank you! I bought LGTB after watching your YouTube videos and seeing you recommend it. However, looking through the curriculum myself I felt overwhelmed and unsure, then I found this post. Thank you for your boldness and your faith. It has helped confirm what I was already feeling! May God bless you and your family.

  135. Once I downloaded the free LA materials, and even bought the history, handwriting, and had several other things on my wish list. We even started using the history. It was good (looking) and it was beautiful. But my spirit was so unsettled. I finally sold that junk and went to Masterbooks and MFW. I’ve watched all your videos. Yet here again I get tempted by the beauty of it. The math is so pretty! But as I can imagine, the fruit was good and beautiful looking to Eve, and look how we are still paying for that mistake. Thank you for ONCE AGAIN reminding me to stay the straight and narrow. Just wanted to encourage you, and thank you for encouraging me! <3

  136. Mom of 12. We used More Than Words 1 through MB this last year and I wondered what else you authored so I just looked at your site for the first time today. I recently had this discussion with my pastor and his wife about how I am frustrated and saddened by how many of my evangelical homeschooling mom friends are flocking to and recommending TGTB. I was very happy to read this article. We have not used TGTB personally and I’ve never had a good response to others and I have been shocked how mad friends get when you challenge their use of TGTB. Thank you for your honesty and following the Holy Spitit. I will reference your post in the future.

  137. Thanks for writing this. I studied the life of Joseph Smith in some detail in college. I know the reasons why Joseph Smith was a deceiver, and not a prophet of God. I have seen a copy of the court document demonstrating how at age 21 he was using his seeing stone to lead another man on a wild goose chase in the woods for buried treasure, despite supposedly receiving his second vision 4 years before in which he was told that he would be using a seeing stone to translate a book of golden plates. No real prophet who had seen two visions from God would risk his credibility by throwing it away leading people on bogus treasure hunts using the very unique mechanism by which God had told him he would be bringing revelation to the world.

    .Is the LDS church a Christian church? No. Are there Christians within the LDS church? Absolutely. Just as I found out there were members of Baptist churches who had spoken in tongues, I find a range of belief within different Christian and even non-Christian groups. Every one of us believes things in error, and our job is to submit our beliefs to scripture alone and allow our beliefs to be challenged by renewing our minds with God’s word. Joseph Smith’s writings are not God’s word. This is easy to prove. Just look at John 1:1 in the original Joseph Smith translation of the Bible.

    I could go on and on with these proofs. But here’s the point I want to make: During a visit to an LDS Family History center, the duality of the LDS “church” was clearly seen by two statements of faith posted side by side on the wall. One was a very good and Biblically accurate description of salvation in Christ., beautifully and concisely written. The other was like something out of Alice in Wonderland, describing many of the lies that Joseph Smith fabricated in his Book of Mormon, The Pearl of Great Price, and his translation of the Bible. It is therefore clear that LDS adherents are not disciples merely of Christ, but disciples of Joseph Smith. And Joseph Smith was no man of God,

    Jesus made it clear that his sheep hear his voice; they will not listen to the voice of any other. This means they must forsake the voice of Joseph Smith. Followers of Christ recognize the voice of Christ in the writings of Paul, John, Jude, Peter, Luke, Matthew, and Mark. But the voice of Jesus did not flow through Joseph Smith, for Joseph Smith made Jesus out to be a liar. Here’s how: Jesus told his disciples that he was returning to the Father. But Joseph Smith claimed Jesus went to America instead. Jesus said unless he left, the Holy Spirit would not come! But Joseph Smith intimates that Jesus could be here physically present on earth while the Holy Spirit was too. The Apostle Paul stated that Jesus was STILL at the Father’s right hand in heaven, where he “EVER LIVES” to intercede for believers. Yet Joseph Smith said Jesus was in the Americas. The Psalmist said, “Sit at my right hand UNTIL I make your enemies a footstool for your feet.” But Joseph Smith said no, the Psalmist was wrong, According to Joseph Smith, Jesus left the Father’s right hand to go the Americas. Joseph Smith cannot be true without making Paul, David, and Jesus liars. Joseph Smith cannot be a prophet without making Paul, David, and Jesus false prophets,, according to the standard of a prophet that Moses laid down in the Pentateuch.

