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Jesus Storybook Bible David and Goliath: Free coloring sheet and lesson plan!

jesus storybook bible david and goliath coloring sheet and lesson plan
I am so excited to share with you my complete lesson plan and activity for the Jesus Storybook Bible story “The Young Hero and the Horrible Giant” (David and Goliath) including a free printable coloring sheet to go along with the story! Although this is just a rough sketch, I was so excited to draw my own coloring sheet, especially considering I have next to no art experience.
If you don’t own the Jesus Storybook Bible, you need to go out and grab one, this is the most beautiful children’s Bible we have ever owned. Each and every story is written in an engaging, poetic, beautiful form and points back to Jesus. It is only about $10 on amazon, grab your copy!

After doing my lesson plan and activity for The Warrior Leader  I wanted to make this one a lot easier. I often find great activities to do with the kids, but when I see what I need to buy and the prep I need to do, I lose all motivation to do it. In case there are other people like me out there… I put together an easy, quick lesson plan that requires pretty much nothing from you.

What do you need?

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  • You need one giant rubber band for each child
  • one roll of aluminum foil
  • (optional-if you have younger children then about 7) toilet paper roll or mason jar ring or plastic hanger, etc. for your slingshot.jesus storybook bible david and goliath coloring sheet and lesson plan

That’s it! Once you have what you need, you are ready to teach your lesson!

Get your coloring page here:

Teach Your Lesson

Flip open your Jesus Storybook Bible to page 122 “The Young Hero and the Horrible Giant” about David and Goliath. Read it together (the kids can color while you read or you can read and do the coloring during the activity time, totally up to you and what works best for you and your kids).

Questions to ask:

1. Why didn’t David want to wear the King’s armor?
A. Because it didn’t fit, it was too bulky, he couldn’t walk, it felt heavy, etc.
2. It’s kind of like when we try to change or be different for someone else, have you ever tried to “put on someone else’s armor”? What did it feel like?
3. Do you think David was scared? But God still used him! There is nothing wrong with being scared, being brave is trusting God despite our fear.
4. How do you think that little stone killed that huge giant? Do you think it was because David was so good with his slingshot?
A. Maybe, but God was with David and he helped him to kill the giant against all odds!

Use this time to just spark some discussion, help relate the story to the kids and make it more personal for them.


Let the kids color their David and Goliath coloring sheet, adding details, matching the book if they want or just being creative (I like to leave the picture open on the table so they can see it while they color).

Now you are ready to create the story!

1. Choose one child to be Goliath (you can do this many times so everyone gets a turn). Let the kids help make an aluminum foil helmet to go on your giants head, they can fit it around and add a few layers to stabilize it.

Make your own tinfoil Goliath armor: Jesus Storybook Bible David and Goliath free lesson plan

2. The other kids are going to make 5 aluminum foil “stones” (about 1-2 inches in diameter). Using your rubber bands, twist them once in the middle and fold them in half. Place one end of the loops over your thumb and the other end of loops over your pointer finger and spread them apart as far as you can. Place the aluminum foil ball in the middle of the “slingshot” and pull back (the trick is ONLY pull back on the ball, don’t touch the rubber band), release and let your stone fly! This is SO much fun: easy, and fast! You may not want them actually “shooting” at your Goliath, even light little aluminum balls can sting! But they can shoot at the floor or they can just all practice using their slingshots and taking turns acting out the lines.

Make your own slingshot David and Goliath free lesson plan and coloring sheet

*on a side note, my younger children had trouble holding the ball and stretching their fingers out at the same time, you can use virtually anything from a mason jar ring or toilet paper roll to a plastic hanger. We tried it all, take a look at the pictures and see what will work best for your kids’ ages. 

Make your own slingshot: free jesus storybook bible david and goliath lesson plan and printable coloring sheet

3. Let the kids put on a David and Goliath play for you (taking turns depending on how many you have). Encourage them to add as much details as they can remember and prompt them from the story in the book if they get stuck.

Pray Together and Debrief

In our home after a lesson like this, I think it is important to do a brief overview of the lesson, let the kids share about their favorite activities or ask questions, and then pray together. I have found that just these few minutes of closing, helps draw the big picture of the story in the kids’ heads and we love the time to just snuggle up and pray.

Want an Activity for Every Story in the JSB?

david and goliath coloring sheet jesus storybook bible

The best thing about this post is that it is a part of a blog hop for an activity for every single story in the Jesus Storybook Bible. If you want to create a fun lesson to accompany your story, head over to the landing page at My Mundane and Miraculous Life. This is such a great resource for any mom, homeschooler, Sunday school teacher, etc. Make sure to check it out!

Let me know what you think and feel free to share this lesson and free printable coloring sheet with a link back to this post!

Do you own the Jesus Storybook Bible?

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!