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Elementary Spanish that Kids Love

This last month we have been working on “The Little Magic House Part I” in our Foreign Languages for Kids online membership. We have been learning a TON of new words and pronouns and the kids’ familiarity with the language has grown exponentially. Take a look at this “word wall” of what we learned this month (there were more I couldn’t fit on it too!).

I am going to try to break it down to you why I think Foreign Languages for Kids is a revolutionary program for teaching elementary Spanish.

Elementary Spanish that is Based off of Real Life Scenarios Kids Can Relate To!

I have seen and tried a number of French and Spanish programs/books. I haven’t found anything that engaged my children or was tailored to their developmental stage. The beauty of this program is that it is designed FOR elementary aged children (although anyone of any age can learn from it). Here’s a brief list of why my kids love it:

1. The lessons are all full immersion video… works great for visual and auditory learners.

2. The actors are kids. My kids are glued to the screen simply because the actors are children (whose native language is English by the way) and watching them speak the language so fluently astounds them.

3. The scenes are all a familiar progression of a day including speech and scenarios that kids use and see everyday. This allows them to speak it and practise it naturally throughout their daily activities.

4. The videos are broken up with fun visuals and “acting out” the word so that the kids easily understand the words and are engaged the entire segment.

5. They love the online interactive workbooks and quizzes and we have been working with some of the extra resources including the flashcards and stickers and had a ton of fun implementing it into our homeschool curriculum.

Why I (as a Home Educator) Love this Elementary Spanish Program!

I COULD write out again all the reasons I love this elementary Spanish program, but why write it when I could show you! I created a testimonial for the company that I will share with you as well! Corny music and all 😉


Not convinced? If you have a child between the ages of 3 and 14, this program is for you. Head over and try the no risk free trial and let me know what you think!


  1. Looking forward to trying out this program – I’ve been looking for something suitable for my 4 1/2 yo!

    • I know you’ll love it! They have a satisfaction guarantee listed on their site. They stand behind their products and we haven’t looked back since!

    • Foreign Languages for Kids is a fantastic Spanish program, the best I have come across. I love their free trial because it gives you a chance to see what they offer, watch the videos with your kids, see how they like it, etc.

  2. This looks like a good program. We will definitely look into it. I have a four year old who loved the demo, do you think it suitable for an 8 year old girl? Not sure she was an interested in the demo

    • absolutely! The program gets progressively harder. It is actually geared for ages 3-14 so she is well within the range. The workbooks would be great for her and you have access to them online. Down the road they also have some great supplemental things such as the Dice Off game, stickers, flashcards, even a curriculum guide (I may be able to get that for you if you wanted to stick with the program so let me know!).

  3. I just checked out the demo video and it looks great! I am having a problem pinning this page. It says it is having a hard time getting a picture, otherwise I would try that to. I love how they use a video and since I remember some of my spanish, I like how they use kids speaking to each other and to their mom, and what words they get them to learn. I think some of my kids, especially my oldest, would enjoy learning that way. My youngest as well!

  4. I’m looking into this Spanish program for my 3, 5 and 6 year olds. would you suggest the membership or buying the dvds? I’m just thinking if I own the dvds, we could go back and watch them again when the baby and 3 year old are a bit older…

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I used to review curriculum, now I create it!