I used to review curriculum, now I create it

Work from Home Mom Survival Tips: Setting Boundaries!

Do you ever feel like you are just drowning? I’m not talking treading water, I’m talking FAILING miserably! There are times in my life that I can’t seem to do anything right. My house is a mess that I can’t seem to get on top of, school is a struggle day after day, the to-do list seems to never stop growing. Life seems to race forward at a pace that I can’t manage to keep up with in any way. It is not a position I like to be in and I generally try to avoid it at all costs. If you are a work from home mom, you may be in this stage and feeling like you are losing your everlasting mind!

Work from home mom survival tip: Setting Boundaries.

I like to set boundaries. I spend a lot of time evaluating new events and activities to see what will fit into my schedule comfortably, what I may need to cut. I value family time and alone time and days I can just stay in my pajama’s with nowhere to be. These are essential for my mental health and happiness and it is second nature to constantly think about the long term and what just one more hour out of my day really means.

That being said, with my work that ability seems to have disappeared! Since becoming a work from home mom, I seem to regularly be just under the surface of functionality. I try, I fail, I try again. There is no perfect formula or magic solution and it is spinning out of control. Pin this if you can relate!

Are you a work from home mom? Feeling overwhelmed? Find out the 1 thing you need to start doing today!


In an effort to reduce collateral damage in my own home and family, I realized that I need to consider my work and create manageable boundaries as consistently as I do with the other things in my life. I have been woefully negligent when it comes to setting boundaries with work. I am constantly on my phone, on my social media, working on just one more thing. This isn’t fair to myself, my husband, or my children. I work from home, where it is constantly available, however it IS work. Work that I should and can set specific hours for! Not only would this allow me to be more present with my kids and in my home, but it would also allow me to be more present during my working hours!

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Are you a work from home mom? Do you set hours?

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!