I used to review curriculum, now I create it

Why A Beka Curriculum Did Not Work for Me

If you are a homeschooler you have probably heard about A Beka. They are one of the longest standing homeschool curriculum providers, and actually what I grew up using as a child. The books are bright and incredibly comprehensive and fill me with a nostalgic sense of comfort. My first year homeschooling I bought all […]

Math U See Delta Review

It is no secret that we love Math U See over here. In fact, this is the math we have used since the day we started in 2011. I remember watching the videos with my son and being blown away by the approach. Math can be incredibly complicated and frustrating for some kids, but a […]

Inspire your Kids this Summer with these Fun, Educational Crafts!

  With 5 young children, you might think art plays a huge role in our homeschooling and you would be (unfortunately) wrong. The reality is, I am so busy just trying to fit in the basics, that coming up with fun, engaging, educational ideas that bring art and creativity back to our homeschool is just […]

Take Your Child’s Reading to the Next Level With These!

Let’s talk about my kinesthetic, right-brained, backwards-thinker, random access memory daughter, Selah. I love my daughter: she is spirited and jovial and goofy and quirky and a ton of fun. But put a book in front of her and I’m ready to pull out all my hair in frustration. Any logical explanation of how something […]

Why do Kids Chew on Their Shirts and What Can You Do About It?

I will never forget the day I realized I had a chewer. When my son was a baby he would chew on the side of the crib… no biggie, he was teething right? The problem is that it didn’t stop. When he was four years old, he moved to a wooden bunk bed with his […]

Demme Learning’s Math-U-See Digital Packs Review

Our favorite math curriculum just became more versatile! Demme Learning’s Math-U-See has been our math curriculum of choice ever since we started homeschooling. With three different learning styles in our homeschool, the multi-sensory approach of Math-U-See has consistently worked with all our children and we have been blown away by the results. With a large family […]

How to Teach Writing in Your Homeschool

Let’s talk about how to teach writing in our homeschools… the easy way! If you have been pulling out all your hair trying to find a writing curriculum that is engaging, funny, and can be done with multiple age ranges all together… then you’re going to want to read this review! When I first heard […]

A Unique Natural Remedy for Eczema that Actually Works! You’ve Got to see This!

When I first held my beautiful little boy with his soft, smooth, baby skin… I had no idea the challenges that we would face only a few months later. As our little boy grew, his skin changed from soft and smooth to rough and scaly. He was covered in bumpy patches, dry patches, constantly got […]

Have you Heard Chris Tomlin’s new Christmas CD, Adore? Enter to Win a Copy!

Every holiday season I pull out my arsenal of Christmas music and blare it loudly from morning until night. As an early Christmas decorator, inevitably by November I am starting to get sick of the same songs rotating on my playlist. When I was sent a review copy of Chris Tomlin’s new CD, Adore, both my […]

ESV Journaling Bible Review and Giveaway

I am a homeschool, type-A personality, writer, planner, woman… why wouldn’t I be excited about the ESV Journaling Bible? In fact, I’m even more excited that I get to offer a free copy to one of you! Let me show you just a few of the features in this beautiful Bible and then enter to […]

LÍLLÉbaby "Rebel" CarryOn Toddler Carrier Review: Come find out the REAL secret behind how I 'do it all'!

One of the most common questions I am asked is “how do you do it?” I have five young children, I homeschool, I work, I explore… people want to know my secret! Well today I am going to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what living life with tornado toddler REALLY looks like. Life with […]

K-FORCE Battle Bow Building Set Review: AMAZING idea for your Christmas presents list!

Looking for Christmas presents this year? K’NEX is one of our favorite toys to play with. It teaches kids so many valuable skills including problem solving skills, fine motor skills, teaching kids how to work together and follow directions, etc. Some of our best, hands on learning, happens when we pull out our K’NEX bin. Today […]

Middlebury Interactive Languages Review

Many parents are interested in how to learn a language in their homeschool but don’t know where to start or what program they should use. I recently discovered Middlebury Interactive Languages and was thrilled when I was chosen to review their Elementary French 1: Grades 3-5 with my 8 year old son. We have some dear […]

Family Game Night with USAopoly

Do you have a family game night in your home? Playing games together is a great bonding tool, but did you also know it helps improve social skills, intelligence, problem solving skills and communication skills? If you don’t have a family game night scheduled in to your homeschool planner, I challenge you to add it […]

The Good, the Bad, and the Grace of God by Jep and Jessica Robertson (from the Robertson family)

Scandals are flying in the media and we are fast losing faith that fame and Christianity can go hand in hand! That’s why when I opened up this testimony written by Jep and Jessica Robertson from the Duck Dynasty Robertson family, I found it refreshingly real and genuine and I can’t wait to share it […]

All About Reading Curriculum Review

Teach your children to read with no tears! We have been using All About Reading for three years now and I can’t see us ever going back! This program has taken all of my children, with all of their different learning styles and challenges, from knowing their alphabet to reading fluently. It works for kinesthetic […]

Grapevine Studies Review

I am always on the lookout for Bible curriculum that isn’t boring, that makes the Bible come to life for my children! God isn’t boring and neither is His story, why should our curriculum be???? Grapevine Bible Studies‘ catch phrase is “Stick Figuring Through the Bible.” Their approach is to teach symbols and have the […]

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!