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What You Need to Know Before Buying Curriculum

It’s curriculum buying season and the number one question on everybody’s mind is: “What should I choose?” I talk a lot about curriculum on my blog but today I wanted to specifically address what we need to know and how we can create a brief, big-picture “plan” of our days to help us identify, before we buy, if a program is going to work for us or not. Choosing curriculum is not easy, but it’s not impossible either!

What you need to know before choosing curriculum

Today’s episode is full of advice, practical tips and strategies to help you begin to identify both your homeschool vision and how various curricula fits with that. We talk about budgeting, scheduling, all in one programs vs. individual programs, and how you can begin to organize your plan for the next year! Whether you are a homeschool veteran looking for curriculum for a new season or brand new to the homeschool scene, this episode will walk you through choosing curriculum that works!

Links mentioned in today’s episode:

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Why we aren’t using The Good and the Beautiful
How to plan your homeschool year

Interested in more information on the curriculum course?

I’m still in the planning stages but this course will be 1-2 weeks and will walk you through identifying your homeschool style, the best curriculums for each style and helping you wade through the sea of curricula to find something that will work for your family. If you are interested, put your name on the list and I’ll email you once the course is complete.

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What curriculum are you looking at right now?

What you need to know before buying curriculum

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  1. Can’t wait to hear more about the course you’re going to be offering about choosing the best curriculum fit for your kiddos. I am slowly but surely figuring out what we need, but not sure which programs actually offer it. I took the color quiz for my oldest learner (going into grade 1), and she is a yellow through and through (like 90%) haha – she has thrived on Abeka Phonics and Math, but needs something much more engaging for science and history. We are using FIAR but I’m wondering if maybe MasterBooks My Story 1 (history) or Berean Builders (science) or something would be better? Also, we live in a very strict reporting state so I’m trying too figure out how to make sure I’m reporting accurately, etc. if I’m jumping between curriculum.

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