I used to review curriculum, now I create it

When They’re Falling Behind…

Falling behind… this is a little bit of an undercurrent in the homeschool world. It exists, but it is clearly not talked about. There are supposed to be three camps in homeschooling: the gifted children, the struggling children, and the average children. Clearly the average children are still above average because of the simple fact that they are homeschooled, right? I mean, we homeschoolers share article after article of FAMOUS PEOPLE WHO WERE HOMESCHOOLED basically yelling from the rooftops “My child is smarter than yours!” But is it true? Maybe.

Just as no homeschool is the same, so no homeschool child is the same. Our values and goals vary GREATLY. While many homeschoolers aim for a superior education, that is not (for example) my goal in any way shape or form. I think I can offer my kids more at home however, even on the days I fail I am secure in my goal because my homeschool is simply not based on levels, grades, or achievement. My kids are almost all “behind” in some area or another. They are all learning and growing at their own pace and today we are going to just get it all out in the open. If your child is behind… this one’s for you!

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Have you ever worried about this?

When your homeschool child is falling behind... don't panic! Come listen to this podcast episode and let's talk about homeschool goals, understanding our child's needs and finding peace in the process. #homeschooling

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!