I used to review curriculum, now I create it

Take Your Child’s Reading to the Next Level With These!

Let’s talk about my kinesthetic, right-brained, backwards-thinker, random access memory daughter, Selah. I love my daughter: she is spirited and jovial and goofy and quirky and a ton of fun. But put a book in front of her and I’m ready to pull out all my hair in frustration. Any logical explanation of how something […]

Why do Kids Chew on Their Shirts and What Can You Do About It?

I will never forget the day I realized I had a chewer. When my son was a baby he would chew on the side of the crib… no biggie, he was teething right? The problem is that it didn’t stop. When he was four years old, he moved to a wooden bunk bed with his […]

Free Spring Themed Printable Worksheets for Preschool

Who doesn’t love getting free printables? Especially if it means keeping your busy preschooler busy so you have a few more minutes with your older ones! Am I right? We have been having so much fun with this spring preschool printable pack! These 17 pages are packed full of some fun activities for your little […]

This is an amazing way to teach compassion to your kids!!!

I have just discovered one of the coolest ways EVER to teach my kids compassion and empathy towards others! I am so excited to introduce you to Crafting it Forward! Crafting it Forward is a monthly subscription box with everything you need to make a fun craft! That in itself sounds fun enough to capture […]

Free Printable Copywork Mini Booklet: Adam and Eve

If you follow me, you will probably know that we recently dived right in to the Brave Writer lifestyle. It has changed (COMPLETELY) not only our homeschool, but also the entire dynamic of our home. School went from taking us all day long, often with a few bouts of tears and definitely a few moments […]

Daddy Survival Guide to Staying Home Alone with the Kids

The fundamentals of childcare are relatively simple, if not always easy. The main goal: to return the child(ren) to their mother in a comparable condition to when she left. This means well fed, clothed and diapered regularly, with no major cuts or bruises from their “adventures” with daddy, and preferably somewhat emotionally stable. Due to the […]

Start a New Practice with a Free Gratitude Journal Template EVERY WEEK!

Have you noticed that there seem to be new trends everywhere? There’s the Bible Journaling trend, the Planning trend (which has always been there but it is rising HUGELY in popularity), the adult coloring trend, the Gratitude Journal trend… it goes on and on! People are made up of a small percentage of leaders and […]

How my kids memorized all their times tables and division facts in 2 weeks flat!

Let’s talk about how to teach multiplication and division. Let’s talk about how frustrating they are to teach over and over again. Let’s talk about how my son went from barely understanding the concept to memorizing his times tables and division facts in 2 weeks FLAT. A grandiose claim, but 100% true! Make sure to […]

I was NOT going to be an essential oil weirdo… until I saw what happened!

When I heard about essential oils for the first time I was totally turned off! I was reading things about energy and spiritual grounding and meditating and as a Christian, I saw them as some sort of “new age thing” to stay away from. I had a good friend who got into them and she […]

Dear Mom who is feeling Overwhelmed: You are not alone!

Dear mom who is feeling overwhelmed and defeated, I don’t know your name, where you are from, how many kids you have or what has happened today to bring you to this letter, but I know YOU. I know what it is like to be at the end of my rope. I know what it is […]

5 Things Husbands Wish their Wives Knew about Homeschooling

Many women feel alone when it comes to homeschooling. Their husbands seem standoffish at best, judgmental even of their progress. When they try to approach their husbands they are met with what appears to be indifference. I have caught myself wondering if my husband even cares that I am homeschooling or recognizes what I do! […]

Teaching in a Way That is Not Your Strength

Are you teaching in a way that is not your strength? School in this house generally means workbooks, readers, paper and pencils. That’s MY kind of school. The smell of fresh workbooks, the excitement of a blank assignment before me with endless possibilities.  However, for my very kinesthetic, hands on daughter, this type of learning is […]

The best hands on math curriculum for homeschoolers

Math seems to be one of the most difficult subjects for homeschoolers. Finding curriculum that your children not only enjoy but actually retain and understand the concepts can seem daunting, if not impossible. I have a very kinesthetic learner as well as a very visual learner. For both of these children, traditional math workbooks are […]

A Unique Natural Remedy for Eczema that Actually Works! You’ve Got to see This!

When I first held my beautiful little boy with his soft, smooth, baby skin… I had no idea the challenges that we would face only a few months later. As our little boy grew, his skin changed from soft and smooth to rough and scaly. He was covered in bumpy patches, dry patches, constantly got […]

Fluffy Whole Wheat Bread Recipe that will last you the week!

