I used to review curriculum, now I create it

Free Easter Coloring Pages Your Kids Will Love!

Easter is approaching and that means it’s time for a fun free printable to inspire your kids and homeschool with the seasons! I have put together a 13 page coloring book for you guys and it is completely free… forever! It is light and fun, with lots of Easter bunnies and chicks and Easter Eggs. There are some fun activities and even writing projects in there as well! Make sure to pin these free Easter coloring pages on your holiday board!

Free Easter Coloring Pages your kids will love! Easter | Coloring book | free printables | homeschooling |kids


Free Easter Coloring Pages to Keep Little Ones Occupied.

I suggest printing these off using the black and white setting on your printer and making sure your printer is set to “print to edge”. You MAY need to adjust the scale depending on your printer settings, just take a peek at your print preview before pressing print (and possibly wasting precious ink). This is for 13 pages of black and white graphics, activities, and writing prompts to keep your K-3 child busy. Perfect to bring along to the doctor’s office or bring to church. You can either print and staple it together in a book format, or just bring them along as single pages.

Get your free easter coloring pages here!

There are 13 pages for you to download and print off, simply add to your contact list (so that it doesn’t go to your junk folder) and put your name and e-mail in the boxes below. You’ll receive a download link within a few minutes!

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I used to review curriculum, now I create it!