    Thanks again for having the courage to write about this. I was considering trying out The Good and The Beautiful curriculum, and I am now glad to know that doing so would completely contradict the truth. The truth of who Christ was (no, he was not an archangel any more than he was a trumpet or a shout). Jesus said that the Father is looking for those who worship him in spirit and in truth, so this means the truth is important to the Father. If the truth were not important, then it would be an option to “agree to disagree” or let each person hold “to each their own convictions.” But with God, that is not an option. God’s opinion trumps all the opinions of people. God’s truth trumps all the understanding of truth that humans have ever comprehended. If God says something is true, then we don’t get to trump his opinion by stating that this is merely a doctrinal difference and that we can still have unity among different faiths, thinking that God will somehow overlook the fact that we flushed portions of his truth down the toilet. I’m not talking about ignorance here, for we are all ignorant to some degree, and none of us have attained to the full measure of the truth. What I’m talking about is the willfull adherence to the words of the deceiver Joseph Smith after being exposed to the fact that Joseph Smith was a deceiver. Holding on willingly to error is not ignorance, but willful rebellion to the truth. And since Jesus said he is “the truth”, we need to take the truth WAY more seriously than we do.

    Those who say that you are wrong about the LDS church do not understand this fundamental principle: A religious movement’s doctrine is established by that movement’s founder, not by the practice or stated doctrine of that movement as it exists today. A person cannot call themselves Mormon if they disagree with ANYTHING that Joseph Smith taught or lived out, because he is not only Mormon’s founder, but its true prophet, just as any Muslim who does not hold to ANYTHING that Muhammed taught or lived out cannot call themselves truly Muslim. Yes, there are peaceful Muslims. But Muhammed was a militant man at the end of his life, proving that he was only peaceful until he raised enough of a following to no longer need to use peaceful methods to obtain his ends. In the same way, Joseph Smith was not a man who valued the truth of God. Today the archaeological finds of extant texts have proven wrong Joseph Smiths’ claim that the Bibles of Christians denominations had been hopelessly distorted. The Christian New Testament (Koine Greek version) is arguably one of the world’s most reliable documents in terms of historical reliability of its transmission. Joseph Smith’s claims have nothing to stand on, and it is sad that so many LDS adherents and unassuming Christians alike believe that the LDS church is a Christian church.

    I would raise issue with one of your statements, where you mention the warning in Revelation to not add or subtract from the words of “this book.” That curse in Revelation applied to the book of Revelation only, not the entire Bible. “This book” was the book of Revelation, not the Bible. Remember, the Bible is not a book. It is a collection of books. It is not a book unto itself. Though God inspired the books contained within the Bible collection, and therefore the books tie together beautifully (especially Revelation), we have to remember that John was writing the book of Revelation, not the entire Bible. Jesus told him to write what he saw, and he did. It was the work of later church fathers that recognized the book of Revelation as scripture and incorporated it into the Bible’s collection of books. Too many Christians errantly read the curse of Revelation about adding/subtracting from the book,, and take it out of context, applying it to the entire collection of Biblical books, alternately the versions with or without the Apocrypha). So this is not a valid argument against Mormonism. The argument against Mormonism’s additions are the same as those against Catholocism’s addition of the selling of indulgences in Luther’s day, or the addition of prayers to Mary: These things are wrong insomuch as they contradict the prior revealed words of God in scripture. The more we get to know what the Biblical books say, the more we realize that these additions by Joseph Smith are deceptive. Why is deception a big deal? Because Jesus said the truth would set us free. If we don’t know the truth, we won’t be free.

  138. Thank you Rebecca. Last year when we decided to homeschool, God led me to you and to Masterbooks. I had fallen in love with things from the Good and the Beautiful before that (2018 I bought the preschool curriculum) but couldn’t use it because I felt that spirit in me. I was torn until I prayed about what to do and ended up with Masterbooks. I had watched videos that you had made comparing curriculum. This was before your book was announced and I hadn’t seen anything about TGTB on your page or what not. A few months after ordering my first bunch of Masterbooks books, I saw your post about TGTB and all the controversy. I honestly believe that the deception is so strong that within the LDS community there are many who do not know reality. I love my LDS friends dearly but there are so many lies. Tonight I was looking at the curriculum again as I knew I could get the English for 1st grade for free. I am having a bit of a gap with my first, almost second grader who is autistic and struggling with reading. Masterbooks has their LLFLE 1 out now but it just isn’t in the budget since it has so many books and I would have to pay $20 in shipping since I live outside of the continental US. Anyway, long story short, I went to google about the program and instead of her website popping up, this article did. I am grateful that you wrote it, left it, and that it was here for the Holy Spirit to remind me of why He had led me away from the curriculum in the first place.

