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My Biggest Homeschool Struggle

Have you noticed that people don’t like to talk about their homeschool struggles? It’s like somehow it makes us look weak or not-sufficient or it gives homeschooling a bad name. We all sit in our houses trying to do our best and it can be pretty lonely if you don’t have someone that you can be real with. But here’s the big secret… homeschooling is HARD and we all have our struggles and low points and things that we are totally just guessing at. No one (and I mean no one) has it all together all the time. Somewhere underneath those cute little Instagram photos of their homeschool day, there is yelling or frustration or a mom crying in her bed at night. My passion is to be real about my own failings, to help someone out there feel a little less like a leper and a little more normal.

My biggest homeschool struggle…

So cliche… probably should have grown out of it by now… but this recovering type A mama still struggles the most with patience. There are days when I feel like a pot simmering on the stove (probably those days are suspiciously linked to something like a monthly cycle). Sometimes reading that same word over and over and over makes me want to run for the hills. Some days the whining and constant bickering between my kids makes me start to research our private school options. You guys, patience is a daily battle over here and in today’s episode, I share with you 10 practical tips that can make all the difference!

Prefer to skim through the content?

I don’t have any links mentioned in today’s podcast but I know that 30 minutes is a long time so I will put my top ten recommendations right here in the article if you just need a quick skim.

1. Self Care
2. Planning and preparation
3. Coffee
4. Cutting back
5. Simplify
6. Try different strategies
7. Know your triggers
8. Pray!
9. Let go of expectations
10. Teach your kids boundaries

What about you?

What is your biggest homeschool struggle?

My number 1 homeschool struggle is one you would probably think I don't struggle with... but I am not immune to the effects of reading that rule for the hundredth time or going over that math lesson... again! In this podcast episode, it's all about homeschool struggles and how you can overcome them with 10 practical tips!


  1. My nephew is on third grade this year but he gets tired and wants to take a break several times and gets overwhelmed with the work what can I do

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