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Why Online Homeschooling is Becoming More Popular


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It is no long breaking news that homeschooling is on the rise. Every year more and more families choose to educate their children at home. The reasons are diverse and individual: everything from bullying, to problems with teachers or classmates, falling behind, what is being taught in schools, faith, work situations, and more. Once considered almost an extremist move to pull your kids out of the school system, it is quickly becoming a more mainstream and widely accepted option for families. As the market grows, more curriculum and resources are created to keep up with the needs and styles of the homeschool community.

The question is no longer as simple as, “Should I homeschool?” It has evolved to, “Where do I start?” Every state and province (and sometimes even district) has different requirements. From common core, learning outcomes, to standardized testing, it can be incredibly overwhelming to wade through the curriculum options and legalities. Because of this, many families are opting for online homeschooling for their first year to give them time to adapt and learn what works.

Why online homeschooling is becoming more attractive

1. Many homeschool parents worry they are ill-equipped or will miss something along the line.
2. Many homeschool families have multiple kids and struggle keeping up or giving everyone enough one-on-one instruction
3. Many families are required to keep careful records to keep their state or district up to date
4. Parents are not sure what needs to be taught at which level
5. Busy work schedules don’t allow for time to homeschool
6. Homeschool families are struggling with consistency and routine

Power Homeschool Online Homeschooling

The value of online homeschooling

In nearly all situations, your child will watch a pre-recorded video taught by a qualified teacher and complete assignments. Some assign your child to a teacher who also grades their work but in those situations, the cost is exponentially higher. Most of them offer placement tests, automatic grading and attendance records, and a parent dashboard where you can edit classes and track your student’s progress. This is huge value for families that want their children to be on track with the public schools and/or have state reporting requirements. You also have the option of choosing

The problem is that it isn’t cheap. Many online options cost hundreds of dollars per student, some charging similar rates as private school. So while it remains an attractive option, it is not one that is always pursued because of budget restraints.

An affordable online homeschooling option

As someone whose business revolves around helping people find curriculum and resources that will suit them, I was excited to stumble upon Power Homeschool, a new division of Acellus Academy specifically designed for homeschool families. Unlike it’s competitors, Power Homeschool is only $25 a month per student! For this price you get up to 6 courses and there are options for common core and non-common core subjects to choose from. For homeschool families who are struggling with the pressure of where to start or trying to be everything for everyone, this is a fantastic, and manageable option!

Online Homeschooling with Power Homeschool

With options from preschool all the way up to grade 12, Power Homeschool not only has every course you could possibly ever want, but they are taught by quality teachers in interesting and engaging lessons. The lessons are relatively short and can be done by the child independently, if they stumble upon problem areas, that will be flagged in your parent dashboard. The lessons are available on all devices: mobile, computer, and tablet so you can take your school with you anywhere you go! I’m envisioning school at the library, school at the coffee shop, school on vacation (going too far?).

Power Homeschool Online Homeschooling

Elementary Courses
Online Homeschooling with Power Homeschool
Middle School Courses
Online Homeschooling with Power Homeschool

High School Courses

Online Homeschooling with Power Homeschool

There are even more high school courses that couldn’t fit in the picture! This means that you can choose based off your Childs needs and interests, it is flexible and adaptable to your individual children! You can change the courses at anytime, so if something isn’t working for you or they work through it faster than you anticipated, they can try something else. You also can change a child’s level or grade anytime for any particular course, these are the little things that allow you to tweak it and make it uniquely adapted to your family.

Click HERE or on the images above to view the courses, the outlines, or sample lessons.

A great way to get your feet wet or take a break

Some seasons are just hard in this whole homeschool thing. With moving, new jobs, new babies, or jumping in to homeschooling for the first time… there are many reasons that online homeschooling may be the best option for your family right now. The great thing with Power Homeschool is that there are no hidden fees and you can cancel anytime. Maybe you use it this month to get you by, to kickstart your year and take a break next month. You aren’t locked in and you have the freedom to do what works for your family!

You can learn more information by clicking the links below and if you have any questions, post them in the comments! PLUS don’t miss my exclusive Facebook live for a sneak peek behind the scenes of this amazing program.

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Online homeschooling is becoming more popular for a number of reasons: whether it is because parents feel overwhelmed with the weight of their child's education, works, is struggling with consistency, or is just beginning their homeschool journey, it can offer ease of mind and assistance. Let's talk about virtual homeschool and an affordable option. #homeschool #homeschooling

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!