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Toys that Teach & Inspire: Magformers Review

I am always on the lookout for toys that teach and inspire my children to think outside the box. Studies have shown that children learn through play and as a homeschool mom, I try to make learning as fun and natural as possible in our home! I recently heard about Magformers building sets and was interested to see how they would fit into our homeschool. In this review, I’ll share what sets these toys above the competition and how we used them in our homeschool. Make sure to pin this for later and keep reading to see our 2 minute video review at the end!

These are SO COOL! Toys that Teach Magformers


Magformers: High quality toys built to last!

One of the things that immediately stood out to me when we opened our box was the quality of each tile. We have used a number of different magnetic building sets in the past and they are heavy with weak magnets that barely have a draw. Magformers are hollow in the center and use cylindrical neodymium magnets that always attract no matter where they are connected. The plastic is somewhat see through which allows your children to see the magnets inside and is BPA free. With younger children in the house, I am always concerned that someone will swallow a magnet, however Magformers shapes are quality constructed and each magnet is sonic welded into place for safe and long-lasting play!

Each building set comes with an idea booklet, however there are a lot more available on the website and all available for free download. This is handy if your children need a bit of inspiration to get started. My eldest son likes creating really complex things and so he enjoyed using the idea booklet. My youngest son however, was a free thinker and didn’t want to follow anything! He creates everything out of his mind and comes up with some of the most unique designs!

Toys that teach: how we use Magformers in our homeschool.

As a homeschool mom, one of my primary goals is to find ways to inspire my children to learn on their own rather than me “formally” teaching them. Hands on play promotes healthy brain development by fostering creative problem solving and enhancing a child’s spatial skills. As your children work with the magnets, the pulleys, the wheels, the cranes, etc. they are learning all about physics in a very experimental way. Throughout the entire building process they are learning about density and gravity and force. They are formulating natural hypothesis’ and experimenting to see if their ideas work or not. They are creating something new and having a blast doing it! All the while my younger children are learning about shapes such as hexagons, pentagons, triangles, diamonds, squares, and rectangles. They are also learning about patterns, math as they work with 3D objects, and their colors! It is clear to see just how much learning goes on when I pull out our Magformers building set, and all of this without one single workbook! Don’t you just love toys that teach?

Toys that Teach: Magformers

My free thinker

My children love this set! Some of their comments about Magformers are:

I love the sounds they make when they click together -M

I love that you don’t have to even touch them, as soon as you get close they suck together!-C

I love using the different shapes and colors to make patterns in what I am doing. -S

If we are having a rough day or school is getting to be too much for my kids… I raise the white flag and pull out our Magformers. They have become one of the best parts of our day together!

Where to buy Magformers.

If you are interested in more information about Magformers, you can find them on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Set’s start at just $16.99 and are available on their website at as well as at a number of retailers. You can find a retailer near you by searching your zip code here.

Watch the 2 minute video review!

Have you tried Magformers?

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!