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Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Review

Looking to teach your child Spanish but tired of the same old program with little to no results? You have GOT to check out Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids by Kids®! This is a revolutionary program that is sure to get fast and fun results with any aged child (or adult)!

We have been using the video subscription to learn our lessons online and have been blown away by the results in just 1 short month!

The key to this program is BY kids, kids love watching other kids! It is a series of video lessons with accompanying quizzes and worksheets. The online subscription is fantastic, easy to use on any computer or tablet device. Each lesson is about 5 minutes long and there are currently 24 lessons available! They are full immersion, no English! But they are very easy to understand with lots of fun animations, clips, and demonstrations to show you the meaning of the words rather than tell you. I think this is the revolutionary part of the program, the kids discover the meaning through watching repetitively with you. They are engaged by the funny storyline and characters they can relate to. They are immersed in the language in a way they can understand and it just… sticks!

Foreign Languages for Kids

This is a language program you won’t have to force your child to do. It is super easy to turn on while they are eating breakfast or having a snack and I can guarantee you they will be asking to watch it again and again. Within about a week my 3 year old to 7 year old mastered the first 4 lessons and were asking for more!

Other than the amazing success I am sure you will have with Foreign Languages for Kids By Kids®, you will be pleasantly surprised by their prices:

1 month membership: $14.99
3 month membership: $34.99
6 month membership: $59.99
1 year membership: $89.99 (thats only $7.50/month!)

You can also try a free trial for 48 hours, giving you access to all the video lessons and online resources that you can cancel at any time within that 48 hour time period if you find it isn’t for you.

In 1 month all 4 of my older children (3-7 years old) know and use a TON of Spanish words! They use them fluently with the right pronounciation. They fully understand the meanings of the words with absolutely NO instruction from me. Every single video is so incredibly well done that the meaning is abundantly clear. Because of the way it is taught, through engaging and everyday conversations, my kids naturally incorporate Spanish into their daily discussions. They started haltingly and almost as a joke, but it is integrating itself more and more into our day (and with the first series more specifically, our mornings).

With five young children, finding the time and energy to sit down and teach yet another curriculum is a daunting idea. The fact that I can turn on a video while getting breakfast ready and see such phenomenal results for all of us has me thrilled to be able to share it with you.

If you’ve been scratching your head trying to come up with a foreign language program for you child that works for children young and old… look no further and head over to Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® today! If you are looking for the DVD’s to have a hard copy, grab yours over at below!


  1. I got a membership and was so impressed with the first UNIT (the first lesson/story). My child was picking things up immediately. But then we had a vacation and got away from it and tried to come back and he wanted nothing to do with it. I still can’t get him to watch like he was at first. I’m so bumbed, cause he got so much out of the first one.

    I think the second part (Little Magic Treehouse) was harder to follow than the first one, maybe. Or maybe he just got it in his mind that this was something he had to do.


    • Ah, that’s too bad Gale! My kids are working on the second session right now and it is definitely way more focused and intentional. There are a lot more words! We’ve been watching it over and over, they are slowly picking it up, but it is definitely harder. How old is your son? I find the younger ones are having a harder time picking it up than the older ones. But they still get some exposure and are trying!

  2. Hello Gale and Rebecca,

    Thank you Rebecca for your post and Gale for your comment!

    I just saw this and thought a late reply is still better than no reply! The second video is definitely more challenging but your children will progress through it, just more slowly than with the first video. Gale, when you returned from your vacation, did your son re-watch the first video or go straight to the second one? If you want to try again, I would start over with the first one and go from there. We have found that when kids initially don’t want to watch the video, once they start they don’t want to turn it off!

    Some tips for the second video: What we suggest is that the children watch only the first 3 minutes initially, which is its own mini-scene. (This is when Eli and Parker are playing basketball and Gracie comes over for the first time). The pronouns seem overwhelming at first but soon will become easy. I would recommend picking a few pronouns, or even one, at a time (such as ella, yo) and writing it on a stickie note and put the notes around the house.Stickers REALLY help! (We have some I can send you, complimentary, if you would like). For example, if there is a female stuffed animal, you would label “ella” and put “yo” on yourself. After doing this activity for all the pronouns, next it is fun to put the video on and for the child to mimic the character as he makes gestures for all the pronouns. Then, mute the sound, and have the child say the pronouns on his own this time. The kids enjoy doing this and usually the pronouns become much more familiar and the video easy.

    Also, please keep in mind that it is not necessary for the kids to understand every single word. It is okay if they miss some things as they will keep hearing the words so they will work it out in their minds at some point.

    I have lots of other suggestions as well! If either of you would like to get in touch with me, I am happy to discuss the best way to use the videos for your children. I hope this helps!

  3. Thank you for the review you did on Middlebury Interactive Language. I homeschool my 3 children and would like them to learn Chinese (Mandarin) I need them to not only learn to speak and hear it but to write it as well. Have you had any luck with Rosetta Stone?

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I used to review curriculum, now I create it!