  139. Hi, thank you for posting this. I was considering this curriculum and I’m so very thankful for this post. I do wonder what your thoughts would be about their math curriculum. I just fell in love with it when a friend showed me hers and my incoming kindergartener is very tactile and would love the curriculum. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on just the math? Thanks again.

  140. Dear Rebecca,

    You have done a most wonderful thing….listened and OBEYED the Holy Spirit. For this alone, you will be blessed in your walk with Him. The freedom that comes from obedience is life changing. THANK YOU for your boldness, courage to step out and change directions, and integrity. I am new to your site and this was the first video I heard from you as I discovered TGTB and was considering it. I decided to check out reviews and yours was the first I saw. I am GRATEFUL! I am a Christian mom to 5 beautiful children, living in Ontario, Canada. I share your heart in this matter as well as teaching my children to have a love of learning. I FULLY support your decision to switch. The responsibility you have as a leader, knowing that you were promoting something that has a conflicting eternal value attached to it, I just appreciate your honesty and integrity all the more in the going forward. I am excited to try your curriculum as it is something that I have been looking for. I was like you, ready to believe the lie that homeschooling would never looked how I pictured and believed it could be. Thank you for all you have done and desire to do! May God richly bless you and your family with peace and provision as you continue to walk with Him.


  141. Thank you!! I’m new to homeschooling and found TGATB and was so excited to find this curriculum. A random FAQ video on YouTube revealed that it is an LDS owner and I realized I needed to do my homework on these curriculum companies. It wasn’t a coincidence that I found that video and this post. Hopefully I can find something else that will work for us.

  142. This is easily solved. Email and ask for the Insights for History. These are addendums that The Good and The Beautiful have as ‘supplements’ for LDS members to use in their homeschooling. They can’t be shared via email – meaning they can’t be forwarded on – because of copyright infringement, but they are CRUCIAL if you are wondering about whether this curriculum is for you. Here’s the thing: it’s not as much a question of, ‘How Mormon is it?’ as a question of, ‘What exactly does it MEAN to be a Mormon?’ The great thing is that in these resources, the answer is staring you right in the face, in black and white, and because it’s written for Mormon readers, it doesn’t beat around the bush. You’re going to get all the information you need. What you do with that information is clearly up to you. But it’s best to make sure you HAVE it before anyone gets overly upset about a homeschool curriculum.

    If you’re a Christian, you are definitely NOT a Mormon. And if you’re a Mormon, you’re definitely NOT a Christian. If you think otherwise, then do the research and put your theory to the test. This isn’t a hard question relying on nuanced answers. It’s clear.

    • Why would you purposely get the history insights for Latter-day Saints if you aren’t LDS? Just to mock and demean those who believe differently? Jenny very respectfully keeps that completely separate from the rest of the curriculum so that the LDS beliefs aren’t in the rest of it. Everyone seems to think that LDS folks are horrible for believing their church is the only true one. Don’t you think YOUR beliefs are the only correct ones? Aren’t you fine with saying that we are wrong and an evil influence, but you don’t like it if we think you are wrong? I don’t understand that viewpoint.

    • I will not tolerate being told that I don’t believe in Chris. How do you know that I don’t believe that He died for me and for all of us, that I don’t believe that He suffered on the cross for all of us, and that I don’t believe that He was resurrected that all of us may be resurrected after death. You have the freedom to share your thought and beliefs but you DO NOT have the freedom to tell me and millions of other members of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints what we believe. Because we have differing views does not give you the right to decide that I am not a Christian. That isn’t very Christian of you.

