I used to review curriculum, now I create it

#54 The Conversation Episode

I am sitting in my trailer, the rain pitter-pattering on the roof and my kids strewn haphazardly on their bunks in our 29′ trailer. There is sand on the floor, all of our clothes are soaked, there’s a weird smell coming from the fridge and we are beyond exhausted… all the signs and symptoms of a glorious family camping trip.

Before I left for camping this weekend I popped on to my Blue Yeti microphone to have a quick chat with you guys about nothing in particular, and the conversation episode was born. Today’s random meanderings through my brain are focused on camping (then and now), my raw confessions of learning who I am as a painfully awkward introvert, thoughts on friendship and more.

To be completely honest, I recorded it two days ago and so much life has happened between then and now. The lack of sleep has muddled my brain and I don’t really remember what I talked about on Friday afternoon. So let it be random, let it be unfocused and unscripted, let it be real and messy and nonchalant… that’s pretty much the embodiment of summer anyways (we may as well run with it).

I am planning on taking a picture for this blog post, but for now I just wanted to get the podcast up for those of you who have been waiting for my less-than-consistent episodes… this one’s for you!


Hm… I think I talked about my brand new Bible curriculum that is officially released called More Than Words. I am SO excited about this you guys. This is volume 1 for k-3, volume 2 is coming out end of summer and then 3 and 4 will follow to go all the way up to high school!

This curriculum was born out of a need in my own family to find something that was more than just teaching my kids Bible stories they had been learning their whole lives. I wanted to give my kids a foundation in their faith, basic theology and the foundation of a personal relationship with God. More Than Words volume 1 is divided into 4 sections: Who is God, my identity in Christ, what it means to be a Christian and having a relationship with God. Within each section there are stories and art and picture studies and poetry and hymn studies and weekly character studies and word studies and copywork and journaling and memory work and pretty much everything Charlotte Mason I could think of.

BUT it is designed to be done in just 10 minutes a day and has very limited writing because let’s face it, our kids are already doing too much of that in their other subjects. Open and go, but deeper and more engaging.

Get it at and view the samples
Get it in Canada at CHER or Learning House or Amazon

PLUS check out the brand new YouTube video Science comparison review. I didn’t get all the Science companies in there, though I did email all of them. But I was able to show you inside 10 different programs and explain the overall approach and style, price point, as well as whether it was Christian or secular.

Come check it out on my Homeschool YouTube channel and make sure to subscribe so you are the first to hear about other comparison reviews coming up (next up is history/social studies for elementary).

I used to review curriculum, now I create it!