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Dear mom who thinks her way is better than everyone else’s… PLEASE STOP!

I know you. There have been times in my life I have been you! I know you are just excited and passionate about what new thing you have discovered that is working for you- I am happy for you! But you REALLY, SERIOUSLY need to stop with the verbal diarrhea. You know what I am talking about here… the gushing. Because you see, the “magic formula” you have found for making money, or getting your kids to sleep, or dealing with that behaviour, or fixing your marriage, or education, or or or… may not work for me!

Dear mom who thinks her way is better than everyone else's- Please Stop! We have a voice and ideas too! Read the whole article on the blog!


Dear mom who is doesn’t see.

In all your gushing and excitement and enthusiasm, have you missed what is going on around you? Do you see that I am struggling, that your “smashing success” is even maybe hurtful to me? Do you see that I am a different person with my own story and my own struggles and my own family dynamics who may have tried that (and failed)? Do you see me, or are you blinded by your eagerness?

Dear mom who doesn’t listen.

You talk and talk and talk about your newest found “solution” or “idea” or “endeavor.” I am happy for you, truly I am! But do you take the time to pause and listen to what is happening in my life? You are so fast to speak, so slow to listen! You are eager, you are full of answers! Every time I see you there is some new fad or business or book or way of life. Always pressing, always pushing, always bombarding me with it over and over and over. But are you so full of answers that you don’t hear me? Do you realize you are pushing me away?

Dear mom who thinks her way trumps all others.

I love your passion! It is one of the things I love most about you! You bring life and you believe in everything with all of your being! But are you so passionately focused on something that you are closed to anything else? When I mention that I am trying something different than you, do you shoot me down? Is it your way or the highway? Is this relationship REALLY a two-way street? Is your way ALWAYS going to be better?

Dear mom who I am starting to avoid.

If every single time I am with you, you have the BEST children, and the BEST answers and the BEST solution… I have nothing to offer you. You see, I have a life with problems and troubles, successes and wins! I too have answers that are working for my family.

I too have a voice!

Life is too short to waste time on a one-sided relationship, so PLEASE stop dominating our friendship! Take a breath to let me speak, be open to what new things are working for me these days, take a second to read the struggle or frustration or excitement written on my face! And I’ll be happy to do the same for you!

Love your quieter friend.

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  1. I rarely comment, but I just stumbled upon this on facebook and I couldn’t help but comment. This is completely hilarious coming from you. I have avoided many of your posts because of how holier-than-thou and “my way is the best/only way” they are. So it was pretty hilarious to see this post coming from you. I hope you’ll read it and think about it as it pertains to your own blog posts!

    • Hi Michelle,

      I know I have been this mom, I say that in the first sentence. I am an enthusiastic passionate person who gets excited about things that are working for me and want to share. I have been on both sides of this letter, I think we all have. The focus of my blog in all things is that we all have journeys and struggles and a story behind the face and to be open and understanding despite our own opinions. But my focus is also to be real.

      We all have opinions and beliefs. I long debated just writing pointless dribble, reviews, etc. that never spoke about anything real, that way I don’t offend anyone. But the reality is, I have opinions and things I feel strongly about based on my own story and experiences. There is no possible way to please every person who reads this blog. I try in every single article I write, despite my opinions to be understanding and open. Even in the articles I write that are very pointed, like the Halloween article, I relay that we are all called to different paths. We all have different journeys and beliefs and what works for me may not work for you.

      I can only share my heart, my journey, my experiences that have brought me to these decisions or beliefs or opinions. If my posts have come across as judgmental to you, they have completely missed their mark and intention. Obviously this blog is going to be about what has worked for me, that is kind of what a blog is. If it helps some people out and works for them too, great! But if you could sit down to coffee with me, I have many different friends from many different walks of life and I do not judge. I am always interested in hearing what is working for someone else, and why! I take advice and input, I ask questions and am always looking for new ideas. I try to listen and ask, to hear what someone is really saying. This is not something you would see from a blog that I am just pumping out articles so I understand your interpretation, though it is disappointing to me. I have written so many posts about mommy wars and judgement. Judgement for being a stay at home mom, judgement for working, I think it is the most poisonous and harmful thing we do!

      In the end, I have an opinion. I have my beliefs. This is my blog and I write about them in hopes of blessing someone, encouraging someone, or helping someone. But I do not judge you or anyone for their beliefs, opinions, or decisions. Take that as you will.

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

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