  143. I never comment on anything, but feel attacked for belonging to a religion that is claimed to be unchristian, so I just wanted to add my 2 cents in a hope to be genuine, vulnerable, but strong in my convictions. Please read with a soft and loving tone.
    I KNOW that, as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I am a Christian. I believe in my Savior, Jesus Christ, and His power to heal, to LOVE, and to save. I believe that grace is constantly available to those who need Him at ANY point in their day and in their life. I have experienced this, as anyone can, no matter their religion or belief. His arms are constantly open to us. I am sure that you have been watching the series, The Chosen (if not – go find it now…SO incredible!!!), about the details regarding the life of Jesus Christ. THAT is the Christ I believe in…with unconditional love and acceptance of all. HE IS MY SAVIOR, REDEEMER, AND FRIEND. The Book of Mormon is a WITNESS of that, with no intention to replace the Bible, which we also love and believe in. The Book of Mormon is ANOTHER testament of Jesus Christ, not an alternate testimony of Him. This Book is the source of ALL we, as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, believe in. If you continue to feel the need to display your arguments against this church, please don’t use secondary sources or the misdeeds of imperfect men or history to back up your statements. Use the actual doctrine we have. I invite you to conduct an experiment with this Book. Read it, not for the intent of using it against those who argue with you regarding your opinion, but really, sincerely, and prayerfully read it with the intention of knowing for yourself what we actually believe, and if it is truth or lies. If you still feel the need to warn others regarding this religion, so be it, but at least you will know for yourself. 100%.

  144. Thank you so much! I’m sorry you’ve been attacked for boldly proclaiming truth. It’s important that we differentiate between what true biblical Christianity is and what other things are. And I believe The source of what we teach in our home is just as important. Thank you for your words

  145. Good for you! Mormonism is a disguiser evil. Thank you for bringing this issue to many people’s eyes and standing on your convictions in Christ.

  146. I am glad I found this. I saw TGATB, it looked so beautiful, seemed almost Classical. Then I heard it was LDS. I am very familiar with LDS theology having studied it in-depth during college and my early 20s. (And yes I have experienced a lot of the deception and denial that Mormons engage in – sacred, not secret – and all that.) But, like you, I don’t hate Mormons and think most are well-intentioned wonderful people so I wondered if TGATB would be ‘that bad’ Your post is a reminder to me that I shouldn’t yoke myself to a curriculum like this and that yes, LDS teachings can be insidious. The spiritual is everything. As beautiful as TGATB is, I’ll pass!! Thank you for obey God and sharing your story.

  147. Thanks so much for this post! I am glad I have decided to use Masterbooks for Language. Am just waiting for the delivery. I did, however, purchased the digital kindergarten language book which I will just use as supplement. Thanks, and will purchase more of your Gather Round homeschool resources.! God bless you

  148. Thank you for your boldness. A group is starting near me and I pondered joining. I was told it was written by a Mormon and immediately In my spirit I felt “off” about it. Thank you Lord for discernment. It is virtually impossible to write a curriculum without a worldview coming out. IMPOSSIBLE. Our worldview is how we break everything down and if it’s now 100% biblical (and no added extra books) BUT God breathed (2tim 3:16) then Christian walk away. It only takes a little leaven to ruin it all. Thankful that when I went to research this curriculum, this article is what I came upon. Thank you for speaking the truth, the road is narrow that leads to life and the road broad that leads to destruction.

  149. Thank you!! I am a seasoned homeschool mom and have never used this curriculum, but have been hearing A LOT about it lately and started to feel the FOMO. Huh. Maybe I need more structure. Must be good, so and so is using it. And so on. I feel so much more at peace now!

  150. Thank you for your honesty in sharing your opinion and your heart. I have been looking into The Good and the Beautiful and “randomly” ran across your post. In fact, I believe the Lord led me to it. I so appreciate your willingness to share the reasons behind your decision.

  151. What a great breakdown! I am looking into curriculum and was looking into The Good and the Beautiful! I am so glad I read this before as I am very strong in my christian faith! Thank you so much! God Bless!

  152. Thank you for your courage in speaking out about this curriculum. Mormonism is not Christian. They do not believe in the basic tenets of the Christian faith. They deny the very nature of God by denying the Trinity. They also do not believe that the Bible is the only infallible Word of God and they put the Book of Mormon over the Bible. The cults have worked for a long time to try to have Christians accept them as just another denomination. Mormons and Jehovah Witness, both which are considered Christian by the TGTB are not Christian. I had a mom tell me, that they were Christian because they use Bible Scriptures throughout. I had to remind this mom that satan also used Bible Scriptures when trying to tempt Jesus. You are correct in that they are very deceptive and this curriculum is a deception that I would urge Christians not to expose their children too. 2 Corinthians 11:14 “…Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.”
    May God bless you abundantly!

