I used to review curriculum, now I create it

# 59 The Real Homeschoolers of North America

What is a real life homeschool day in your home? If you’re anything like me, it doesn’t mimic the YouTube videos we see with the cutesy little music and the smiling mom with the pristine house. Maybe you are homeschooling crammed around your kitchen table with crumbs on your books, or maybe you are working in a basement that needs to be updated and is anything but pretty. Or maybe you aren’t homeschooling at all today because the kids are sick and you are just snuggling up and watching a movie together.

Hands down, the biggest question I get asked on an ongoing basis is either how do I know I’m doing enough? or How do you do it all?

I know I’ve talked about both of these before, but the question keeps coming so I am going to keep answering. Today’s podcast episode will debunk the myth that I have anything together. I pray it inspires you that “enough” is interpretational and constantly in flux and something that is determined by you and you alone.

As promised, these are my show notes that give you a glimpse into my “organized” thought process.

Doesn’t it make your organization look good? Ya, that’s right, I wrote a book on planning and pretty writing, but my brain is a hot mess and most of my notebooks are too! #reallife #unveiling

The Real Homeschoolers of North America be like…

Links and a photographic journal to go along with the talk today

This is my messy homeschool room, I’m not even showing you the floor, keeping a semblance of dignity. We have been doing school upstairs because the school room is taken over by video shooting and review material. Seriously… so bad! If anyone wants to come over and help me organized my piles of books… just saying.

This is what I look like about 50% of the time these days, in snuggly warm pyjamas working at my computer either designing, editing, creating, writing, or fulfilling orders. Behind me you can see the bag of chips and pop I mentioned in the podcast today… yup, that was real. I guess I’m failing in the whole realm of working out and eating right too. Also, my 5 year old took this picture.

Gather 'Round Homeschool

In today’s episode I mention the new space unit, here is a little sneak peek of what it looks like. This is just two journals, there are a total of six (below you can see the covers). This is just one month, one unit! The idea is you would read the teachers guide (shown on the left) and then each child would be working at their own level. It covers all their subjects (geography, social studies, history, science, reading, writing, spelling, grammar, art, Bible, and more) except math and it is a great opportunity to see the connections between subjects and between grades as you work all together. Click here to view Gather ‘Round Homeschool and see some of the new units or free samples of any units. Coming out this week is the Space unit study, but we have one on North American Birds as well as Asia already completed as well!
Gather Round Homeschool Space Unit Study

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!