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First Day of School 2015

Today was our first official day back at school and honesty bomb… it was pretty awful! After 4 years of homeschooling, I must finally be mentally prepared for this day. I was excited and looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, but at the end of the day I realized that it went largely how I was expecting. Pause and pin this image so you don’t lose it and keep reading to grab your free first day of school signs!

First day of homeschool 2015. Come see what our first day looked like and grab your own free printable first day of school signs!

First day of School Expectations vs. Reality.

I woke up at about 5am, knowing I would need to be in the right frame of mind. I went for a walk, cranked the worship music, spent time praying and mentally preparing myself for the day. I got ready without kids, started some oatmeal, had a coffee and got some blogging done. It was the perfect amount of time and at 7am I was ready to get the kids up.

I had to pull my girls out of bed. They were literally covering their heads in their blankets blocking out my sign-song voice! The morning started with many a buckled knee and pouting lip.

We made it through the day. It was long, there was a lot of whining, but I managed. I felt ready to handle it, buffered by my morning walk and time with God. We somehow did get all our school done (with the exception of art, BOTH dvds are missing), we took lots of breaks, and I anticipate it will get easier as the kids adjust to the new schedule.

A peek into our schedule.

If you are new to my blog, I have 5 young children and homeschool grade 3, 2, 1, and preschool (with a toddler hanging on my legs). Because of our crazy days I scheduled every minute of our day. I scheduled my toddlers day down to the minute.

7am-kids wake up and get ready/clean their rooms
7:30-eat breakfast and do chores
8am-Bible all together
8:30-preschool one-on-one with my three year old
9am-grade 1 one-on-one with my son
10:30-grade 2 one-on-one with my daughter

*my grade 3 son does school in between all this with a bit of help/direction from me

12pm-lunch/quiet time (toddler nap)
2pm-art/foreign language/science/socials
3:30-free time (I make dinner)
4:30-kids come in and help me with tidy-up/dinner

Afterwards, get ready for bed and read quietly before bed. I lay the kids down around 7-8 depending on their age. My toddler’s schedule is alternating between time with her siblings so I can do the one-on-one work with the kids during the morning. We have all afternoon together and I make sure to schedule in some one on one time with mommy for her too! If it’s not on the schedule it’s not going to happen!

Free first day of school signs for you.

If you like those printable signs you can get them for yourselves! Simply CLICK HERE or on the image to grab them!

Free First Day of School Signs for preschool to grade 12

How was your first day of school?


    • Hi Katrina, thanks for commenting! My grade 3 alternates between lego time, doing his work independently beside us, and babysitting the 2 year old. My grade 2 daughter does a lot of babysitting, she is in charge of making morning snack, etc. My grade 1 son plays lego, does reading eggs/Raz kids on the iPad, etc. I have them scheduled really concretely so everyone is always doing something. I will be posting the full schedule next week. So many posts, so little time 😉

  1. Ahhh….your kids are so cute. I love your preschoolers face. Our day didn’t go as planned but since I prepared my self for that it really helped me not let it get to me. The rest if the week went a lot better though and really went better then I imagined. I think the biggest battle for me is in my mind of what I fear happening. It is always never as bad as I expect. Hard yes but somehow it always works out. Thanks for sharing your day, I always love reading how other homeschooling moms plan their day:)

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I used to review curriculum, now I create it!