  153. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to read this article, to take a stance on the Bible and the Bible alone. Mormonism isn’t Christianity. I was seriously considering this curriculum for my kids, and I can’t across some information about the founder of TGATB being Mormon, not Christian. And I do believe that the deception of the Mormon faith is so, well, deceptive. I’m not going to purchase this curriculum because I’m not comfortable in doing so. Thanks for being brave, and for standing firm on the foundation of Jesus and who He is, and what He has done for us.

  154. Thank you for your post! I’m a new homeschool mom looking into Christian curriculum and The Good & The Beautiful was recommended to me. I was looking at a preview of it and thought, that looks Mormon/Jehovah Witness based, not Christian, but maybe I’m imagining things. I started doing research and your post popped up. I’m glad I’m not crazy and grateful for a truthful perspective before I purchased. Thank you!

  155. I honestly don’t know enough about the TGTB curriculum, however my friend who is LDS says that while they believe that Jesus existed and was a prophet, LDS doesn’t believe Jesus is the Son of God. To me, that is no where near the Christian Faith.

    To those trying to discern the truth and direction, please review the curriculum to see if there is ever a reference that Jesus is the Son of God. If not, I would think twice as this curriculum implies that they believe in Jesus and that is deceptive.

  156. Oh man. Now I’m feeling uneasy. Our year begins in about a week and I was so excited to have this to use, hoping my daughter would actually like it since she picked it out with me. I was looking forward to something that didn’t have a set perspective, like YEC, and a friend suggested my girl is a linear learner and might like this. I hoped it was possible to be generally christian. I haven’t opened it up at all, we were going to unbox on our first day but now I’m concerned. I got three subjects! And my girl (5th grade) isn’t great with change. I wanted some structure but I then I think you said it was very involved? I want structure with flexibility. We just made the change from homeschool charter program to filing a PSA. Now I guess I need to look into this.

    • Jenny Phillips has made a detailed video and posts about what is in the curriculum and there is literally NO LDS doctrine. She is GENUINELY trying to make a curriculum that is inexpensive, simple, and full of good, Christian values. Take the time to watch the video and read the posts about it that I think are linked right on the website or YouTube channel. I am LDS, but I often use curriculum by all sorts of Christian companies. I’ve never once thought, “Oh, they believe all these things that I don’t. They are going to influence my children negatively, so I better find something else.” Of course not! If there is something mentioned that’s different from what we believe, I just talk about it. And I don’t demean the beliefs of others when we talk about it. Jenny has no ulterior motives, and is not trying to be an evil influence on your kids. I’ve used the curriculum for a few years and I can’t find anything that strikes me as leaning towards LDS beliefs. It’s easy to make it a general Christian curriculum because we all have SO MUCH in common! Please give Latter-day Saints a chance. We generally just want to find common ground with other Christians and we appreciate all the good other Christians bring to our lives.

  157. This is literally the first time I have ever taken the time to respond to any blog ever in my life. I watched many of your videos and found so many of them to be helpful as I have newly embarked on our home school journey. I was forced into it because my 4 year old has cancer, and with covid it has been too risky to send any of my 4 children. I am so grateful for this opportunity regardless of how it started. I think you offer a lot of value and encouragement for home school families and I thank you for the work you are doing.

    I hope you will take a moment of you time to read my comment., although I know this is a very old, very stale debate in your life. It is still new to me! I promise this will be kind, no hate mail here from me. I likewise just must voice my convictions for anyone who may happen upon this. I’m not here to talk you out of anything at all, just simply to offer one more voice amid the countless others, and maybe it will help someone, maybe not.

    I just hope you would have room in your heart to just ask yourself, “what if I am wrong?” What if? Is it possible? It just really hurts my heart to see the things you have written here about me. You are talking about me. I feel so sad that you would want to lead others to people these things.

    I do wish you all the best. And again I appreciate the value of the work you are putting into the world. But I do wish you could do that work without feeling the need to tear another down. Fighting hate with hate only brings more hate. You do have any amazing platform, and I would just hope you would use it to spread love and goodness, even when it comes to this issue. Hope you made it this far, thank you for hearing me out if you did. All the best to you.

