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Homeschooling Around the World: A Photo Series

I recently saw a photo series by a professional photographer that showcased homeschooling and it irked me a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, the photos were beautiful! The captions depicted children hunting, exploring nature, scaling ponds, and playing in the mud: unschooling in all its glory. The lighting was perfect, the focus was crisp and clear. Yet I felt that the series failed to capture the essence of homeschooling. The reality is, homeschooling is FAR from perfect and learning can take on many forms. So I reached out to my little community of homeschoolers on Facebook and asked them to show me what homeschooling looks like for them. So wordy Rebecca is going to bow to the age-old truism that a picture is worth 1,000 words and let them speak for themselves!

Leslie Kubancik popcorn field trip

Field Trip to the Popcorn Factory

Leslie Kubancik

Math with Dad

making homemade icecream tyler sandon

Making Homemade IceCream

Michelle Wilson

Reading Breakthrough…

Cristi Wuenschel

Check out more pics of this cutie:

christina prasad

See this family in action:

christina prasad-

View more:

Jackie Brown

Using Dry-erase markers on the windows (GENIUS!) – the Browns

Natasha Parker Maxey

Reading to his little brother ❤️

Amelia Lynn Ruckman2

Exploring the local science center!

Diane Gingerich2

Learning can happen anywhere! (the Gingerich kids)

Amelia Lynn Ruckman

Lego- a homeschool mom’s best friend

Diane Gingerich3

Homeschooling through play

Megan Ayon

Homeschooling sometimes happens at night… with snacks! – Ayon

Tiffany Wise Fortney2

Forney boys have this homeschool thing covered!

Tiffany Wise Fortney

Sometimes the best desk is the floor!

Brandy Lees

Math Breakthrough! -Lees

Amy Davis

Homeschool law 101: DON’T GET DISTRACTED ? Davis kids for the win!

Amy Davis2

Sometimes you have to get creative! -Davis

Amy Davis3

Homeschoolers are REALLY good at finding learning opportunities in anything! -Davis

Cyrstal Dearman

Field Trip Time! -Dearman kids are GREAT at posing for pictures ❤️

Helena Friesen

What could be cuter than our kids learning WHILE teaching their siblings? Homeschoolwin! -Friesen

Helena Friesen2

Homeschool kids break the rules, that’s right, we sit sideways on our chairs! -Friesen

Ruth Grasley

Grasley girls know how to do school in style… school in their PJ’s, that’s just the way I flow people! ❤️

Lisi Campbell3

Campbell family is making their own compost! Practical AND educational!

Ruth Grasley2

Netflix and documentaries are our friends! – Grasley

Lisi Campbell

Prepping the compost -campbell

Lisi Campbell2

Nature schooling for the win! Campbell

Lisi Campbell4

Gardening = life skills -campbell

Bushnell Kids learn everywhere

Bushnell Kids learn everywhere!

Bushnell Kids learn everywhere2

Art and sibling love! ❤️ -Bushnell

Lisi Campbell5

Nature school! – campbell

Jillian Compton

Compton kids know how to do this whole playschool thing!

Tirza Ellesson

Ellesson family learns together as a family! Bring on the chaos!

Cindy Scoullar

Scoullar family has the right idea… coffee and the kitchen table, love it! ❤️

kimberly Urquiza

Urquiza kids exploring the world around them!

Nikki Trusca

Ocean schooling is one of my favorite things! -Trusca

Gracie Eckhardt

Eckhardt breakthrough!

Rebekah Massey

Massey kids learning together at the table, notice the decorations on the wall behind them? ❤️

Amber Guillet2

Field trip time with teh Guillets!

Amber Guillet

Love the basket idea! – Guillet

Christina Marie

I love this pic, I love what it represents, and I LOVE that table! ❤️ – Chrstina Marie

Christina Marie3

Messy play is the BEST kind of play – Christina Marie

Christina Marie2

Tot school! – Christina Marie

Diane Gingerich

School at the beach with the Gingerich family!

Penny Butler

This might be one of my favorites because this is REAL you guys! This cutie patootie likes to do school in her undies, just like my 3 year old! ❤️❤️❤️ – Butler

Deserea May2

❤️ Oh my goodness. This photo just melts me, LOVE it! -May family

Deserea May

I love this photo, and frankly feel like a bit of a slacker these days, this looks FUN! ❤️ – May

Deserea May1

Kids cooking = life skills, math skills, reading skills, listening skills, memory skills and more! – May

Chaveiro Tribe2

The Tribe family caught a snake! Homeschoo moms be like: “Let’s study it!” ?

Chaveiro Tribe3

Ice melting science school! – Tribe family

Jennifer Hamilton Pruitt

Doing Bible with Grapevine Studies at the table, love this curriculum! Pruitt family…

Melissa Landini

Landini family takes a recess lunch. ?

Chaveiro Tribe

Tribe family manages to fit in musical studies with art appreciation! ?

Leitner family likes to do hands on homeschooling!

LOVE that they are cooking together! – Leitner family




Sometimes the work just gets tough ya’ll! Leitner family

Leitner family, one big happy gang!

Leitner family, one big happy gang!

Beach schooling… counting star fish!

Making lunch for his family.


nature walk!


Time for a bit of adventuring!


Sometimes school means doing some chores! ?

What does homeschooling look like for you? I love this series, some of these families are in the US, some in India, some in Canada, these people are from all over the world! I love how homeschooling can look so different and yet so relateable no matter where you are! I love that sometimes we are so busy living in the moment that a blurry pic is all we get, but the breakthrough is something we’ll never forget! I love that our kids have messy hair and mismatched clothes and kids climbing on the furniture. It isn’t perfect my friends! But THIS is real life. And I hope that in the midst of your own chaos today, you feel a little less alone seeing just how normal that chaos is! Embrace it, take a picture when you can, breathe it all in! One day we are going to look back on these days and miss them!

Thank you to EVERYONE who took the time to contribute pictures to this series. Your kids are beatiful and your families are amazing and you are ROCKING this homeschool thing! Happy homeschooling my friends, wherever you are and whatever that looks like!

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!