I have had my Nutrimill and Bosch mixer for about 4 years now and every time I use them I kick myself for buying store bought bread. Nothing compares with the fluffy, naturally sweet and nutty flavor of fresh milled flour. I am going to show you the recipe that I made for our once-a-wake […]

Have you Heard Chris Tomlin’s new Christmas CD, Adore? Enter to Win a Copy!

Every holiday season I pull out my arsenal of Christmas music and blare it loudly from morning until night. As an early Christmas decorator, inevitably by November I am starting to get sick of the same songs rotating on my playlist. When I was sent a review copy of Chris Tomlin’s new CD, Adore, both my […]

We Started a Reading Fluency Program and were Blown Away by the Results!

There are so many reading programs out there, it can be difficult to sift through them all. I am going to tell you my hands down FAVORITE reading fluency program of 2015. This program helped my daughter grow from sounding out words- halting and slow-to reading fluently and with confidence. If you are looking for […]

Looking for In-Depth Time4Learning Reviews? Check this out!

I first heard about Time4Learning through my amazing followers on my Facebook Page. They started suggesting it and asked where they could find Time4Learning reviews. I decided to try it out for myself to see what it was all about. This is a complete review that will discuss the user interface, what this online curriculum is and […]

Elf on the Shelf Alternative: Mary and Joseph’s Journey to Bethlehem

Are you looking for a fun elf on the shelf alternative? Every year I see those fun little elf ideas, I feel a little sad that we don’t get to participate. However, both my husband and I cannot seem to get over the idea of a naughty little elf who is always watching our children. […]

Top Christmas Gifts 2015 for Homeschoolers!

I am so excited to be releasing the “Top Christmas Gifts 2015 for Homeschoolers”! This is a collection of the best educational gifts for 2015 and is divided into age range for easy shopping. Each image links directly to the website… your one stop click n’ shop! Simply click read now to view the publication […]

I Let My 7 Year Old Text and Couldn’t Believe What Happened!

My children have had their iPads for a couple of years now, and doing my due diligence… I disabled Safari, downloads, YouTube, Siri, Messaging and Facetime PLUS enabled very strict parental restrictions. I quickly learned that if my children had access to these things it could pose a serious safety hazard. I also discovered that […]

2015 Black Friday Deals for Homeschoolers

It’s the middle of the night, but these deals are LIVE and hot off the press! Don’t miss this HUGE 2015 Black Friday deals list for homeschoolers! Find the hottest clothing sales, curriculum sales, educational toys and more! Simply scroll through this master list of 2015 Black Friday deals and click the “buy now” graphic to […]

Homeschooling Multiple Ages (Without Losing Your Mind!)

How do I homeschool multiple grades without losing my mind you ask? Well, maybe I lose my mind a little bit. I mean, let’s be honest… the preschooler wants to participate, grade 1 child needs help, grade 2 child is falling to pieces, and grade 3 child is skipping questions and doing their laziest work. […]

30 Educational Apps for Early Elementary

Looking for the best kindergarten apps? Check out this HUGE list of the best kindergarten apps with easy-click links! You can quickly skim through the list with it’s bright pictures and quick descriptions, the price will be in the image caption. If you would like to download one of these apps (or if you’re like […]

All About My Community Social Studies K-3 Printable Pack

Is Social Studies driving you crazy? Trying to meet learning outcomes while not falling asleep? Check out this amazing printable pack full of over 23 worksheets to teach Kindergarten through Grade 3! Use it for the whole family! Social Studies can be a difficult subject to teach in the early grades. I have yet to […]

ESV Journaling Bible Review and Giveaway

I am a homeschool, type-A personality, writer, planner, woman… why wouldn’t I be excited about the ESV Journaling Bible? In fact, I’m even more excited that I get to offer a free copy to one of you! Let me show you just a few of the features in this beautiful Bible and then enter to […]

Motorized K’NEX Building Set

Are you looking for toys that teach this Christmas? I am so excited to introduce you to the X-FLAME BUILDING SET by K’NEX with this exclusive peek inside the box and giveaway! The X-FLAME BUILDING SET is a motorized dragon that can move both forwards and backwards. All of my children were over the moon […]

The Ultimate List of Ways to Make Money from Home

One of the most common conversations amongst stay-at-home moms are ways to make money from home. Living on a single income in today’s economic climate can be challenging if not impossible. As homeschoolers , the majority of us are living on a single income, are you struggling? Whether you are looking to supplement your income, […]

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!