  158. Thanks for sharing so much good info about the LDS Church. I’ve always been a Christian, but felt like something was missing from churches I’ve attended, and their beliefs make a lot of sense to me. I’ll be reaching out to them to learn more and doing my own studies as well.

    Thanks again for pointing me in this direction <3

  159. I am LDS, but I appreciate your viewpoint. It definitely saddens me, though. I’ve used lots of curricula from various Christian companies and never once worried there was some kind of bad influence my children would get from it because we don’t believe all the same things. I think I’m starting to understand why most the Christians in my town won’t have anything to do with members of my faith. They won’t allow us into their homeschool groups or their private Christian schools, they won’t join a community group we have that puts on a musical each summer because it’s run by members of my faith, etc. So, is it because you all think we are some kind of evil influence on you and your kids? I admit, I find that very disheartening and frankly, mind-boggling. Is it just Latter-day Saints? Are your kids not allowed to associate in any way with Catholics either? Or with those of no faith? How do you teach your children to be Christ-like to others while still excluding them from anyone who is LDS? I am honestly just completely confused by this. I’ve never felt so alone and left out as I do in my town where I don’t feel welcome anywhere because I’m not “Christian” by their standards. Is there no way we can find mutual understanding and values and get along? I mean, I’m glad we’re no longer being run out of towns and killed like my ancestors were, but it seems like everywhere in this country we are routinely mocked (The Book of Mormon Musical comes to mind) and excluded. I honestly don’t understand, even after reading your post. Does God really want all this hate, division, and exclusion? Can you truly be influenced negatively merely by a school curriculum that happens to be put together by a Latter-day Saint, despite it’s lack of actual LDS doctrine? I wish I could understand why you and many others feel the way you do towards us.

    All I know is I have experienced the Holy Ghost witness to me time and time again that I am in His church. And yes, we DO believe that all other religions are “wrong” in that they don’t have the complete gospel and the much needed keys of the priesthood. BUT, and this is a BIG one, we DO believe we have TONS in common with many other faiths, and of course the most in common with Christians. In our church lessons and talks you’ll basically never hear about how other churches are so wrong, and are a bad influence, or anything of the sort. It basically only comes up when we are discussing when our church was first organized again during the time of Joseph Smith. We tend to talk more about how we have a lot in common. We also spend a lot of time studying out of the bible just like you! We try to work with those of other faiths and see the good you all bring to our communities. I
    f your heart is truly turned to the Lord and willing to hear His voice, please give us a chance. Even if you never give our faith a chance, please give our members a chance to be your friend and be in your family’s life. I think you’ll find most Latter-day Saints will respect your faith and will simply hope you respect theirs too. We have basically all the same good values you do and the good desires for our families, our communities, and our country. Let’s join together to fight things that are truly evil in the world, not the good, dare I say “Christian” people who are all just trying to live a virtuous life and please God.

  160. This is so inspired and true. I taught my kids using TGTB for six months, and they stopped reading their bible stories, and saying their prayers. Despite my own prayers and best efforts to keep them safe from ungodly and unseen powers every day! My oldest, James, even started taking ipacac syrup every Sunday to keep from going to church. We didn’t figure that out for six weeks, until the Spirit led us to the medicine bottle under his bed. Or maybe we were being led to the Victoria’s Secret magazine he’d apparently stolen from our neighbor’s mailbox, which he was also hiding there. (I don’t judge, and love everyone like a true Christian, but they are unmarried with two kids and I fear for their souls..) James told us he had stopped feeling Jesus’ love after the first week, like his soul was “drowning in a wet blanket” (his words!) especially when studying the LA curriculum. He’s only ten, and I can tell you he won’t be using the internet without supervision again, Lord give me strength!

    As I look back months later, nothing else can explain the negative change in our home. I know some of you will think I’m exaggerating, but I truly feel that if we had kept up with TGTB, my family would end up openly worshiping the devil. Instead, after we switched, the blessings poured in. My husband got promoted at work, and our choir director moved to Wisconsin and I was recommended by our associate pastor and got the position! I know my experience is personal, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true for everyone else. Heed these warnings! IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT THE CURRICULUM ACTUALLY TEACHES IF THE AUTHOR ISN’T CHRISTIAN THE SAME WAY YOU ARE! THE BIBLE IS GOD’S WORD, NOT TGTB. I write this all in God’s love, with no hate, but your family will suffer if you don’t follow the Bible’s teaching to shun TGTB.

