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Peekaboo Beans Clothing Review

This is a little off the beaten path for me, I mean, I’m a homeschooling site, right??? But we are all parents and moms and when something like this comes up, I can’t help but share!

I recently heard about Peekaboo Beans, a clothing company I hadn’t heard of or seen before. They are committed to creating comfortable, safe, adorable and functional clothing for kids so they can be free to play! It sounds good, but when I saw their prices I have to admit… I was sorely tempted to close the door and not look back. I mean, we’re a thrift store kind of family, cheap and plentiful is the name of our game! With five kids, we simply can’t afford expensive clothing! Right? When I actually got to FEEL and SEE the products, I was blown away. Ahhhh, so I spend $35 on a shirt but then it lasts me 5 years through three boys… LIGHTBULB!

Peekaboo Beans Clothing Review

I think before anyone really invests in their children’s clothing, it is important to understand the value behind the product. So I emailed my friend (and Peekaboo stylist) Ann, and bombarded her with questions.

What ARE Peekaboo Beans?

Peekaboo Beans is ‘Playwear for Kids on the Grow’.  At Peekaboo Beans, we believe in play, community and family first.  We are strong advocates for play and together we have one vision, mission and voice – providing the ingredients for a playful life.

Peekaboo Beans Vision and Mission

What Sets Peekaboo Beans Playwear Apart?

Ethical Manufacturing – we work closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure our playwear is made in a happy and healthy environment.

Custom Fabrics – We custom-knit all of our fabrics to ensure comfort and safety while standing up to wash and wear.

Designed by Moms – Our design team understands the needs of growing Beans and design our playwear to foster independent play

What are Peekaboo Beans Clothing Design Features?

The clothing is designed with safety, function and fun in mind. 


The fabric is custom made to be ready for safe and comfortable play.  There are no small parts like buttons or snaps and our zippers are are fused together to prevent breakage.  There are chin guards to create a barrier between your Bean’s chin and the zipper.  There are no drawstrings on hoodies which can get caught during play.

Peekaboo Beans Clothing Features


Thumb holes are the most popular feature, for warmth, easy layering and great for tactile sensitivity.  Easy to use zippers pulls so little hands learning to dress themselves.  Flat elastic waistbands are great for kids on the go, those learning to potty train, and tiny waists making it easy on and off.  Flatlock stitching is more comfortable, has less bulk and is great for Beans with tactile sensitivity.  A-line shapes provide comfort for little “Buddha Bellies”.  Our FUNdamentals and seasonal collections are designed to complement one another for easy layering and transitional play.  Some of our pieces are reversible which provides for more options, gives children the flexibility of choice, and of course helps hide the inevitable spills.  Several of our pieces are designed to grow with your child, an item may start out as a dress, then becomes a tunic and then a shirt.  Some of our pants are designed to turn into capris, while our full-length leggings become cropped leggings.  For boys, cuffs fold up to adjust for growing beans.  Pieces are designed for versatility, pants that zip off into shorts, skirts that can also be worn as a dress, and jackets with removable sleeves.


Playwear is designed for freedom of movement, comfort, and flexibility letting Beans jump, skip, roll and dance.  We have custom fabrics and graphics that are designed in house and are one of a kind, just like your Bean.

What is the Giggle Guarantee?

We do our best to ensure our garments are the cream of the crop so you are giggling with glee with each order. In the event that a defective Bean slips into your shipment, we will replace it for free. Please contact your play stylist, which would be myself, Ann Grieves and I will make sure you are happy.

I Have a Ton of Kids… Will Peekaboo Beans Last?

Not only will your clothing last, but you can sell it for about 50% of its original purchase price. There are a few Facebook groups dedicated to buying and selling ‘vintage’ Peekaboo Beans.
Peekaboo Beans does not believe in ‘Fast Fashion’. Peekaboo Beans is unique in that we thoughtfully produce our playwear to ensure sustainability. Our intention is to keep our clothing out of landfills and on Beans. Our clothing is made to last!

How Do I Order Peekaboo Beans?

So after hearing the answers, I was convinced. I gotta say, I am sick and tired of getting cheap clothing that is see through, stretches out, rips, and doesn’t even last the season let alone to be passed down! I think we way overspend on clothing because we end up having to buy so much more! I was ready to INVEST in something that was QUALITY, that would last through the kids and would be comfortable while not sacrificing a little fashion in the process (what can I say, I like cute clothes!).

So here it is, the simplest way to order EVER. Just click on THIS LINK or click on the image below to head over to the shopping page. Just choose direct shipping at checkout and your order will be delivered to your door!

peekaboo beans shopping

And Just for Being an Awesome Reader… Every Person Who Puts in an Order TODAY Will be Entered to Win a $25 Gift Certificate!

That’s right, if you put in an order today, you will be entered to win a gift certificate for $25 of additional product! You don’t need to do a thing, once your order goes through you are automatically entered in the giveaway and the winner will be announced on my Facebook Page HERE Tuesday morning at 9:00am PST, so make sure you are following my page!

Special thanks to my friend and play stylist, Ann Grieves, for taking the time to answer my questions and telling us about Peekaboo Beans. If you have any further questions feel free to email her at or checkout her Facebook page HERE.

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!