I used to review curriculum, now I create it

#41: More than Homeschool Survival


One of the awesome things about being a blogger is that companies send me free stuff and even pay me to review their products! Sometimes they pay me a small percentage by affiliate links to track their sales while other times they just send me free product to show and try. This is part of how I support my blog but I want to make sure you know that I turn down 10 times more people than I accept because I only choose products that I would personally buy and recommend. This post is sponsored in one of those ways. For more info read my disclosure policy. And if you think this sounds like a pretty sweet gig, come on over and let me teach you how to do what I do in my blogging course or one of my other courses by clicking here.

This is the season that homeschool burnout settles in. It seeps through the cracks of our impatience, the mundane of our half-finished books, the grating of the kids whining yet again. Things are not as exciting, the passion seems to have tapered off, and we are left trying to pick up the pieces and salvage the day. But here’s the thing, I want so much more than just homeschool survival. My goal is greatness, passion, joy, excitement, and wonder. My goal is an environment and an atmosphere that we ALL want to be a part of.

Julie’s new book, The Brave Learner, is the perfect pick-me-up to a mid-year slump. The very first chapter caught me completely off guard. You can tell a good book when it makes you want to read it. You can tell if a book is great when you can’t put it down. But every once in a while, a book that is extraordinary rises to the surface. It is the book that you continually put down, you have to stop and DO. It inspires change, it propels you to action. THIS, my friend, is the gift of The Brave Learner. It is not just philosophies and ideas, it is practical tips and strategies and things to try! It can help you transform your day!

Listen to the podcast!

When I first asked Julie to be a guest on my podcast, I knew I wanted to help get the word out about her amazing new book. But I didn’t come with a planned agenda. I wanted to hear her why, her heart behind the book, and what some of the principles might look like in action. More or less, I kind of just wanted to share my morning coffee with Julie and show my listeners what an incredible source of inspiration she is. This podcast episode is such a treat for me, the privilege of sitting down and chatting about homeschooling with this amazing lady is so worth the time it takes to listen. I hope it inspires you as much as she inspires me.

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Julie Bogart: How to create an enchanted learning environment

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Featuring Julie Bogart from Brave Writer: learn more about her amazing new book, a free 90 page resource PLUS some practical tips to help you go beyond homeschool survival and make homeschooling more than you even imagined it could be!

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!