  161. I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and take zero offense at being told I’m not a Christian because it’s all semantics — if mainstream Christianity wants to define itself a certain way to exclude Catholics and Mormons, that’s their decision. If Christians feel that being a Christian means you believe in only the Bible, then yeah, I’m not Christian. A definition doesn’t affect my relationship with God. However, I am wanting to give context to your first point about us changing the name “from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to the Church of Jesus Christ. They don’t want any differentiation from their faith and Christianity. It began as the Church of Latter Day Saints.” I’ve been a member for 40 years and have worked at Church headquarters for many years, in addition to an academic journal dedicated to our culture and history open to authors of our faith and others not of our faith. I’m well versed in most of the theories and criticisms of our church mentioned on this thread. I’m confident in saying we have been “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” since 1838, and variations on that name were not considered official before that time. We are not dropping “Latter-day Saints” from our name but asking the media to stop dropping Jesus’s name from our church when they opt to abbreviate to something shorter since we feel He Himself as asked us to identify ourselves as such. Our intention is not to deceive but to respectfully ask to be identified the way we identify ourselves, but I can understand why you feel differently.

  162. Thank you! I know it can’t be easy being criticized so intensely. I have literally printed off the LA curriculum for my 2 daughters & bound them all over the last couple of weeks, finishing up last night printing out the level 3 reader & had History curriculum in my basket but was going to show it to my girls today to see if they thought it was good before I bought it. I had been texting with a girlfriend of mine last night about what she was looking at using & then we picked up the conversation again this morning & I said I was really liking the way the TGTB looked & she told me about it’s association with LDS, so I went searching & that’s how I got here. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I’m out quite a bit of paper & ink, binding supplies & time but it’s all good because I’d rather be out that than to even take a chance of diluting or taking away from God’s Word & His connection to my children. A girlfriend of mine explains false doctrine this way, “If I made you brownies & gave them to you & I said, “they have a little bit of poop in them, but it’s just a little, you probably won’t taste it.”, would you still eat them? That’s how false doctrine is – most of it sounds right but it still isn’t ALL right. Thank you again.

  163. You’ll probably consider this hate, but actually it’s just an observation. I find it odd timing that The Good and the Beautiful became “evil” to you just at a time when you were writing your own curriculum. Is it Mormonism you are opposed to? Or is it competition?

  164. I was going to buy The Good and the Beautiful but the curriculum I needed was sold out so I pieced together other curriculums. Thank you for this post! Thank you God I went a different direction.

  165. As I sit side by side with my children and move through this good curriculum, it has become beautiful. The peaceful nature of the simple Biblical teachings sprinkled throughout make it hard for me to see this as contentious curriculum. I feel my children’s peaceful demeanor as we study speaks volumes compared to this critique-of-curriculum turned battle-over-religion. The fruit of our study speaks louder than naysayers.

  166. Thank you, thank you, thank you for speaking the truth. You are encouraging and supporting others like myself to follow truth. You are so strong. Keep it up!

  167. As a Christian I am so sad to see the unchrist-like thoughts you share in this post. Christ said love everyone, no matter who or what they are. There is a difference between choosing to change a curriculum and being disparaging to a group of people.

  168. T H A N K Y O U !!! Brand new to home schooling and I appreciate this so much ! I almost bought it!! Thank you for your boldness!

  169. Thank you so much for your post! It is honest (which may be hard for readers to swallow) but it is also necessary. I too was once a Mormon but came to Christ. It took me a few years to understand that the Mormon church is filled with false teachings that contradict the Gospel of grace. The differences between Christianity and Mormonism appear subtle to an outsider but that is part of the problem – deception is deceiving. But when you look at it, the differences between Christianity and Mormonism are actually glaring and they lead believers astray of grace and into a works-based theology. I have many friends who are Mormon and I love them dearly but our faith is different. The Good and the Beautiful is a gorgeous package of curriculum and while academically it may be a wonderful option, but for Christians and those looking for Biblical truth, we must be on alert:

    “so that we may no longer be children, tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes. 15Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ,” – Ephesians 4:14-15

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