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#38 10 Things Homeschoolers Wish Their Kids Knew

I have seen the posts: What homeschoolers wish their friends knew, 5 things homeschoolers want you to know, etc. etc. But I have never seen one from a mom to her homeschooled child and that needs to change. I mean, I don’t really care what my friends or acquaintances think but I DO care (a LOT) about what my kids think. This post is a bit different than the traditional approach, it is less of a “I wish you knew that I am always here for you no matter what…” and more of a “I wish you knew that learning is not a punishment…” kind of post. This podcast episode has a bit of sarcasm built in and to be honest, I’m not sure I’ll ever have my kids listen to it. But I know that you as a homeschool mom will be able to relate to at least some of these points and maybe it can open some communication between you and your child.

10 things homeschoolers wish their kids knew


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Quick recap/overview

No problem! Homeschoolers are busy, I get it! I have put together a rough outline of the podcast to help you get the gist of it or see if it is worth the time to listen to. But to hear the whole story behind each point, you need to listen. This one was SUPER fun to record. It has the serious, it has the heart wrenching moments, it has the funny moments, such a beautiful picture of the ups and downs of homeschooling!

10 Things I Wish my Homeschooled Kids Knew:

1. Mommy is trying really hard: I make mistakes and I need you
2. School is not that great (for you): be thankful
3. Learning is not a punishment: shift your perspective
4. Mommy doesn’t always know what I am doing: join the conversation!
5. I don’t actually want to be your teacher: I want to be your mentor, your partner in your education, not a dictator.
6. I want you to get as excited as I am about school: it can be deflating the work hard and present a lesson when you are moping and feeling sorry for yourself.
7. I am excited because I am learning too: I want this to be an adventure we are on together!
8. I really do treasure time with you: I don’t want to fight with you, some days I feel like a failure.
9. I want the best for you: I chose to homeschool because I am trying to give you the very best. Things like relationships, cultivating your character and heart, giving you confidence in your identity, who you are. To give you a safe place where you and known and loved and can develop and learn at your own pace focused on things that interest you!
10. If you ask for a snack 1 more time… I may lose my mind!

This is just a preview, if you want to hear the whole hilarious episode you need to either listen here on the podcast or come on over and subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher so you get all the latest episodes (links are underneath the player above).

I hope you have an amazing day and keep calm and homeschool on!

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Let’s chat… what do you wish YOUR kids knew?

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10 things homeschoolers wish their kids knew: Sometimes I just want to have a real discussion with my kids. I wish they understood how hard this was, how hard I am trying and what a privilege it is to be homeschooled. I get it, some days are hard. But here's the thing kids: homeschooling is a sacrifice and I do it because I want the best for you. Read the full post or listen to the podcast!

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  1. Wow! Jonathan and the children are soooooo lucky to have you. Not only was that beyond great for the children it would be fantastic to play for family and friends that just do not understand the life reasoning behind why we do what we do. If they fail to see why after hearing this, then they need to change their diet and eat a whole lot more brain food. Thoughts from and old man. Have a fantastic day and be blessed! J

  2. Thanks for the wonderful work and effort you are putting in sharing with all the rest of the world. One other thing I would my kids to know is that time passes so quickly!! My eldest is 19 and already left home for almost 2 years! How I miss driving her around to ballet classes, waiting for rehearsals to finish and sewing her Pointe shoes! My second is finishing school and he wants to travel! I am so blessed to have one more in the nest- what you said gave me faith to know that I am doing the best I can for her. Thanks Rebecca!! Love from Cpt SA

  3. Rebecca, you had me laughing at the beginning, crying in the middle and then laughing again at the end. I am new to homeschooling my twin 3 1/2 year twin boys! I never intended on homeschooling at all, but God put it on my heart about a year ago. I am just starting but I can already see struggles and anticipate more coming. I am totally dependent on God for teaching my little boys! I also love coffee! My husband roasts our coffee as a hobby. I am so thankful he roasted so much for me before he deployed recently. I can’t wait to hear more from you!!! You make me feel normal! I am starting your course on Feb 4th and can’t wait!
    Thanks, Scarlett

  4. Loved it so much that I had my kids listen. Their takeaway: “Mom, they get A LOT of snacks!” Lol….well, at least I tried. Thanks for your genuine take on homeschool life!

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I used to review curriculum, now I create it!