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S2E2: What is a Morning Basket?

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Curious to know more about a morning basket? In today’s podcast episode I’ll share with you what a morning basket is, what it can look like and an example of what kind of books I have in mine. The idea is very Charlotte Mason in it’s approach, with reading and discussion being the primary point. It is a fantastic way to start your day and helps wake up the mind, inspire, and brings connection. The kinds of books you want to include will largely depend on the ages, interests and attention span of your children as well as the subjects you would normally teach to all of them together. This really isn’t as hard as it looks and it can be as simple as finding books related to your interests or what you are studying, the point is to start your day off with them and to see how it can transform the atmosphere of your home!

Links referenced in this episode

View my Usborne website!
-Poems for Young Children and the Usborne book of Art (what I use)
Animals and their Worlds (coupon code HipHS)
World of Animals (coupon code REBECCASFRIEND)
Ereth’s Birthday (unavailable but some of the other ones are on Amazon)
NaturExplorers (Nature Studies)
Spotlight on Canada
WOW Canada
Donna Ward
Get my homeschool planner to plan your morning time!
Read Aloud Revival (TONS of book ideas!)
Pam Barnhill (Morning basket guru!)
Learn more about Charlotte Mason homeschooling

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what is a morning basket?



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  2. Another great podcast!

    For the subjects that are taught as a group, how do you track their comprehension? For example, we do Canadian history together, how would I make sure they’re getting anything out of it?

  3. Hello, I really enjoyed your podcast. When you are doing your morning basket with your social studies reading, and science reading, are you having them work on any journaling or documentation of what they are learning? Or do you just focus on the reading and use your language arts time later for that piece during your copywork and writing time. Thank you!

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