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#62 Godcast: Dream and Plod

Earlier this week I posted a podcast episode where I promised a mid-week special. It is late, but it is here! Today’s podcast is a Godcast… it’s all about Him. I hardly mention the word homeschooling so I want to make sure that everyone knows I’m going deep and wide today and am not staying on the topic I usually do.

Today I will be posting my new YouTube video explaining the testimony of Gather ‘Round Homeschool so if you like this one, you’ll want to check that one out next.

Here’s my power quote from the episode: Dream big-God will use you. Don’t diminish today-God is using you. May He use this to speak no matter what you need to hear today.

Godcast: Dream and Plod

Wanna see a pic?

Forgot to mention, but I’m liking posting a bit of real life with my podcast episodes. Here is my home production studio this morning: child labor (they love it, don’t judge us).



  1. Thanks for that message Rebecca! Lately I have been asking more and more how God can use me and I’m excited to see what He has in store. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Contentment, oh man did I need to hear that. This is I think the first one of your podcasts I have listened to. I will have to share with you one day the changes our homeschool has gone through because I have been led back to you time and time again. Can I just say “THANK YOU!” God has used you to lead our family in a new direction that is changing our homeschool… and we aren’t even using Gather Round, yet.
    I have struggled with contentment honestly since I became a mother. It is all I ever really wanted to be. I believe God called me to homeschool my children, but I struggle to be happy and the enemy has found a wedge to drive between me and what God has called me to. Anger, I was never a person that was easily angered. Three kids later and it is my normal operating mode. I am latching on to that word, and I may listen to this podcast every day for a while, bc man did I feel God speaking to me.
    Grace and Peace to you and yours. Pray for God to smother the anger within me. I am going to begin praying for you tonight. God has brought me words for you. I will pass them along to you soon. God Bless you Rebecca!

  3. Loved the Godcast. ? I have been spending the last year seeing in what ways that God can use me beyond homeschooling. I’ve tried pushing myself into things and coming to find it to be a dead end. I feel like I’m growing impatient and more discontent. Thanks for speaking to that. I really needed to hear it. I’m glad you are diving more into faith related topics and being such an encouragement.

  4. Take me to church Rebecca! Seriously, I am very thankful that I found your curriculum reviews and blogs. You’ve given me a lot to think about, and this is no exception. Have a great week and Happy Holidays!

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I used to review curriculum, now I create it!