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#55 What I Want My Homeschool To Be…

This week I received an e-mail from Lindsey and her question was so good I decided to do a podcast episode about it!

Her question was:

“You talk a lot about accepting your kids where they are and removing heavy burdens and expectations that they live up to the long list of requirements that public schools are mandated by. I absolutely love this idea, but I have such a hard time with it in practice. My oldest is starting third grade and this will be our first year where we have to comply with mandatory testing. Do you have those sorts of requirements where you live? If so, how do you balance the practice of working at your child’s pace and not pushing hard to get them to a certain level academically with worrying about and preparing for state tests? I’m a box checker, and curriculum guide follower and have such a hard time breaking free of that, but so badly want to be better at being willing to break away from the check lists when one of my children has an interest that leads them down an amazing rabbit trail of intrigue and organic learning. Please tell me, how do you do it?? “

In today’s episode I address this desire to have a more relaxed homeschool with our own inner pressure of doing it all.

Homeschool Requirements + Pressure

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  1. So I am so thankful for your “rambling preface” to this podcast. I will be homeschooling both of my kids for the first time this fall grades 4th and Kindergarten. I am terrified and so nervous. I have been anxiously researching, listening to every podcast, watching every video, searching, searching, searching. But I have felt in my heart that I need to stop. I am searching for an answer I already know is there but its like I am turning to all the homeschool bloggers and every thing else to give me the answer God has already given me. Funny how I keep searching for that something to tell me I am making the right decision when God has literally shown me over and over that this is His will. But I keep searching because I’m scared. I am scared I am not enough, that I am not the type of mom who is able to be a patient teacher to my children and I am just very scared that I personally am not what they need. Very gently God has reminded me that I am not enough but through Him it will be what my kids need. Your “rambling intro” said exactly what my heart has been say, just stop. Stop searching, stop striving, stop looking to everyone else and just focus on the answers He has given me and focus on my own homeschool journey. I have felt that it is time to start my journey and get ready for our school year but I can’t do that if I am constantly looking to everyone else for the answers. It’s time for me to just start my own journey and stop searching. Thank you for your wonderful blog, podcast, and videos. I enjoy them very much! So here goes, I am going to start creating and focusing on my homeschool journey. We will be using your new book “more than just words” for our morning bible time! Looking forward to our first year of homeschool, but knowing it will be a learning curve and adjustment. If you remember please say a prayer for us. Thanks again for all your encouragement!

  2. You sound so much like me and encompassed exactly all the thoughts and struggles running through my brain! Your podcast is so real and I LOVE it! THANK YOU!!!

  3. This particular episode really spoke to my heart as I am definitely a type A momma with a tremendous desire for my children to have a full, LIVING breathing education. It takes an insane amount of self-control to not sabotage my own vision every single day… most days I fall short. Ty for sharing ❤️

    Also, please let us know if you snag a speaking engagement in Indiana, I most definitely will come!

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I used to review curriculum, now I create it!