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Why I teach a foreign language in my homeschool

I have talked to a lot of homeschool moms who don’t teach a foreign language. Some of them are worried they will confuse their kids when they are still learning English. Other homeschool moms don’t feel qualified to teach what they don’t know. I will answer these and other common questions and share why we […]

Dice Off® Spanish Game for Kids! So Fun they Won’t Know they’re Learning!

I’m a big believer in learning through play, I think it is a powerful learning method, especially for kids! So when I discovered Dice Off® Spanish Game for kids by Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids®, I was blown away! Come join us on our family games night and see why you need to get this […]

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Review

Looking to teach your child Spanish but tired of the same old program with little to no results? You have GOT to check out Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids by Kids®! This is a revolutionary program that is sure to get fast and fun results with any aged child (or adult)! We have been using […]