I used to review curriculum, now I create it

#60 Unqualified

Unqualified. It’s just a word, but it is also a judgement based on someone’s opinion. What qualifies you to teach your children or walk in your ministry or help anyone with anything? If we are always looking to someone to qualify us, stamp us with their seal of approval, our qualifications are fickle and in constant flux. The truth is, there is only one qualification or opinion that truly matters…

In today’s episode I talk about what qualification means. I rant a bit about the frustrations I have faced and judgements put upon me to be qualified to teach, or speak, or lead, or write, or any position that God has given me. The world is constantly assessing me and I am constantly reminding myself that their assessments aren’t what I am going for.

You have a calling, you have an appointment, and no one get’s to tell you whether you are right for the job, not even your own emotions.

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Also, here is the before and after of my school room that I promised! Now we’re on to starting Asia tomorrow and fulfilling orders and carrying out the calling that God has anointed me for for tomorrow. One step at a time…

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!